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Tyohar's Commune

A friend of SannyasNews writes from the new Tyohar commune in Costa Rica. Tyohar is a teacher in the sannyas lineage who takes a personal interest in those who first visit his commune. He also teaches at various venues around the world, including some in Europe, details of which appear on his web-site.

"Set in forested hills with distant sea views Pacha Mama is 170 hectares of land with no tarmac road for 20 miles wildlife abounds with monkeys and equanors a common sight.

Tyohar's been called the "new Bhagwan" by German papers and he's definitely of Osho's lineage with the accent on celebration music meditation and enjoying life to the full. There's horse riding here, full moon parties, open – air theatre under amazing starry sky,  recommended movies by Tyohar shown and many other activities.  The commune bus leaves for the beautiful deserted beach twice a day. Twice a month you can go and see the turtles come and lay their eggs and then the hatching, really amazing sight.

Visitors are expected to contribute by working around fours hours a day simple work: cleaning, veggie chopping etc. except during retreats and festivals, when its only around 3 x 3 hour shifts a week just to maintain the place, fix meals, etc. The feeling is laid back and  you are given several days to arrive and orientate yourself.

The food is excellent and plentiful in this abundant land, vegetation a bit like Goa but much lusher and greener, 100th the people; the locals are friendly and restaurants inexpensive.

Tyohar is constantly around when at home and meets all newcomers personally to "support their arrival", asking that everyone uses biodegradable soaps and shampoos etc., and that they speak English to avoid cliques among the predominant nationalities:  Israeli, Italian, German.

Everyone pays 800 US dollars for the first two months, even if you only stay 2 weeks, that includes the food and staying on the land and all the many activities happening.  Accommodations in your own tent or casseters (open cabins on stilts) the breathtaking views from these are well worth the extra 20 dollars a day.

The place is still in its pioneering stage with basic amenities, but its a unique opportunity to see and contribute to a commune in the making while having fun in the sun.  Have to say though only genuine seekers need apply, its not just a tourist stop.