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Osho Upaban in Pokhara - The Commune in the Paradise City - One of four new Osho Communes in Nepal (October.10)

Acid in the 21st Century: Paritosh goes mainstream (October,10)

Global Connections in fresh spat (October,10)

Bodhi reports on being in Berlin with Mahadevi (October,10)

Osho's name: How to handle? Shantam offers a view (September,10)

Nothing to Lose (September,10)

Deva Pramada, founding member of the Electric Light Ochestra, dies in freak accident. (September, 10)

Open Letter to the Inner Circle from Ramateetha (September, 10)

Phoenix creates an African Resort (September,10)

Lokesh - Osho and Poonjaji (August,10)

Why hide the basis of Osho's work - the Master-disciple relationship. Shantam explores (August,10)

Osho International to use suspect distributor (August,10)

Osho Discourses are beyond price Shantam reflects (August,10)

BBC up to old tricks Alok John opines (July,10)

An Early Darshan with Osho Krishnaprem reflects (July,10)

Only the Singing Was Left from Rashid (July,10)

The End of Gurupurnima day explored (July,10)

Arun In USA (July,10)

The Corruption of Satsang by the West (June,10)

UK Positive TV take up theme of relating with Krishna Prem (June,10)

Can there be a war between good and evil, between materialism and spirituality? Osho's view discussed by Alok John (June,10)

Friendship Is Always the Goal A look at Osho Leela from Tarisha (May, 10)

Ramses Shaffy’s Humaniversity Experience: Here is a letter, translated into English, that Ramses wrote about one of his Humaniversity experiences which Sannyasnews saw as revealing as well as insightful.(May, 10)

Freedom to Love in a Dangerous Indian Society (May,10)

Nick Clegg and Transcendental Meditation (May,10)

Latest Swiss movie featuring Sheela and Shiva reviewed (May,10

Copyright Confusions over Osho's works still prevalent (April,10)

Refutation of the 'God is not Great' book (March,10)

'I am That' Vigyano reflects (March,10)

Open Letter about Terrorism in Pune (March,10)

Osho's Vegetable Gardener Reflects (March,10)

Rebirth of German Bakery (March,10)

On the road in Southern China (February,10)

Pune Resort Update after Terrorist Act (February, 10)

Indian Group likely Originators of Pune Blast (February,10)

Casualty List in Pune Bomb Blast (February, 10)

German Bakery near Osho Resort suffers Terrorist Outrage (February,10)

48 Hours in the Resort (February,10)

Facebook Founder shows interest in Osho (February,10)

Remembering the last day A short account from an outsider (January,10)

The Final Call, Mahadevi, author of "From Fear to Enlightenment" addresses the present crisis in sannyas - origins and solutions. (January,10)

Thank You Osho: 20 Years On (January,10}

Osho Commune in Pune suffers outbreak of Thievery (January,10)

A Temporal Issue for the Ashram/Resort (January,10)

Unanswered Questions about the dissolution of the Inner Circle: Shantam leads the discussion. (January,10)

Networking Osho: The Rebel's Call (January,10)

Mega Celebration planned from Delhi (December,09)

Osho commune visited by The President, The Prime-Minister, The Cabinet of ministers and many other VIPs of its country. (December, 09)

Osho's Birthday Blues: Different views explored. (December, 09)

What did Osho die from? ( December, 09)

What Happened to Nirvano? Chance to explore the issue here (November,09)

Osho Sannyasin's Project for India's Poor runs into problems (November,09)

The Buddhafield - A forgotten concept or the key to the real mystery? (November,09)

Terrorist Headley visited the Resort (November,09)

Osho in a world beyond sannyas? (November,09)

Osho's take on the future of the Ashram (November, 09)

"Celebrate Everything" Kranti makes his views known (October,09)

The place of the Enlightened Sannyasin in Osho's inheritance (October,09)

Dancing in Oregon videos reprieved (October,09)

OFI spokesman gives answer to critics (October,09)

The Osho Samadhi Issue goes to the courts (October,09)

Humour took Boddhidarma to China: Osho. (September,09)

A Revolution of the Osho Movement (September,09)

Israeli Film gives fresh perspective on Osho's work (September.09)

Osho Park causing problems with local Pune residents (September,09)

From the sannyasin Green Commune in China: "Now many people visit our commune, and experience life and meditation here. And they have so much transformation here and like to share their experience. Following it is the sharing." (September,09)

Meditation stronger than LSD (September,09)

Osho International Foundation in India. It's achievements? (August,09)

The Sheela Paradox explored (August, 09)

