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The new Buddha Hall in Pune

Keerti (from Delhi) writes that the new hall in the Pune commune is ready and about to be operational. He says: “This question is being asked by Sannyasins what is going to happen with the Hall where they sat for years in the presence of their master! They feel it should be saved and maintained at all cost, because that place has our Master's energy.
Osho said: If I give you a simple handkerchief, it is possible to know from the handkerchief about me what kind of person I am. It absorbs the energy. Buddha Hall has been absorbing Osho's energy for years and right now there's no such place anywhere on earth which had such fortune of having an alive master and thousands of his people in deep meditation every day for years!"

Any idea what should be done? There is background information below, some people with whom sannyasnews are in touch are very moved by this question. If you have any views please email us or post on the Chat-board, etc.

(Background Info: The original Buddha Hall, in the place it is at present, was built in 1975, being a large concrete slab with a tent like structure over it. Over the years, there have been many improvements to the Hall. There was a marble floor laid and a marble podium, then in 1981, when the Commune moved to the United States, the podium was sold.
When Osho returned to Pune in 1986 the Hall was rebuilt again, first as a tent structure, then later in 1987 as a very large, arched tent, said to be the largest in the East. The marble was relaid and a beautiful podium, also marble, built.
Osho had been giving discourse in the same place from 1975 to 1981, and then from 1986 til his death in 1990. The Hall, indeed the whole area, is experienced by many as rich not just with the energy of the Master, but with the energy of the Buddhafield.

Some years back the “Inner Circle” made a decision to build another Buddha Hall. There were many "stated" reasons for needing a new one which have always been disputed by some sannyasins. These were that the old fabric of the roof was starting to tear, the building of a swimming pool in the neighbouring Hotel had caused some subsistence in the foundations, and that the local council had started making noises that the current Buddha Hall did not have planning permission and would have to be removed.
This last reason it was argued meant that the new Buddha Hall could not be in the place of the old one, it had to be in an area where building permission could be obtained. An area of land next to the Hotel Blue Diamond was purchased, plans were drawn up and construction on the new Hall was started. The original idea was to have the Hall finished for the new millenium, but, India being India, that was always a dream. The project must have cost many millions of rupees and perhaps the undertow of some criticism is the decision to remake Buddha hall itself, and whether such expenditures could have been spent more wisely in the interest of the commune.

SannaysNews Team