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DMCA's and Osho (Dec, 2016)

Latest Keerti Book (Dec, 2016)

Dharmesh (Dec, 2016)

Poona One Footage (Dec, 2016)

Osho discusses "The Perfect Englishman" (Dec, 2016)

The Soundless Sound (Nov, 2016)

Mind the Gap : A Memoir of Enquiry (Nov, 2016)

The Science of Altered States (Nov, 2016)

Swami Chaitanya Keerti Interviewed (Nov, 2016)

More Judicial information around Osho's Will (Nov, 2016)

Meeting Mother Meera (October, 2016)

Rare Footage of Osho (October, 2016)

A Life of Riches - tears and laughter (October, 2016)

Copyright of Osho's words, a considered view (October, 2016)

Compatibility of Family and Spiritual Life? (October, 2016)

Being with the Master everywhere ? (October, 2016)

Can an Enlightened Man be Betrayed? (September, 2016)

Pursuit of Osho's original will pursued to Spain (September, 2016)

Tea and Opium as it Shaped India (September, 2016)

Osho remembers Sufi Female Mystic, Rabiya (September, 2016)

Happy Mahaparinirvana Day from SN (September, 2016)

Osho speaking from Prison 1985 (September, 2016)

The Love of an Early Disciple (September, 2016)

When Osho was Acharya (August, 2016)

Repression in Iran (August, 2016)

Osho's answers (August, 2016)

The Original Osho Will (August, 2016)

The Quarrels of the disciples of Indian Gurus (August, 2016)

Osho's Will referred to Bombay High Court (August, 2016)

Osho Close Up (August, 2016)

The Gurdjieffian Movements Knot (Prem Martyn) (July, 2016)

In and out of the Body (July, 2016)

Late 1980/ and 1981 - a downturn in Sannyas (July, 2016)

The Magic of the Centering Group, Poona, mid- 1970's. (July, 2016)

Osho comments on Sikhism (July, 2016)

Nietzsche and Hitler - Osho destroys the Myth (June, 2016)

Taliban Assasinate Sufi Musician in Pakistan (June, 2016)

An Enlightened Man's choice of Music (June, 2016)

Buddhafield Paradoxes (June, 2016)

Travelling with Osho - Life Lessons (June, 2016)

Reincarnation in the Osho Sangha (June, 2016)

The Paradox of Organised Sannyas (May, 2016)

Man is a differtent kind of animal (May, 2016)

Nepal, Osho and me: Swami Arun (May 2016)

The Spirit of Osho near Leicester Square (May, 2016)

Three Months in Uruguay (May, 2016)

Internet Bars on some Osho/sannyas material (May, 2016)

Two well known UK Sannyasins pass over (May, 2016)

Rajneesh Hotel and German Bakery (April, 2016)

Unvisited Early Influences on Osho's boyhood (April, 2016)

Osho's Last Appeal to Sannyasins (April, 2016)

Putting Bhagwan Shree on the Map in 1970 (March, 2016)

The Cost of Mindfulness (March, 2016)

Osho and his Cows (March, 2016)

Osho - Beyond Enlightenment (March, 2016)

Laxmi and the first years in Poona (March, 2016)

Before all that. Osho in 1969 (March, 2016)

Swiss Government Decides for Osho Foundaiton International

The Meaning of Poona Two (February, 2016)

The Girl in Patna Station (February, 2016)

Just Sitting - so easy and yet so hard (February, 2016)

American Krishna Prem back at the Resort (February, 2016)

Did Osho's later Jokes in Poona one have a further objective? (Feb, 2016)

Surrender in the Prieure and Rajnereshpuram (Feb, 2016)

The Execution of Sarmad in 1661 (February, 2016)

Huffington Post/Osho Times Connection (February, 2016)

The Ranch Spy (January, 2016)

Questionning Osho's move to America (January, 2016)

Cologne Commune in 1983, features in German TV spy drama (Jan, 2016)

Osho's Early Book "I am the Gate" , A riddle explained (Jan, 2016)

First hand account of Osho tapes destruction (Jan, 2016)

The This and That of Enlightenment (Jan, 2016)

Osho and a Chuang Tzu Wisdom (Dec, 2015)

A Mexican Osho Initiative (Dec, 2015)

Early Times (Dec, 2015)

A Final Plea? (Dec, 2015)

Patna visit by Osho in 1970, recalled by Arun (Dec, 2015)

Guns on Rancho Rajneesh: A no turning back moment? (Dec, 2015)

Vivek, Osho's caretaker died 26 years ago this week (Dec, 2015)

