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in and out of the Body (July, 2016)

Late 1980/ and 1981 - a downturn in Sannyas (July, 2016)

The Magic of the Centering Group, Poona, mid- 1970's. (July, 2016)

Osho comments on Sikhism (July, 2016)

Nietzsche and Hitler - Osho destroys the Myth (June, 2016)

Taliban Assasinate Sufi Musician in Pakistan (June, 2016)

An Enlightened Man's choice of Music (June, 2016)

Buddhafield Paradoxes (June, 2016)

Travelling with Osho - Life Lessons (June, 2016)

Reincarnation in the Osho Sangha (June, 2016)

The Paradox of Organised Sannyas (May, 2016)

Man is a differtent kind of animal (May, 2016)

Nepal, Osho and me: Swami Arun (May 2016)

The Spirit of Osho near Leicester Square (May, 2016)

Three Months in Uruguay (May, 2016)

Internet Bars on some Osho/sannyas material (May, 2016)

Two well known UK Sannyasins pass over (May, 2016)

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