The Inner Circle Conundrum Shantam explores the issue (August,09)

Open Letter re "Sannyas" in 2009 (August,09)

The Hit List of Osho Trademarks now withdrawn (August,09)

Author of “Life in Orange” Tim Guest dies aged 34. (August 09)

Life's Poetic Flare: Dhyan Amrito reports from Canada (August 09)

Kranti 's Proposal: A New Organisational Model. (August,09)

Direct Appeal to Neelam and Jayesh for Reconciiation (July,09)

Press Release/ Swami Chaitanya Keerti (July,09)

Osho's Personal Secretary to India, Ma Yoga Neelam responds to the Trademark Issue (July,09)

Osho US Trademark Issue finally resolved after 10 years. Keerti gives an update re the withdrawl of the OIF appeal. (July,09)

"Banned Forever" Satya Priya reflects on its meaning. (July, 09

Osho and Michael Jackson - dance till only the dance remains. A reminiscence from Amrito Bhatteral (June, 09)

Maitreya Letter calls for Satsang Teacher's Association to protect standards. (June, 09)

Open Letter to Osho disciples re divisions New appeal for Rapproachment (June,09)

Osho Times to Close Latest news justified by digital argument (June, 09)

Too Many Osho's, and one too many Rajneesh in the world. Shantam gives his view (May,09)

Founder of Sannyasnews dies: sannyasnews pays tribute to Swami Paritosh who left his body on the morning of 14 May 2009 (May,09)

Curtailing of Osho Videos Trouble brews between Osho Factions (May,09)

Travels with Osho Keerti reflects on his recent comings and goings from Delhi, serving the spread of Osho's work (May,09)

Osho and the Ashram An old question with an up to date relevance! (April,09)

Late flowering Neo-Sannyas Comment from Tapoban writier (April,09)

Catholic Bishops Condemn Reiki Comment from Sannyasnews Editors (April,09)

Resort Blues: A Comment from Giten (March,09)

Four New Osho Communes birthed in Nepal (March, 09)

The Bottom Line: Dhanyam Reflects (Feb,09)

Mr G and me: A Sannyasin's Story (Feb,09)

How free is the Gateless Gate? (Feb,09)

Osho Copyright Paradoxes - Comments from Dhanyam (Jan,09)

Osho International - Strong Response to US Trademark Ruling (Jan,09)

News Flash: Osho is Free Trademark decision in. (Jan,09)

Up Close and Personal: An Interview for sannyasnews with Swami Anand Arun (Jan,09)

Song Mountain: Pankaja's reflections on her visit to a Zen monastery in China (Jan,09)

How to live? The Commune Choice, a report from Nepal (Dec,08)

Narrow Escape in Terrorist Attack for Jayesh (Dec,08)

"Being the Master of My Life" by Veeresh (Nov,08)

Old Sannyasin finds closure with Nazi family past (Nov, 08)

Nasa Scientist and a Molecular Biologist Visit Osho Tapoban (Nov, 08)

Rancho Rajneesh, October, 2008 Niten makes a visit (Oct,08)

An Interview with Unmani Steve Small meets the English sannyasin who became a non-duality teacher (October, 08)

Rendezvous with Osho's first Disciple: A meeting with Ma Anand Madhu (Sept,08)

Love Song for Osho. Alok John reviews Ma Anand Devika's new book. (September, 08)

Giten calls for Independent Investigation of September 11 (Sept,08)

Surrender: Devopama reflects in a telling way on how life has given him the only option (Sept,08)

Satsang Circles: Horses for Courses? (August,08)

The Fish in the Sea is not Thirsty A review of this recently republished Osho book. (Aug, 08)

Arun's current visit to the United States, how it went in Atlanta. (Aug,08)

Tyohar, the Cosmic DJ Archan reports on her visits to Pacha Mama (Aug,08)

Osho and Birth Control (July,08)

Osho Statue in Goa (July,08)

Three Osho Centres opened by Swami Arun in recent UK visit (July,08)

Christopher Calder’s Criticisms of Osho Answered, from “Osho, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and the Lost Truth” by Anthony Thompson. (July,08)

Osho, My Friend an early Reminiscence (June,08)

Rishikesh Children in London Performances (June,08)

Big Video and DVD deal done by Osho International in India (June,08)

Jeffery Archer, Jailbird and Tory Grandee visits Pune Resort (May,08)

Pune Inner Circle Representative cracks the whip (May,08)

Osho Tapoban: wins three month fight with Google (May,08)

New Osho Ashram opens in South East London. Alok John reports (May,08)

