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From Hariprem Pune Nov 27th, 2002

Just recently I have arrived again in Pune... I do not know why I still wanted to come... Right now there is a hot situation with press and politicians involved. The issue seems to be that the Indian sannyasins try to rescue the sacred places in the ashram for posterity...

The inner circle has started demolishing Osho's podium. They did it themselves in the night-time, when nobody was around. Now the police has ordered them to stop it... and on 28 or 29 November the Indians want to do a big protest meeting against the activities of the "Inner circle".

So far so good.. I am again here... I see the whole thing as another masterpiece, written by Osho himself. All the fighting, the chaos, things falling apart....
Doesn't it bear all the signature of the Master..?
When are we going to wake up? He is using all means to get us shocked out of sleep... What is actually falling apart...? Only the soapbubbles of dreams..... What is simply is: how can it fall apart..

With love and laughter...