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Working with Mikaire: Letters from the people round Mikaire

There is an article on this website by Sam about Maitreya which brought over forty letters, not about Maitreya but about Mikaire, who Sam mentions near the end of the article.

To quote from the article by Sam: “One of the main issues this site is trying to digest is Osho’s heritage. What exactly has he left? Just his purely personal influence on individuals? Or, on the contrary, did he leave the basic shape and rhythm of a new heretical tradition–freewheeling, celebratory, packed with wildly idiosyncratic teachers–something like the Zen tradition he was exploring during the last years of his life? I’ve heard Maitreya describe himself as ‘a sort of sannyasin,’ and fair enough. Until we’re free of the awful image of Osho put out by the Poona ashram what more can anyone say? But compare Maitreya’s work with that of Mikaire, the other wonderfully ‘sannyas’ teacher on the scene, and there’s a definite sense that Mikaire in opting for a solo career has cut himself off from his roots. And – please excuse me if I’m wrong – that it isn’t panning out.” These letters to Sam were not initially put on the website. Instead Sam sent an open letter to all those who had written to him, in which he elaborated his point of view and invited the writers of the original letters to write letters for the website describing their work with Mikaire. The group feels that the best way to do this, is to begin by including some of those initial letters as these came spontaneously from reading the article and are a good demonstration of what it is like to be around Mikaire. The group really appreciates this forum being made available.

On another click on spot on this website you can find the letter that Mikaire sent to Sam. At a later date, some of the second wave of letters will be posted– letters which specifically address the area of ‘Satsang with Mikaire in England


Sam Greetings.

In response to what you wrote in the website sannyasnews, see; Maitreya: The Synthesis of Zorba the Buddha and Advaita.

First thank you for providing a forum and doing the work that is needed so all this can be in the web.

Firstly was not Oshos appearance /expression the greatest solo career of any spiritual Master till now, a much needed solo career to blow the cobwebs out of our indoctrinated minds. It seems to be time for solo careers to meet and orchestrate together as this buddha disease spreads.

Looking at the diaspora of “sannyas” teachers, would it not be their natural expression if they came through Osho to carry some of the essence of that teaching which had at its core totality, non-compromise and true rebellion so how on earth could they look like “sannyas” teachers.

And who has remained most “sannyas”? Is Mikaire less “sannyas” because you happen not to be able to include this expression of truth in your lexikon of what the present selection of teachers should do or say. Sounds a bit old school to me Sam, I remember that being tried on various groups in “sannyas” in the past in an effort to shut people down. The Buddha presence always cut through.

Oshos and lifes expression is wide and all inclusive let’s not make bonziai trees out of these newly sprouting beings from Oshos garden and on the other side let us not try to pick one out and turn he or she into the new saviour the all knowing. Sam, the game has gone beyond that for me, the seeds have been sown and each flower is unique and is needed in its own particular expression. You mention Zen, well wasn’t a part of the Zen tradition that the master/teacher would send disciples onto other master/teachers when they saw that this other master/teacher could serve in the present stage of the disciples understanding. Or looking in the tool box we see screwdrivers screw, hammers hammer and saws do the sawing none is higher than the other, each uniquely useful and to be used for a specific purpose. Yes to variety and seeing that one expression compliments another expression instead of trying to create THE ONE. This ONE could only be the average which would bring in mediocrity. This ONE movie conciousness has done and clearly it is in the phase of the many now as people wake up and share their understanding.

Greetings to the big smoke from an Englishman living in Berlin sharing my understanding and benefiting immensely from the work offered by Mikaire.

Keep up the work.

Dear Sam,

Yes, I suppose that you could take the political view and say that Mikaire’s work is ‘not panning out’, but the ‘work’ is not for counting in that way. I go to Mikaire because he cuts deep. There is no avoidance of discomfort, no spiritual condescension and nothing is left untouched. It is total.

Opting out of his roots?

He has gone into his roots. He has increased the width. Nothing of Osho is excluded. You think dropping a name and an identity is a leaving? It is a growing up but that is all. And it is a reclaiming of the lineage into the universal consciousness that Osho is (and Mikaire is and I am and you are…….) and a new making and a jumping off point.


Hallo Sam,

I read your article about Maitreya and I want to say something about the comparison you have made at the end with Mikaire.