LSD— A False Samadhi ? (November, 2015)

Celibate or Profligate? November, 2015

The Gurdjieff Movements and Sannyas (November, 2015)

Osho returning to India from the USA in 1985 (November, 2015)

The Last Battle of the Ego (November, 2015)

Islam in Western Europe (November, 2015)

Thinking about Neo Sannyas : Keerti (November, 2015)

On Cynicism (October, 2015)

Shantam recalls a visit to the Bookstall in 1985 (October, 2015)

Flawed Groundwork in Poona one? (October, 2015)

Latest on Osho's Will (October, 2015)

What Osho means to me Now: Part two (October, 2015)

What Osho means to Me Now: Simond reflects (October, 2015)

Apology around banning of Sannyasins from the Resort/Ashram (October, 2015)

The Singing of the Koran (October, 2015)

Osho in Delhi Jain conference shortly after Enlightenment (September, 2015)

David Icke and Osho (September, 2015)

Maharishi no match for Osho: an Event from 1969 (September, 2015)

And Death shall have no Dominion ? Lokesh Reflects (September, 2015)

An Old Lady Mystic comes to Osho's Camp (September, 2015)

The Evolution of Dynamic Meditation (September, 2015)

Indian Actress has Birthday at Pune Resort (August, 2015)

Wild Horses : living without Judgements? (August, 2015)

The Sannyas Underclass: Elusive Anarchists (August, 2015)

Vimal: Funeral Details (August, 2015)

London loses one of its own, Vimal dies (August, 2015)

Not much Love and Laughter between Opposing Osho Factions (August, 2015)

"Whosoever" comments on Shankara (August, 2015)

Freedom from "Guru" Purnima? (August, 2015)

Love more Important than Truth in Considering Others: Osho (July,2015)

Meditation not Medication: Amrito's latest (July, 2015)

Not everyone who is enlightened can teach, and some who are not enlightened can speak and teach very well- Lokesh (July, 2015)

Speaking from the Dental Chair - a Master's Opportunity (July, 2015)

Osho's Zen sitick with an Induit Hood (July, 2015)

Youtube takes down Osho Sandesh Videos (July, 2015)

The Nonsense about Yoga (July, 2015)

The Great Way (June, 2015)

"Clap, Now Clap": (Osho in September/October, 85) (June, 2015)

Osho's Joint Secretary in the early days (June, 2015)

Appearance and Reality in Human Happiness (June, 2015)

The Importance of Public Dancing - Osho's early Experiment (June, 2015)

From Bhagwan to Osho: Some debate ? (June, 2015)

Osho alive and well in London (June, 2015)

Osho - the Greek Arrest, 1986 (June, 2015)

Osho and Gandhi's Spinning Wheel (June, 2015)

Kranti and Osho (May, 2015)

Osho's view of Islam and the Koran (May, 2015)

The Ashram and the Resort (May, 2015)

A Conversation with My House Painter : Shantam Prem (May, 2015)

Sting - Osho's Wisdom (May, 2015)

Swami Anand Arun - Letter from Nepal (May, 2015)

Nailing Ranch Stories : Vartan (May, 2015)

Osho's early Life about to be on film (May, 2015)

Village of Sannyasins destroyed in Nepal but no fatalities (May,2015)

Lokesh explores Osho and the Beedi Wallah (April, 2015)

Pics from Tapoban latest Earthquake damage (April, 2015)

Massive Earthquake in Nepal. Tapoban sannyasins sleeping in the open. (April, 2015)

Somendra and Patipada, a Pune One take. (April, 2015)

Osho's Alford Plea (April, 2015)

Role of Ma Anand Puja in Rajneeshpruam (April, 2015)

Awareness in Pregnancy (April, 2015)

Krishna Prem on Life and Death (April, 2015)

The Year before Enlightenment (April, 2015)

A Temple of Total Ruin (April, 2015)

A Dangerous Man (March, 2015)

Savita referenced in Indian Guru's Article (March, 2015)

Article about Asanga in the Guardian (March, 2015)

A 24 hour Zen Stick (March, 2015)

Osho comments on Prince Charles (March, 2015)

Playing Cards in a Buddhafield ? (March, 2015)

Self Development First (March, 2015)

Osho and Same Sex Relationships (March, 2015)

Hinduism is the Problem of India, not its solution (March, 2015)

Zorba to Buddha: One way only (Feb, 2015)

Nepal: Arun's attempt to tackle the Economy! (Feb, 2015)

Osho Sannyasins in a Global World (Feb, 2015)

Kazantzakis (Feb, 2015)

