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A picture of the approach to the new Meditation Hall in the Poona Resort  (Dec 2002)

Letting Go into Life and Death. An Interview with Ma Prem Archa, discussing the innovative approach she employs in her workshops. (December, 2002)

Author of Life of Osho, Sam, joins the "Sannyas Falls Apart" debate. (December, 2002)

Osho Commune Spokesperson Replies to Keerti. The latest important exchange in this story, also with Keerti's original letter to the Trustees. Is this a question of fault on both sides? (December, 2002) 

Some Knock-backs for the English in a studied criticism of "Things Fall Apart..." from Jalal, with a brief comment from Sannyasnews Editor, Parmartha. (December, 2002)

On the Ground Snapshot from Pune (Hariprem, Nov 27th, 2002)

Four Responses to “Things Fall Apart...” from Navajata, Alok John, Ashik and Satchyadeva.  We have had a fair few number of responses, so we have taken these quite different responses, as representative of many of the others also. (November 26th, 2002)

Premdip (of Humaniversity, Holland), replies to Things Fall Apart... with brief following comment from Sannyasnews Editor Parmartha (Nov 25th, 02)

Replies (Part One) to “Things Fall Apart...” from Somesh, Zareen and Avasa. Sannyasnews would like to thank the many people who bothered to reply or respond to our recent article. We will put up some representative replies in several parts over the next few weeks. These are the first. (Nov 19th, 2002)

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose (Concluded)  Pravasi ends his account of his six year prison sentence in US prisons, focusing on the spiritual breakthrough it brought him to. (November 2002)

Things Fall Apart, The Centre Cannot Hold Is sannyas finished as an organised movement in the West – and if so, what then? A statement from the Sannyasnews Team (Nov 11th, 2002)

The Last Night in Buddha Hall  A personal impression from Devapriya. (November 8th, 02)

The new Buddha Hall in Pune  A chance to consider both sides of the debate over the New Buddha Hall with clear background information. (November 2002)

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose (Part one)  Busted for an underground lab, Pravasi describes how he coped with a six year sentence in U.S. prisons. (October 2002)

The September 28 Anti War Demo  a sannyas experience of the first major left-wing demo in London since the Poll Tax riots. By Pari. (October 2002)

Sannyas in the thick of Delhi Life   Adapted from an article appearing first in the Indian newspaper "Asian Age", .about how Delhi sannyasins are responding to the 32nd birthday of "Neo-sannyas". (October 2002)

Editor’s Bytes  Parmartha discusses Vinod’s cabinet post, the Osho copyright debate and the Osho paintings fiasco. (August, 2002)

The Final Summary Maitreya Ishwara latest text offers the clearest picture yet of his advaita vedanta teaching. (July 2002 )

OSHANA declares himself not in Western Advaita Tradition. His differences with western teachers explored, amongst other things in this new article. (July 2002)

A Trip on the Heath  It's a perfect summer's afternoon, and Sam sits down under a tree at Kenwood and takes an acid trip... (July, 2002)

Osho Leela recently held a Music Festival – Sannyas news asked Seeta to report. (July, 2002)

OSHO BARDO A review of the audiotape 'Awakening From The Dream,' a sannyas version of the Tibetan Book of the Dead , by Veetman of the Osho Institute for Living and Dying. By Sam. (June 2002)

Editor’s Bytes Sannyasnews Editor, Parmartha, comments on the rift in Sannyas, the Dynamic Meditation Research Project, Kuchwada, Cyberspace and more. (June, 2002)

Latest from India: The news item below and Keerti’s response to it are newsworthy in themselves and raise a considerable number of issues of interest to many sannyasins. (May, 2002)

The Choice for Sannyas? A global commune or the old east-west divide? Sannyasnews Editor Parmartha introduces Devakrishna and Keerti's recent heated exchange of letters. (April, 2002)

Ayahuasca Ceremony  For the past few years psychedelic-based religious and healing ceremonies have been spreading underground, moving along a network all of their own. Report by Sam. (March 2002)

The Failure of Western Enlightenment Teachers Dave Oshana gives his provocative views about some current teachings around enlightenment. (March '02 )

Latest from Pune: Police Probe Commune Affairs A short piece from the Editorial board recommending caution, but including a short article published recently in the Indian Express. (March '02)

Osho in the Dental Chair Sannyasnews Editor, Parmartha, gives a different interpretation of the current controversies (March 2002)

Life and Death of Osho:   In a response to the book 'Life of Osho' Sibyl Walski considers possible contributions to Osho's death. (January 2002)

The Anti War Demos, Raves and Religion  Are mysticism and social action necessarily opposed to one another? Some stories from the recent anti-war demos in London. By Sam. (January 2002)

Celebrations, but not Celebration at an End? We reprint Swami Utsav's letter to the media about the cessation of the four well-known annual celebrations in the Sannyas Calendar. Swami Utsav from Pune has sent a letter to the media about it. Here we quote his letter:, any responses welcome. (January 2002)

Staying Enlightened Some short extracts, published with permission, from Dave Oshana's article "Staying Enlightened" . We also recommend the full article as it appears at http://www.oshana.org (December 2001)