There are a few viewpoints I would like to share.

In the short biography you wrote, there is one point I have been hearing a lot through Sannyas mouths. The idea living out your Zorba can include doing criminal acts. My understanding about Zorba is referred to be in this world and not to escape it, to enjoy all the beauty what this planet is providing with all it’s joy and pain and not to reject it by isolate myself in a cave. To celebrate with human beings the creation of god.

Further on I read that you have experienced Maitreya’s Satsang as the only satsang where discussion is invited and Sannyasins are even invited to think. Think what?? To have thoughts, to come to the point that everything is a thought?? Great.

I have been present the last 2 years in Mikaires Satsangs. I don’t know if you ever had this opportunity. It is the most alive satsang I have intended in the last 20 years. The gathering around Mikaire is given you the strength to speak up to your Self, to face your Self and come out with what is true for you. The ego hides in stillness, because nobody will look for it there.(Mikaire)

There is another point I don’t get it clear. Are you wishing that someone like Mikaire who once has been in utter love with Osho should follow the footsteps of Osho?? Doing what he did? Carrying as you mentioned in Zen Tradition the same type of teaching?

Dear Sam, imagine the day you awake to the fact that there is no I, that everything is a thought, that you have always been this. you really believe that you will call yourself still , I am a Sanyasin?! What is a solo career relating to this. How I experienced the work of Osho, his sole work for me was to be my Self. Each of us beings on this planet are so unique, there is no limitation of different shapes of beings, how wonderful. And by the way, I have never met somebody who honours with such love and gratitude his master like Mikaire does, being around him I learned a lot for myself to recognise and honour my family , my master which have made it possible to be where I am right now. Hallelujah.

I ask you from my heart before you come up to compare something, get both sides first straight. You have created for yourself a huge responsibility to run this web-page. Thank you for reading my mail and that I have the possibility to respond to you.

In respect
Andrea Huse

Dear Sam

I read your article about Maitreya with interest but would like to make a comment about the remark you made about Mikaire. From my point of view the ocean cannot go solo, only the wave can go solo, and Mikaire is the ocean.

Love Jean

Dear Sam

Ref: Your Article about Maitreya I admire and appreciate your preparedness to come out and speak about your concepts and personal experience of different Realizers giving Satsang - you’re certainly putting yourself on the line and drawing out different responses!

It makes me aware of ideas in my mind about what can and can’t, or ‘shouldn’t’, be spoken about–one of my points of view having been that Realizers shouldn’t be pinned down and limited by descriptions that fix them according to one person’s point of view! Also that anyone really searching will anyway find the right Master or Teacher for them–and now I am prepared to see that, ‘Yes’ a website can be the modern way for doing that, and also that modern I.T. is really opening up all kinds of dialogues and levels of communication about Osho, Satsang etc etc that just wouldn’t have been possible.

What you write is often provocative which is great, and it creates dialogue–which is something you obviously appreciate given what you say about Maitreya’s Satsangs. How does that work–the dialoguing in Satsang? This interests me. I remember you coming to that Satsang in London with Philip and myself, where at one point it started as a real ‘meeting’, but then became a discussion, an exchange of viewpoints, perpetuating the beliefs and viewpoints and separation.

You know where my heart lies! With someone with that apparently rare ability to constantly point to the mind and take it to its roots. That ability to draw out people’s concepts about enlightenment, Masters, Satsang, and see them as just that. Speaking of whom, I don’t actually understand what you say about Mikaire and ‘cutting himself off from his roots, and this not panning out.’ What are your ideas here and on what are they based? I would really appreciate it if you could say more about what you’re thinking is and what it is based on.

Love from
Sheila Lister

Dear Sam,

When you say that Mikaire has cut himself off from his roots, I wonder if you are referring to his requirement that people who want to work with him should drop their sannyas names. If this is so, I think you are missing the point.

In my case, this device of Mikaire’s cut at two of my most cherished attachments, my sannyasin identity ( I am a meditator, I am still, I am one of the chosen people, blah, blah) and at my attatchment to belonging to the sannyassin Family. I had to face the painful choice of staying “in”, or being true to the heart and growing up. I feel that all Mikaire has ever wanted of me is that I learn to be myself, and that that was all Osho wanted too.

Mikaire is a wonderful, extraordinary, uncompromising being and a great teacher. I cannot see the point of these comparisons.