"Bow Down such that you never have to get up" Osho (Feb, 2015)

Osho Hires a Gardener in Jabalpur (Feb, 2015)

Ma Yoga Mukta (Feb, 2015)

Quandaries: Action and Inaction (Feb, 2015)

Goodbye to Physical Samadhis (Feb, 2015)

Osho's Secretary to India (Jan,2015)

Veeresh, founder of humaninversity dies (Jan 2015)

The Family of an Enlighhtened One (Jan, 2015)

The Rise of Buddhist Jihad (Satire) (Jan, 2015)

Osho Zen Tarot - the Publishing Watershed (Jan, 2015)

Satire reaches the Sub-continent (Jan, 2015)

Modi Watch continues at SannyasNews (Jan, 2015)

The Last Pune Period of Osho's life: A plea from Shantam Prem (Jan, 2015)

The Book of Wisdom: Chapter Four ? (Jan, 2015)

Osho Books: the Significance of the Blacklist Years (Jan, 2015)

Osho Dynamic Meditation. An early tale. (Dec, 2014)

The Hidden Cross (Dec, 2014)

Osho's Misplaced Trust? (Dec, 2014)

Modi inspired conversions challenged in India (Dec, 2014)

Sannyas, Social Enterprise and Mindfulness (Dec, 2014)

A First Impression of an Osho Lecture (Dec, 2014)

Waiting for Godot - Osho's take (Dec, 2014)

Varied Responses to the ending of the Ranch (Dec, 2014)

Ranch Memoirs you can believe (Dec, 2014)

Celebrate in Koregoan Park in January, 2015 (Dec, 2014)

UK excluded from New Indian e-visas, but 43 other countries included (Nov, 2014)

Physical Health and the Spiritual Life (Nov, 2014)

The Great Way (Nov, 2014)

Live your life like a Zen Garden: Osho (Nov, 2014)

The Proper Meaning of Power: Veeresh (Nov, 2014)

Osho's Second Human Right (Nov, 2014)

Is it time to say goodbye to the Osho Meditation Camp? (Nov, 2014)

Not Listening on Osho's World Tour (Nov, 2014)

Defining what is not (October, 2014)

Catharsis Questions (October, 2014)

All men are Gullible: A counter argument against so-called Cult member's suggestibility (October, 2014 )

The Hara and Osho's Dynamic Meditation (October, 2014)

Osho's Six Names (Oct, 2014)

London now full of Laughing Gas (Oct, 2014)

Relationship is not Communion with a Master (Oct, 2014)

MIddle East Chess Games (Oct, 2014)

An Incredible Lightness of Being: The effects of Energy Darshan with Osho (Oct, 2014)

A Questionable Interface with Hindu Politics (Oct, 2014)

Planned Assassination of Osho often forgotten (Sept, 2014)

The Pursuit of Mars: India's Mad Adventure (Sept, 2014)

Open Letter to Sannyasnews (Sept, 2014)

Enquiring after Osho (Sept, 2014)

In a Scottish Kirk: A True story from Lokesh (Sept, 2014)

Mindfulness: Cyberspace entry underlined with Wisdom2.0 (Sept, 2014)

Editor of Viha Connection addresses the Swiss Decision (Sept, 2014)

OIF Directors back in the Saddle (Sept, 2014)

Lao Tzu Garden (Sept, 2014)

Ah! The Jealousy of Women (Sept, 2014)

13 Names Osho gave in the middle of the night (Sept, 2014)

In the Yahoo Lectures... ... a strange event (Sept, 2014)

Last Will of Govindanand stands in the way of Koregoan Flat Sale (Sept, 2014)

There is no ideal Partner: A Tantric View (August, 2014)

Legal Cases in Spain and Switzerland: Updates (August, 2014)

Lokesh: Am I a Sannyasin? (August, 2014)

Ma Prem Hasya, Osho's Secretary 1985 to 1990 leaves her body (August, 2014)

Therapy: Differences Continue (August, 2014)

The Service of Surendra Bharti (August, 2014)

The Limits and Purpose of Psychotherapy in a Spiritual context (August, 2014)

The Meaning of a Hug (August, 2014)

Question Marks about Mindfulness (August, 2014)

From Orphanage to Leading Therapist: Swami Anand Rajen (August, 2014)

"A Light unto oneself" a refrain not for a disciple? (August, 2014)

The Awakening of a Comedian (August, 2014)

Satyananda/Recent Answers (July, 2014)

Those who Stare at Goats (July, 2014)

Ravi's song from Glastonbury (July, 2014)