'Monistic Multiplicity'  Maitreya presents an extract from the second, expanded edition of his 'Biography of a Buddha' along with an offer of a free PDF ebook version of the whole text. (December 2001)

Gangaji on the War  "One of the dangers of a spiritual life is the ego's use of the concept of spiritual life as a means to escape … " A public address by Gangaji, given in Mendocino, California, on the day the bombing began in Afghanistan. (November 2001)

"Life of Osho" In this short article SannyasNews Editor Parmartha discusses the significance of this sometimes contentious book, Sam's ‘Life of Osho’. (November '01)

Cologne Buddhafield: Where Osho is still Alive This article describes the upbeat atmosphere of the present day Cologne Buddhafield. (November '01)

Six Billion people own Osho's Message Extracts from a talk given by Fellow of the Royal Society, Dr Mashelkar, at Oshoworld, Delhi, India. (October '01)

Eckhart Tolle in Rishikesh.

  Eckhart Tolle, author of the bestseller The Power of Now is holding a retreat in Rishikesh, in the Himalayan foothills, this February. A place of outstanding physical beauty Rishikesh is a wonderful base for anyone in North India. Report by Pari. (September '01)

Sannyasins are starting another celebration day on 26th September. To be called Neo-Sannyas day, it will celebrate the day when Osho first introduced his vision of sannyas in 1970 on this day. In this article Keerti explains his thinking about this, and the rationale for its introduction. (August '01)

Within China one in four human beings live. Osho books are banned in China. In this short news item Parmartha shares what contact Sannyasnews has had with the Chinese mainland, and what is happening there for lovers of Osho. (August '01)

The New Commune - where's the money coming from? Has sannyas become bogged down with the idea of starting meditation 'centres'? Are there more dynamic ways we could pool our energy- start hanging out creatively with one another- and make some money in the process? By Sam. (August '01)

A Real Sannyasin Celebration? from Rashid. For those who dont know there was a meeting, some say still reflecting the old elitism associated with "Ashramites" in the old Poona one commune, in Sante Fe last December. The fact that people then called Somendra and Teertha, who in some small or large way imprinted themselves on all those who went through the group porcess in Poona one, were attracted to attend, received a mixed press. Now Samya, who currently lives in England, but who was in Poona one, and perhaps to some people's disquiet a Sheela lieutenant on the Ranch, is imitating this meeting in late July here in England. Both meetings seem to be by invitation, which in a way seems to reflect that old elitism, and both give rise to more questions than answers. Here Rashid, who many know from most of the time phases of sannyas, gives a response. (July '01}

Maitreya – Transformation, the Commune and Work.  In this considered answer to a seeker Maitreya comments on the world of work outside communes, for spiritual seekers, and offers the radical alternative of combining commune and work life in an environment of care and sensitivity. (July '01)

OshoDeepta Goes Beyond. In this letter Nartana gives a clear exposition of the current Oshodeepta situation, and answers some good questions about what they are up to, in a telling way. (July '01)

Osho Deepta is a small Californian organisation set up solely to oppose the trademarking of the name "Osho". This article describes what they intend to do, and is also their statement of intent. (June, 2001)

Tyohar's Commune Tyohar is an Israeli sannyasin who claims to have woken up, and is the inspiration for the commune called Pacha Mama in Costa Rica. At first he gave satsang in Poona, but appears to have been "moved on". He then became a nomad, going round the world giving satsang until the beginning of 2000. At that time he formed an ecologically (as well as, a spiritually) inspired commune, in pioneer conditions in a relatively remote part of Costa Rica. He lives there some of the year, at other times he is on the road giving satsang. His web-site to which we link has the details. (June, 2001)

Your Eventual Enlightenment. Article from Dave Oshana. A good introduction to him, his work, and his own process of waking up. (June, 2001)

Which Way Now? Jayesh, Amrito, the Twenty One and.... Keerti. In this article Parmartha describes the present power-broking between the official and unofficial sannyas movement, and argues it's time for all sannyasins to take the mantle on themselves. (May, 2001)

Poona 2001 "I don't think I've ever been to Poona and come back with so schizophrenic an account. On the one hand there's a burst of new people and fresh energy – and on the other a power structure which is almost caricaturally corrupt… " Report by Sam. (April '01)

Special Colour Supplement : Gokarn

   With Goa looking more and more like Benidorm, sannyasins in India have pushed further south in search of the perfect beach. Among the places they have found the most striking is Gokarn, a Shivaite temple-town on the sea about two hours south of Goa by train. Report by Pari. (March 2001)

Poona's Answer To Eastenders… Some Gossip A letter from Manartha in Poona. (March 2001)

The Death of Zenzorba An Editorial, explaining the strange story of a disappearing web-site. (March 2001)

Keerti Writes to Steven Hawking Steven hawking, the world's leading cosmologist has recently visited india. Swami Keerti writes to him with some apposite quotes from Osho. (Feb 2001)

Journal Entries From A Housewife, N8 "Reminded myself in Marks & Spencers that we are related to Infinity! At the check-out I suddenly got it again and said 'Never forget this' and I immediately felt the grin and lightness. It brings playfulness to everything - the game, the eternal leela…" (Jan 2001)

