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Life and Death of Osho


Dear Sam,

I just read your "Life of Osho" and found it answered many questions that have been bugging me for years. Sometimes the real answers are right in front of us and our filters will not let us see. (By the way, you write so well that in the first chapter India came back to me with all its noise and colour and odour. I actually felt I was standing beside you!)

I went into such prolonged grief when he was deported from the US that I thought I would never be happy again. I simply could not accept that "they" would do this to my beloved. It is only now that I see that Beloved Osho did it to himself with the agency of his own caretakers. Now I know that the accusation that Osho died of thallium poisoning inflicted by the US government is a fiction. The following is information readily available to any educated layman – the question is how, since this is obviously true, his physicians were so far off in the weeds. Was it intentional?

The symptoms of thallium poisoning are, according to Tabers Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (Ed. 17) "characterised by severe abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, tremors, delirium, convulsions, fever, coma, death". In the Table of Poisons in the back of the manual it adds that the eyelids might droop, and loss of voluntary motor control and loss of hair might also occur – the hair loss would be a sign of chronic poisoning. Hemorrhagic gastro-enteritis and brain damage would be expected also.

While I do not doubt that there are sociopaths employed by the US government (CIA, FBI, Dept of Homeland Security, (boy, would Orwell love THAT one!), etc. and it was clear that Osho was a specific target, the US government simply had no good reason to do this – and I am no fan of the US government. They had the tool of deportation already moving forward. The symptoms of thallium poisoning would be dramatic, violent, and clearly observable by witnesses unless it were very slowly introduced in subclinical doses, which they did not have time to arrange. The symptoms you describe with such clarity in your book are something else entirely.

If you need other "thallium" sources, here are some things I found in a quick cruise of the Web:

http://members.tripod.com/~Prof_Anil_Aggrawal/poiso009.html This one is from an Indian source. There is a statement that effects might not be noticed for 12-48 hours. Do you know if he got violently ill after he was returned to Oregon? Nothing of that was ever mentioned in the Rajneesh Times or any other media. To me, He simply looked tired and drained when he got off the plane.

This one says it can be absorbed through the skin over a period of time.

This one has a very interesting article if you scroll down past the stuff at the top about thallium poisoning in marzipan balls. I recall very clearly that sannyasins wanted to feed Osho while he was incarcerated, but jail staff would not permit it because the food consisted of some balls of some unidentifiable substance that resembled marzipan. The jail staff offered him jail food instead. The mention of paresthesias is interesting also – did Osho complain of numbness, tingling, shooting pains, burning pains, or the like in his extremities? http://www.ithyroid.com/thallium.htm The speculation about Sheela slow feeding thallium to a cow whose milk was only given to Osho was pretty chilling. Think there is something in that?
Although Sheela is clearly capable of anything, he was the goose that was laying her golden eggs – why would she kill him off?

This one is from the Centre for Disease Control site – it gives a good overview of symptoms and treatment. You would know if there were clues there.

If it wasn't that, then what was it? I say it was advancing diabetes and nitrous oxide addiction combined with physicians who had lost their integrity and ignored their own knowing. Sensory loss in the extremities is a well known complication of late stage diabetes and is called peripheral neuropathy. Diabetes also destroys one's immune response in the end.

In general, the complaints Osho had – the pain in his bones, the tingling, the balance problems and vanished immune response can all be explained by nitrous oxide addiction. The anorexia, the depression and the obvious lack of motivation and screwed up sleep patterns are also features of nitrous addiction. The way it was administered is the most dangerous method and is guaranteed to cause brain damage. Nothing was to be found in the biological samples sent out because there was nothing TO find where everyone was looking.

The "lost day" in the Oklahoma facility could be due to a fugue state ("blackout") in his own brain. Alcoholics and certain other addicts experience these at a certain point in the brain damage and can go days and even weeks functioning apparently normally to outside observers, but when they come out of it they will have no idea where they have been or what they have done. The data was simply not recorded and will never be retrievable.
I am not able to say if chronic nitrous abuse would have a similar effect, but it is worth looking into.

The line between whatever was pre-existing before he went to the US and what might be a result of events afterwards appears to be a fuzzy one. I was in Poona for 2 months in February and March of 1981 and I can tell you unequivocally that Bhagwan was very ill for much of that time. He was chronically ill before he ever came to the US later that year. You recall him as healthy and robust – I was struck by his frailty.

Here are web addresses of information on the effects of nitrous addiction for anyone who wants to check this out themselves – and I certainly encourage it.




http://www.a1b2c3.com/drugs/nit01.htm http://www.a1b2c3.com/drugs/

And here is yet another factor that could very well have been a contributor – and this is doubtless a significant player. I am sure I am not the only one that noticed that the Indian discourses sang and the American discourses clanged harshly. There was a reason for that.

Gregg Braden, in an interview (and in his books in greater detail – Walking Between Worlds and The Isaiah Effect), talks about how anger and fear and other contracting emotions shut down your immune response. Here is the address to the whole article http://www.greatmystery.org/interviewgb.html. I suggest that his current disciples read it and anything else they can get their hands on without the blinders of their sannyasin conditioning. They will find it all most – er – enlightening. Osho was of us and "enlightened" does not mean impregnable to the laws of the lower worlds. Duh... If it is not clear that Osho felt emotions or that he could react with despair and anger to being summarily ejected from 23 countries and separated from those of his own who could carry on his work on a planetary level, then those followers who are apologists without wisdom need a giant kick where the sun never shines.

For otherwise intelligent sannyasins to sit around and take down the babblings of an addict on a high as if they MEANT anything is indicative of the way we threw away our discernment en masse becauseit was Him. He occupied a physical form which was subject to the same biological laws as ours. His judgement was obviously clouded by this drug and his experiences of rejection. He was not omniscient and no one apparently tried to educate him or say no to this suicide by inches. With doctors like that he would have been better off with a gun to his head. They unquestionably violated the Hippocratic oath – the part that says "first, do no harm..."

You were right when you called the men around him wishy-washy. It was really OK to say NO to an enlightened master when he was out of his area of knowledge and was demanding – like any addict – to be allowed to harm himself.
We will never know the full implications of their failure to live up to their responsibility as medical professionals. The discernment lesson in all this never seems to end, does it? Discernment is the other edge of the sword of judgement. It is a gift we are given to use responsibly. When we lay it down it can be picked up by anyone – particularly those we trust – and used against us. I will never lay it down again.

Compassion is a much higher perspective than sympathy and does not allow one to get sucked into the soap opera. Osho needs compassion, not brainless, stupid, sympathetic sycophants (that's "butt-kissers" in the vernacular). For so many of you to be passing on the ravings of an obviously impaired mind-body as if it were FACT is idiotic. The individuals doing that, and they probably don't even know who they are, so buried in group-think are they, need to WAKE UP. It is the only way to become Buddhas and Christs and Kabirs. His hallmark was sometimes brutal honesty. Now is the time for it, before time runs out. Osho loved that child spectator who said "the emperor has no clothes". He knew that such people are not the "enemy".

Sibyl Walski (formerly Ma Anand Dhyana)

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