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This web-site is run by a group of sannyasins based in London, headed up by Dharmen and Parmartha, and our inspiration is to make it at once informative and interactive.

We see the site as a clearing-house for all sannyas interests, and try to do this in an open minded and open-hearted way. Whilst some of these interests are international we particularly cover in our listings section all events, etc that a sannyasin or lover of Osho may want to know about in the UK.

These wider interests include space for the Poona ashram, and a respect for the enormous energy that seems to physically remain where Osho lived, and gave his discourses. However we wish to be clear by saying we do not always see eye-to-eye with the offical Poona organisation. We are particularly interested in giving wider exposure to the full range of teachers who were Osho's disciples. These include, Nadeen, Maitreya, Tyohar, Kiran, Dolano, Samdarshi, Tony Parsons, Mikaire and others. In addition we are reporting any recent developments of those advaita or other teachers at whose satsangs sannyasins figure prominently - from Almaas to ShantiMayi, from Balsekar to Eckhart Tolle.

We are not, however, that concerned with any particular 'star.' It is ordinary sannyasins worldwide who interest us, and the attempt to network everyone and provide an uncensored forum for us all to express whatever we feel. Accordingly part of this site is interactive. There's a community noticeboard on which anyone can post what they want; and also a chatboard for those with particular concerns to explore.

The site is particularly keen to keep readers abreast of the current debates within sannyas, and happy to publish opinion from both sides of any debate. Please send any contributions including letters, articles, to the e-mail address below. Alternatively use our chat-board to bring up issues of your own initiative.

E-mail: edit@sannyasnews.org