Love and greetings,

Hello dear Sam,

First I want to thank you for providing this medium as a forum to exchange, I enjoy it a lot.

I just read your article about Ishwara Maitreya and you mentioned Mikaire in the end. It made my blood boil -

Maitreya is an old friend of mine and it feels really strange to hear you talking about him as the “´most-Sannyas`-Guru”, on-the-right-track- apostle, whose book Sannyasins should really read. UUHHHH!!!

You said, Mikaire is opting for a solo career. What is wrong about a solo-career, solo-careers have something to them I really like. I love to be different and I love to be seen.

And Mikaire, yes, he is cutting, not the roots, but through the bullshit.

Consciousness does not carbon copy Why should it be so poor and recreate the same form again again in the form of a “most Sannyas”-like being? What is so good about the old Sannyas identitiy anyway - is it not simply time to awake and stop that Sannyas dream!

Sam, I know both flowers in consciousness very well, the fragrance of Maitreya and the fragrance of Mikaire, I am part of the gathering around Mikaire. Yes some like Tulips, some like Roses.

By the way I prefer the smell of the rose…

Lots of love

Dear Sam,

I started with Osho and continue the work with Mikaire and one thing I got very clearly:

When you decide to dive into the Self your beloved thoughts of the master, the beautiful names, the pictures, the memories… all has to go! The teaching is right here right now and if you miss the moment, if you want to cling even to the most beautiful thought or feeling, all is fucked! Don’t trust a teacher who is not 100% the Self and therefore 100% responsible. What is this strange “Sannyas”-Identity? I always thought the goal is to become an Osho, a Jesus, a Buddha… and not a sannyasin?! That’s what my Osho told me, what did your Osho tell you? My Osho craves for being thrown from the throne. Is your Osho still comfortable?

I am so naked so vulnerable in the presence of what I am. And all my old concepts are so painful to be felt, all my clinging and seeking and denying.

Thank you for opening this discussion and sharing yourself. It is soooo good!


Dear Sam,

Only recently I discovered your website, and I am grateful for this opportunity to share thoughts and get information. Most of the articles are dealing with the phenomenon of the many awakened people giving satsang around the world and especially in Poona. Let’s celebrate them all, even the false ones (if they exist).

I also read your article on Maitreya, which was very nice to read. You mention Mikaire`s solo career. Just one commentary: I have never met someone who is so conscious and thankful about his roots.

Ralf Wienken

Dear Sam,

Thank you for your forum. In reference to Maitreya,Zorba the Buddha and Advaita.

You state,” He, (Maitreya) seems to have remained the most”sannyas” ” You qualify ” sannyas”with “most”( and presumably “least”)

Can any concepts rightfully be imposed on an awake person,who I would hope is an alive, human expression of the transending of concepts about how it should be; just as was Osho in his day and Mikaire in his?

Love, Janet.

Hallo Sam!

Responding to the article on Maitreya, in where you are writing “Mikaire is cutting off his own roots,”

–My understanding of Osho’s essential teaching is: “Be yourself”

Mikaires expression of truth comes closest to this point, that I am aware of.

It is a new, fresh, alive, colorful flowering of the same old tree. And how manages a tree to cut off his own roots?

Greetings and my love

Dearest Sam,

I was just reading Your article on Maitreya in which You are stating, that according to your sense, Mikaire is opting for a solo career and has cut himself off his roots.

I really feel to answer to this. On my personal journey , I took Sannyas with Osho in 1978 and since four years I am one of the people gathering around Mikaire.

According to my understanding, the roots of the ancient masters, of Osho, Mikaire and everybody, that has cut through the illusion of separation are one: Call it Amness, call it Tao, God or as you like. The only betrayal to the master would be not to allow the gorgeous spontaneity of what wants to speak, teach and live through You. To copy the masters methods and devices, in this context, is really cutting Yourself off the roots.

Further-on You are assuming that Mikaire is opting for a “solo career”. I really feel to invite You to one of our gatherings with Mikaire called Satsang. You will meet a spirit that is unconditionally giving support and space to any expression of truth, this is not about a solo career business of a spiritual teacher, this is contributing to an enlightened human civilisation.

Dear Sam, I really enjoyed Your web-page ! Thank You for creating this.


Munich, Germany