Osho Archive Centre in Oregon (July, 2014)

Osho's advice to an early disciple (July, 2014)

"Guru" Purnima in 2014? (July, 2014)

Osho is Everywhere" (July, 2014)

The Paradoxes of Surrender (July, 2014)

Osho's Silver Spur Black Kimono Rolls Royce! (July, 2014)

BBC divided about Swami Arun's talk at London HQ (July,2014)

Osho Trademark: Ramateertha reacts to rejection of his challenge to the Trade Mark ownership (June, 2014)

Osho International wins Swiss trademark case (June,2014)

Osho Resort in a Summer Month (June, 2014)

The Alliances of the Indian Sannyas Establishment (June, 2014)

The Crowning of a Yogi: Narendra Modi seen through Swami Arun's eyes. (June, 2014)

Behind Closed Doors in Pune (June, 2014)

Corrupting the Young: - Socrates' crime in the Osho Context (June,2014)

Osho's Press Conference from Jail (June, 2014)

Right of Appeal to Swiss Judgement (June, 2014)

Possible Seismic Shift in Sannyas Politics (June, 2014)

A Year on the Ranch transformed my life (June, 2014)

The Master's Role with the Disciple (June, 2014)

Being in Orange: Arpana Reflects ( May, 2014)

Spiritual Therapy and its Role in Self-Realisation (May, 2014)

A Passport to Osho (May, 2014)

Sannyas Sateillites without a Centre? (May,2014)

Osho and the Movie Star who became a Politician (May, 2014)

Bio-biblography of Osho finally produced (May,2014)

Death of an old Disciple (May, 2014)

the Journey of the Self in War (May, 2014)

Lost in Being and Nothingness (May,2014)

The Meaning of Osho's Work? (May, 2014)

A Brief History of Devageet's Book (April, 2014)

Osho's First Winter in Oregon (April, 2014)

Inherent Superiority Complex of Oshoites: Why? (April, 2014)

Osho and Gurdjieff : Lokesh explores the Connection (April, 2014)

A night of homelessness in the life of the young Osho (April, 2014)

Osho and Shiva (April,2014)

A sole use of Mudra (April, 2014)

London Queen’s Wood Saturday Circle - Photo Portraits from Upnita (April 2014)

Moscow Rules in Ranch by-ways (March, 2014)

Resort Rules (2014) and Ashram Rules (1979) (March, 2014)

Osho and his Library (March, 2014)

Rare clip of Osho behind Buddha Hall, three days before he died (March 2014)

Meditation in the Freezer (March, 2014)

Meditation - the New Opium (March, 2014)

The Power of the Tarot (March, 2014)

The Empty Chair (March, 2014)

Old Keys for New Locks dont work (Feb, 2014)

Harideva takes on the Establishment (Feb, 2014)

A Visit to Sheela's Swiss home by Shantam ( Feb, 2014)

The Teenage Osho meets the Indian elite (Feb, 2014)

The Suspicious Case of the Nine Dimensions (Feb, 2014)

A Wasted Life: Death in War (Feb, 2014)

Phoenix in this moment (Feb, 2014)

The Nature of the Guru Relationship (Jan, 2014)

Spoof Suspected on Hunger Strike (Jan, 2014)

Australian Sannyasin goes on Hunger Strike (Jan, 2014)

Osho's Dismissal from Jabalpur University (Jan, 2014

Never Born, Never Died (Jan, 2014)

Latest News on the Will (10th January, 2014)

Then and Now, Poona Ashram 1976 (Jan, 2014)

A Tapoban Campaign (Jan, 2014)

Zen in the Art of Helping * Parmartha reflects (Jan, 2014)

Lokesh discusses Osho's Legacy in the wider context of myth and enlightenment (Dec, 2013)

Commune Mismanagement ? Dec, 2013)

Pan and the Japanese Nuclear Threat (Dec, 2013)

Police call for Production of Osho's original Will (Dec, 2013)

Osho's Will Questioned (Dec, 2013)

First Osho Centre In Pakistan Reported (Dec, 2013)

Shantam calls for Celebration of Vivek's death, 24 years too late... (Dec, 2013)

From Pune to Accra: Phoenix Reflects (Nov,2013)

The Wooden Box - Bhagwan or Osho? (Nov,2013)

The Osho Samadhi Debate (Nov,2013)

Ignoring the Master's Directives? (Nov, 2013)

Osho Tapoban suffers Facebook Closures (Nov, 2013)

Elusive Transmission - a moment in time (Nov,2013)

