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Lovers of Osho in China

"Sannyasnews" has received a number of emails in the past eight months from the Chinese mainland from lovers of Osho in China. It is not clear whether the desigantion 'sannyasin" would meet with the full opprobrium of the Chinese authorities, and it may be that the lovers of Osho phrase is more judicious and is one they themselves use. Osho's books, according to our own contacts within China, have been banned since 1999. This was after a period of popularity between 1995 and 1998 when 500,000 Osho books were printed, and presumably sold, in China.

Since this crackdown some Chinese lovers of Osho have been trying to circulate his books privately, and also wish to try and translate other of his books for private circulation.

Our contacts within China tell us that there are about 60 active people who meet up in a small communal house in Beijing. These people are not particularly students. They make a living somehow and keep up their interest in spiritual life, which is difficult in China except that as the population is so large… they largely escape oversight.

The interest in Osho is partly maintained through the internet and their contact with the sannyas sites. They also use the web to keep in touch with each other and have their own web-site. The internet fortunately still circumventing the power of the state.

The interest in Osho is confined, our sources tell us, to the cities. The countryside people are only interested in escaping poverty, and having become a little less poor lately, make that escape from poverty their sole focus, except for a very few.

These people, somehow touched by Osho in the midst of a rank and sometimes brutal, authoritarian society and politics, would like to receive any books or tapes of Osho that people in the west may have no further use of.

"Sannyasnews" will be happy to email details of how this can be done to those who genuinely want to help. Just email me through the sannyasnews email address.

Love, Parmartha