Osho's View on Tibet: An affront to the world. (May,08)

The Mirage of Separation: A review of Billy Doyle's exploration of the Advaitan approach (April,08)

Attempt in UK to promote Osho Dynamic Meditation as a treatment on the National Health Service (April,08)

Sannyasnews Editor replies to Guardian Parmartha exposes the false arguments of the doomsday article.. (April,08)

Veeresh, the founder of the Humaniversity in Holland, discusses the question of "Osho's successors" (April,08)

World of Wiki comes to Sannyas.org. New startegies for sannyas websites (March,08)

Tears of the Mystic Rose: commentary on Swami Rajneesh's book by Sannyasnews Editor Parmartha (March,08)

The Lion's Roar: Swami Dhyan Giten responds to his own banning by Sannyasworld, and comments on the wider inappropriateness of any banning.(March,08)

Gorakh, convenor of Sannyasworld.com replies to the Osho Foundation International letter (Feb,08)

The Copyright Saga: Latest reply of Osho International (Feb, 08)

Trekking to No-Mind in Nepal Archa tells of her recent visit to Nepal (Feb,08).

Prince Charles to Support Dalai Lama and boycott Chinese Olympics (Feb,08

For and Against Swami Rajneesh Sannyasnews covers the latest on this controversial topic (January,08)

Along way from Kathmandu: Osho centres take off, sparked by Swami Arun's inspiration, across Europe (January,08)

Resort Blues: Prem Abhay gives us his latest opinions about the demise or otherwise of the Pune Resort (January,08)

The Rockefellers, the CIA and Osho's commune: Anupamo offers a wake up call after her analysis of recent history. (Januray,08)

Veena tells the interesting story of the early publishing days with Osho in the context of the new project to check the old tapes (December,07)

Swami Swaram reflects on his experience of Osho at Osho Tapoban (Dec,07)

"...and nothing has ever happened". Swami Chaitanya Bharti was one of the first six sannyasins initiated by Osho in 1970. Here is a review of his book." (Dec, 07)

Monsoon destroys Thaliland's Osho Centre. An Appeal for help (Dec,07)

Sannyasnews Short Announcement (Dec,07)

Osho and the World's End: With all the esoterics saying the world is due to end in 2012, here is Osho's timely reminder to keep a sense of humour (Nov, 07)

The Indian Perspective: Anupamo's recent Open Letter to Indian Sannyasins (Nov,07)

In the Dark and still Moving". In this autobiography by Anne Geraghty you will find not just an answer to her son's (Tim Guest) book "My Life in Orange", but a lot more. Sarathi does justice to this in his review..(Nov,07)

"If there were something civilised in man, every nation would have stood against the invasion of Tibet by China. It is the invasion of matter against consciousness. It is invasion of materialism against spiritual heights" - Osho. Swami Sarmad reflects on Osho's views about Tibet (Oct,07)

We reproduce here a copy of a letter sent out by the Resort Management Team which gives an account of the recent changes at Chuang Tzu (Oct,07)

Mahedevi who claims to have got enlightened in Osho's Samadhi comments, in an unusual way, on the current controversy.(Oct,07)

Anando, who was Osho's Secretary at the time of his death, replies to Neelam's letter (Oct,07)

Chinmaya's film praised for non-commercialism in India An article from the Deccan Herald (Oct,07)

Mahadevi and Eckhart Tolle Steve Small discusses Mahadevi's criticisms of the latest fashionable guru (Sept,07)

An article by a Latvian sannyasin, Supriya, now in the UK at art school. She is is very into Sw Arun and wrote the article after visiting his ashram in Nepal. (Sept.,07)

Veena presents a different view of the Samadhi question (Sept,07)

An Open Letter to all Osho Lovers from Neelam (Sept,07)

Osho on Samadhi Swami Keerti from Delhi introduces an extract from Osho to throw light on the current dispute.(August,07)

Storm Mounts over Osho's Samadhi Strategy of resistence awaits emergence (August 19th, 07)

Times of India comment on Osho Samadhi; Clash of cultures reported (August,07)

Big Bollywood Movie planned on Osho's Life: met with disdain by Osho Organisations. Ben Kingsley approached to play Osho. (August,07)

Ramana's Garden: Update from Pankaja - recent news and details of Dwabha's UK visit. (May 07)

Awareness in Everyday Life: Nando introduces his tool to help with this. (April, 07).

