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The Osho Leela Music Festival

In these times of in fighting, the world upside down topsy turvey, we arrived to the beautiful Dorset countryside and the lush juicy magical land of Osho Leela. It was a really special weekend event of what we all do very well but not enough of any more i.e. music, celebration, connection, world cup football, dancing seeing old friends and new.


After a warm huggy dovie and energising morning meeting in which Dhyano laid out the vision of Osho Leela (I could not help but think that Osho’s new man was being born here) those keen on the inner world, danced a ‘live Nataraj’ while others sprawled in front of a large TV and participated in an English collective of football meditation – Yahoo!

It was a very powerful weekend crammed full of events, the theatre workshops led by Prasadham and Pankaj was totally unimaginable, “They took us into other worlds. I fell in love in 5 mins” – Sita. The musicians led by Maneesh, Sudha, Tarisha, Samoda, Somesh, Rishi, Ravi and friends bringing us into exquisite pieces of silence, beauty and ecstatic jazz fusion all in honour of the sannyas family. There was an beautiful sannyas ceremony where six people received sannyas. One little being, a ten year old boy, touched everybody’s heart.

Village gossip column
(exposed Shabdha, Kada and Sita). While three female heretics went to Gilligham in search of Guinness on Saturday night, one of them even flashing her tits at the barman, the band, ‘Seize the Day’, gave us their unique social observation and protest songs. They took their stand on the Leela earth delighting us to a moving performance, a highlight of the evening.

Also to mention the band ‘Bliss’ were fantastic, and Archan’s candle lit Trance Dance with didge and live drums, was another highlight moving people deeper inside themselves.

On the last day (or was it the day before), the Aum meditation roared its chaos, whilst others took part in a loving peace and earth healing ceremony of dance and song.
So much was given and so much received.
Thank you Osho Leela team, friends and workers, for making it all possible.
The closing circle at the end moved us all into that ever-loving heartspace, and eager for the next Leela magic.