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Osho Trademark News Update:

In the last three weeks the American Trademark Office (TO) denied several Osho International Foundation (OIF) applications for trademarks. OIF had tried to register "Osho" for the purpose of marketing the following goods and services: "Educational services, namely, conducting individual sessions, workshops, retreats,seminars, groups, courses and training in the field of the teachings of the mystic Osho." In other words, OIF would have controlled all access to Osho's teachings. The TO denied the application without even sending it for public opposition.

The TO also denied the applications for Dynamic, Nadabrama, and Gourishankar Meditations. In the meantime, OIF has refiled kundalini as "Osho Kundalini Meditation." Sangeet imagines that they will try to refile the other meditations in the same way. That's why the "Osho Active Meditation" mark is important. If that is denied, the other meditation applications will most likely be denied too. This could put the meditation trademarking to rest for good. A major point is that these are OSHO'S meditations, not OIF's meditations.

If you are interested more in this issue or want to join a campaign against the trademarking of Osho's name contact Sangeet on sangeet@pacbell.net

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