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LINKS – in Alphabetical Order

Advaita – see Vedanta at end of these entries

Connection  A German site, unfortunately, since we could use something like it in English. 'Connection' is both a website and a magazine and was the original clearinghouse for 'awakening' in Germany, sannyasin or otherwise. It's had a running on and off battle with the official Poona organisation since 1987, which bespeaks stickability. They associate themselves with the rebellious wing of mysticism. Anyone bilingual out there who'd like to translate something?

Croydon Hall  A sannyas community in Somerset, providing a stylish venue for alternative groups, trainings and retreats. Well organised website.

Dolano The German ma who looked after the swans at the Poona ashram, lived in a hut down by the river, and was awakened by Gangaji. Full calendar of her satsang in Koregaon Park. A listening to satsang section is under construction which should invigorate the site. Some nice pics of Dolano.

European Sannyas Centres
Germany: Osho UTA (in Cologne)
http://www.oshouta.de    email:  oshouta@aol.com
Italy:  Osho Miasto
http://www.oshomiasto.it    email: oshomiasto@oshomiasto.it
Denmark: Osho Risk
http://www.oshorisk.dk    email: oshorisk@oshorisk.dk

Friends of Osho  Excellent if cluttered site from Byron Bay. Makes a real attempt to share information and to link sannyasins on a grassroots level.

Humaniversity  Veeresh's celebrated Institute at Egmond aan Zee. Part bioenergetic Mystery School, part university for the pursuit of sannyas psychotherapy. A big powerful site, expressing the vision of someone trying to do something practical on a huge scale. Highly recommended.
http://www.humaniversity.nl    email: humaniversity@netland.nl

K.I.D.S. Sannyas Site by Rupda The sannyas kids site -ex Poona 1, Medina, Poona 2 and the Ranch. This site will be precious to all those people who were brought up in that special category of sannyasin kids and for those adults who took an interest in them at the time. None of them asked for it really, and yet in a way they were more sannyas than the adults, and many remain sannyasins. Now there're people, network with each other, and seem to harbour that special brand of creativity and love that always brings one hope. http://www.rupda.com

Living and dying. A down-to-earth website about the realities of death, dying and life and how they can't be separated. Looks at how it is covered up in our society today and what an amazing teacher death is.Gives details of the workshop 'Dying to Live' facilitated by Archa Kate Robinson http://www.livinganddying.co.uk/

Livingsatsang  This Dutch site has many English articles. It's interest lies in its democratic breath and its willingness to give extracts, etc from all those teachers that have attracted the sannyas disapora, and presents selections in a loving way. Its also practical and wants to build an ecovillage in Spain, to produce a "living satsang", and continue to link with the Dutch community, to which it presently belongs. Well worth a look.

Maitreya  70s sannyasin and author of the book God's Vision , Maitreya started a commune in New Zealand in 2000, and this site both introduces the commune and features extracts from his books. Somehow however it misses Maitreya's intellectual clarity and edginess – and his anarchic sense of humour. Perhaps this could be remedied by some verbatim question and answer texts?

Oshana  Dave Oshana was never a mala and orange robe sannyasin but worked with Shyam Singh in the 70s and 80s in London. His schedule can be accessed here – as can the Oshana list, where he interacts with email correspondents. Site has cutting edge.

Osho Institute for Living and Dying  Attempts commendably to deal with the question of conscious dying – though this is not all of their work. Multilingual website run by sannyasins Veetman and Sukhi, based near Munich.

Osho Foundation International  The Koregaon Park ashram still remains the most prominent sannyas website. Apart from advertising the Poona schedule, it offers access to the whole range of Osho discourses and books – at a price. Check it out for yourself. All previous ashram website addresses are re-routed automatically to:

Osho Leela  Initially the English branch of Veeresh's Humaniversity. Interesting site with good graphics, showing clearly that it has recently diversified and broadened its interests to appeal to a wider audience. A small community in itself , it's heading for being the most alive sannyas scene in England.

Osho Viha  West Coast publishers of 'Viha Connection' – the best, in fact the only English-language sannyas magazine. Well worth a subscription, though at the moment it seems caught in much the same double-bind as Friends of Osho. The website definitely plays second fiddle to the magazine.

Osho World   This is the Indian site, launched in October, 2001. It is attempting to put up a lot of Osho text, and also an Online Osho Magazine. It is therefore a direct challenge to the apparent copyright intentions of Osho Foundation International and one waits with anticipation to see whether it will be challenged in the Indian Courts.

Otoons  Comics from the world of Osho and his friends Something quite different here, an attempt at creating a sannyas 'art' site. Perhaps it tries to take on too much – some material takes a long time to load – but the playful spirit is great. Thought the attempt to network all sannyasin musicians, painters, healers, etc., really promising.

Purnima  UK Mail order for Osho books, tapes, videos, etc.

Samdarshi  Plenty of information about how to get to the Manali ashram of this, the best-known of awakened Indian sannyasins – but precious little else. No text of his talks. Just a little biography and his itinerary.

Sannyasworld.com This site has some good features. You can add news stories of your own and though subject to editorial yea or nay, the editing seems pretty tolerant. Though ‘membership’ based, you can get round the site fairly easy without being a member. No special editorial line, seems to want to be a ‘global portal’ whatever that really means.

Sarlo's Guru Ratings Comprehensive Directory of Gurus from a sannyasin point of view. Organised less fortunately as an attempt to rate them. Good information and research tool.

Tyohar  Another standard issue guru website. Everything you need to know about getting to Pacha Mama, Tyohar's commune in Costa Rica and almost nothing about anything else. Not even the text of a talk or two.

VEDANTA: Some of the modern teachers who have had, or continue to have, a particular appeal to sannyasins.

Ramesh Balsekar Andrew CohenGangajiDouglas HardingCatherine IngramWayne LiquormanTony Parsons • John de Ruiter • Shanti Mayi