Satsang Circle - The New 'Group' ? An investigation of Satyam Nadeen's idea of the 'satsang circle'- a group of friends exploring the nature of truth for themselves, without the intervention of a teacher. Report by Sam.
(Nov 2000)

Three letters from Maitreya on his new commune in New Zealand. “Dancers can dance, lovers can love, and everyone can let go a little more into their inner mystery. In one of the most beautiful, soft and magical parts of our planet… ” (Nov 2000)

Message to all Sannyasins "A spiritual gift of unconditional love is being reduced into a commodity for commercial gains. My request to Osho's true disciples is that they should not let this happen to their master" from Swami Keerti of Oshoworld, Delhi. (Nov 2000)

Bytes from the Editor (Oct 2000) News and Gossip from Swami Anand Parmartha

Working with Mikaire: Letters from people gathered around Mikaire

Bytes from the Editor (Oct 2000) News and Gossip from Swami Anand Parmartha

Maitreya: The Synthesis of Zorba the Buddha and Advaita (Oct 2000)

Satsang without a Master Exploration of Satyam Nadeen's satsang circles

Update on the Trademark Situation  American Trademark Office denies several Osho International Foundation applications for trademarks

Dave Oshana is a new boy on the block, giving satsang in the past six months across the South of England, and to whom a lot of sannyasins seem attracted. Sannyas News Editor, Parmartha, went along to take a look..

Jayesh, Amrito and Anando Deposed? The first overall account of what has been happening this spring and summer in Poona– a massive internal revolt in sannyas. Report by Sam.

A Problem for Advaita? A contribution from Maitreya on the important subject of Discipline and Advaita. How many times do the proponents of advaita mistakenly encourage an indifference to therapy or formal meditation in those who still obviously need it to mature and ripen into "non-doing".

Koregaon Park  The Wilder Shores Who are the new ‘enlightened’ sannyasins? Why are they banned from the Commune? Isn’t there a more constructive attitud towards them than pretending they don’t exist? A report from Poona by Sam.

A Sannyas Lineage of Enlightenment ? "…Osho made the right decision to ban enlightened sannyasins from teaching in his Buddhafield."– Maitreya Responds

Sannyas Lineage? Recently a list of some thirty-one 'awakened' sannyasins was circulating in India. Should there really be that many enlightened sannyasins, then what are the implications…? By Sam.

Commune Commotion  “Many of the issues seem chimerical and are put up to mask what is in fact a power struggle about who ‘organises’ Osho’s continuing work…” Some comments on the present events in Poona which could be shaping up as the biggest crisis in sannyas since Osho’s death. By Parmartha.

Poona 2000  “I lived physically around Osho for some parts of the Poona One period 74-81, and was a commune member between 82-86 in Medina, Hamburg, the Ranch and London. I hadn’t been in India since 1981 but visited the Poona ashram for the month of February this year…” By Parmartha.

Tyohar's Commune A friend of SannyasNews writes from the new Tyohar commune in Costa Rica. Tyohar is a teacher in the sannyas lineage who takes a personal interest in those who first visit his commune. He also teaches at various venues around the world, iuncluding some in Europe, details of which appear on his web-site.

Letter from Mikaire to Sam "I have a feeling today it is about how can the so-called enlightened realizers come together... to work together... The Master's work was about also an enlightened planetary civilsiation."

   Kiran  “Slowly, slowly, I began to awake. The first thing I ‘did’ was to drop all my doings and practises for reaching somewhere and for achieving the goal of enlightenment. I just became an ordinary man.” An interview with one of Osho’s oldest Indian sannyasins and, so far as we know, the first sannyasin to become self-realised. Interview by Madhukar Thompson.

   Dolano… I call it satsang, Ja? Satsang because satsang is really when you come to the edge of the cliff, and you’re ready to jump, ja? No more postpone, no more escape, no more overlooking. This is satsang, only speaking the truth…” Excerpts from a taped talk with one of the new wave enlightened sannyasins. Transcribed and edited by Sam.

Two Living Masters in Bombay  “Hashish? You want hashish?” the street hustlers on Bhagat Singh Road would go. I’d shake my head, no. “You want girl?” dodging along beside me, “you want girl?” U-uh, again. Then, after a moment’s doubt, their faces would light up. They’d got it! “You want… Ramesh?” A visit to Ramesh Balsekar and Ranjit Maharaj by Sam.

Letter  from Glastonbury By Samapatti. Of herself Samapatti writes that she “is ex-Medina (design studio). She owns her own house in the middle of Glastonbury and runs it like a studio, having three rooms dedicated to artwork (Dream on Samapatti!) She paints, sculpts, helps Simant with his business (has a page in his catalogue), is in the middle of a postal Psychosynthesis course (in which she has raked through the entire contents of her subconscious and made little figures of all the subpersonalities she has found there!) and then, to top it all she gets up at 5am every morning, puts on a uniform and delivers letters for Royal Mail! (It must be the commune training!) The best bit though (to her mind) is that when she gets in from her delivery, she then does a shortened dynamic meditation every day. “It keeps me sane” she says.

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