Here are a few photos from the Osho Camp run by Arun this Easter weekend, (April 07)

Swami Anand Arun from Nepal is to run a Osho meditation camp in the UK. Here Nityananda relates how it came about. (March 07)

The Destruction of Osho A concerned Osho lover expresses concerns (March.07)

In this very honest account Rani describes her crash after an apparent "enlightenment" experience and her insights from that (March 07)

If you've seen the news today you'll know that English Conservative Leader of the Opposition, David Cameron is saying marriage and families are the answer to all our ills. We wonder what he'd think if he ever heard Osho on the subject..Listen here.(Feb. 07)

In this erudite essay Anarag explores his interpretation of what was happening in Pune One and on the Ranch (Feb,07)

The latest guide-lines from Osho International on aids and safe sex incorporating Osho's advice (Feb,07)

"In and out of the Chinese Commune, but Osho carries on in me mysteriously" Swami Vilas reflects on his ten years of knowing Osho. (Feb,07)

1984, a Poem From That Time Reflects what many sannyasins were feeling, as the crisis in Rajneeshpuram came to a head (Jan,07)

Chinese Sannyasins chased out of China, after second attempt to create an organic farming commune.; Letter to Sannyasnews. (Dec,06)

A Meeting Place of Friends: Smita and Rashid visit Devopama (Dec 06)

Madonna, Sting, Dalai Lama and others on Osho: Some quotes to refute the sceptics (Dec,06)

In his article, 'To Push a Button', Anarag Shantam reflects upon the value of the old sannyas encounter therapy groups, and also upon the limitations and addictions of 'encounter' (Dec,06)

Bhagwan 1975: Another take on the video from Swami Prem Arpana (Dec,06)

Discovering Osho Today - The new generation (Dec,06)

Magga Baba and Osho Chetan discusses the lessons of Osho's teenage meeting with this little known mystic (Nov,06)

Reiki: Puja discusses a simple method of Healing and Personal Growth (Oct,06)

Bhagwan - the Movie. This classic film from 1975 reviewed by Swami Prem Sakal. (Oct,06)

Osho on Broadway This year, Swami Manik, together with Ali and Krisana from the Meditation Module in New York City, organized the first Osho Film Festival in the US… (Oct,06)

Leaving the Mountain At the beginning of the year Sannyasnews published news of the first Sannyas Commune in China - here, nine months later we continue their story. (Sept,06)

Maneesha is looking to bring the taste and flavour of Osho and his meditations to the world. Here she reflects on the story so far, and her current interest to do so in the UK. (Sept,06)

Trademarks/Copyright in Osho's World: Sannyasnews gives the update (August,06)

In his own words, Dhanyam tells the story of his banning by Osho International from the Pune Resort (July,06)

Osho - The Window to Existence A letter of reply to Veetman about the banning of Dhanyam from the Pune Resort from Giten. (July,06)

Dhanyam, the Editor of Viha Connection for twenty years has been banned from the Pune Resort. Here Veetman gives his thought provoking reply to Giten's campaign against the banning. We will give Giten's response to this later, and also Dhanyam's. (July,06)

Number of Russian Sannyasins swells during Swami Arun's (of Nepal) Visit. (June,06)

Satish Edelberg, author of "Delicate Frequencies, The Life of a Sannyasin" has kindly offered Sannyasnews an English synopsis and his comment on Ma Anand Sheela's book in German called, TÖTET IHN NICHT, which many non-German readers have requested. Satish was a boy on the Ranch at the time of Sheela's power there. Needless to say Sannyasnews or Satish do not in any way support Sheela's views where translated here. (June,06)

Growing in the Chinese Commune Swami Vilas relates his personal experience over the last months (May,06)

Mantra Music hits the Mainstream Charts The world of old time sannyasins, Miten and Premal (May,06)

Welcome to the 21st century! Archa and Sans, two Brighton sannyasins report their recent visit to Poona. (March, 06)

Life in Sheela’s Crack Legion:: Reflections on being a “full commune member” in the Osho communes of the eighties by Sannyasnews Editor Parmartha (March, 06)

American Judge shows mercy to the last of Sheela's co-conspirators in 1985 plot to kill US District Attorney, Charles Turner. Full Report. (Feb,06)

Chinese sannyasins "move to the mountain", and start first Osho commune there. The latest news out of China... (Jan,06)

First Time through the Gateless Gate The Interesting recent Impressions of a first time visitor to the Osho Pune Resort (Jan,06)

On January 8, one of Osho's most loved disciples, Swami Sardar Gurdayal Singh, left his body, in a small village called Rumi in the Punjab. Osho made Sardar Gurdayal Singh's name synonomous with jokes and laughter. Chaitanya Keerti reflects. (Jan,06)


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