Consciousness - An annoying time between naps, or something else? (Nov, 2013)

From the Desk of Swami Arun writing from Nepal (Nov, 2013)

Swami Frank Satirises Osho News (Nov, 2013)

Jealousy in the Affairs of Men reflected in Sannyas (Nov, 2013)

The Variety of the Sangha (Oct, 2013)

The Editing of a Master? (Oct, 2013)

An Unhappy Romance: the Eastern Guru and the Western Intellectual (Oct, 2013)

Be a Gambler : Lokesh reflects on Osho's encouragement in that direction (Oct, 2013)

Freeing Graceful Osho Buddha field from OIF, Freeing Intelligence from Retardation Article from Bodh Ekantam (Oct 2013)

The dangers to Osho in India (October, 2013)

Quarrels over Osho's Estate Continue (October, 2013)

Open Letter of reply from Inner Circle (Sept, 2013)

Phoenix writes of Osho and an Indian Classic (Sept, 2013)

Osho's Will Published after 23 years (Sept, 2013)

Shantam sees Autocracy at Oshonews (Sept, 2013)

Osho's Secretary between 1970 and 1981, Ma Yoga Laxmi (Sept, 2013)

The Venus Project and Osho (Sept, 2013)

Golden Childhood in 2013 (Sept, 2013)

A Conclave of Therapists (Sept, 2013)

To be a Sannyasin (Sept, 2013)

Osho's Ten Commandments (Sept, 2013)

Pune Bomber Arrested (August, 2013)

Open Letter to Friends and Lovers of Osho (August, 2013)

Inner Circle attempt further Control of Osho Centres (August, 2013)

Megga Baba: Osho's First Teacher (August,, 2013)

The Guru Con: Appearance and Reality (August, 2013)

200 Buddhas should be enough (August, 2013)

Questions around the present Resort/Ashram (August, 2013)

Was Osho's room really Bugged? (August, 2013)

Osho's Personal Physician (August, 2013)

The Ranch = Everyone\s Responsibility? (August, 2013)

"I am not a person, but only a presence" - Osho (August, 2013)

Facebook Bows to Pressure re Osho's Name (August, 2013)

Osho Darshan and the Sniff Test ( August, 2013)

The Encounter Game (July, 2013)

The Osho and Gurdjieff commune: A Comparison (July, 2013)

The Conundrum of Human Intimacy (July, 2013)

Enlightened Sannyasins ? (July,2013)

The Cultural Parameters around Osho's Birth (July, 2013)

The Last Days of Osho (July, 2013)

Is Zen Autocracy ever justified? (July, 2013)

A gift from Germany to India (July, 2013)

A Place for Devices in Spiritual Work (June, 2013)

A Place for the Hallucinogenic? (June, 2013)

Charisma and the Psychopath (June, 2013)

The Place of Money in the Spiritual Life ? (June, 2013)

The Power of Silence (June, 2013)

The View from Bangalore (June, 2013)

Tabloid Exploitation of Osho? (May,2013)

Total Freedoms are a Myth (May, 2013)

The Big "E" ( May, 2013)

So-called Secrets from Sheela (May, 2013)

The Serious Disease" Lokesh examines (May, 2013)

I should have left the commune earlier than I did" - Sheela (May, 2013)

Therapy, Meditation and Work as the building blocks for "Going Beyond"! (May, 2013)

84 year old Banned from Resort (May, 2013)

Silence (May, 2013)

Shrinking News Options in Sannyas (April, 2013)

Arun has an Opinion (April, 2013)

Osho Imitator has Close Brush with Mortality (April, 2013)

Half way up the Mountain (April ,2013)

Taking Sannyas in the 21st Century (April, 2013)

The Future does not Exist (April, 2013)

Twenty Five Centuries after Vipassana something else has arisen (April, 2013)

II’s Up To Us To Do Something About Everything by Prem Martyn (April, 2013)

My Experience in Buddhafield article by Swaram on the Buddhafield effect at Osho Taboban. (April, 2013)

Selling Everything and Osho in the Marketplace : Lokesh (April, 2013)

What was Osho on about in calling us his"friends" ( March, 2013)

Osho Resort has rare lucky Break (March, 2013)

An Early Osho Koan ( March, 2013)

Osho: Parmartha Reflects on Occult Powers (March, 2013)

Sannyas and the depth of Friendship: Vartan tells a Greek Story (March, 2013)

Stuggart Osho Centre: Shock News (March, 2013)

Osho pursued by Retiring Pope (March, 2013)

Osho: The First Buddha in the Dental Chair (Feb,2013)

On the Fiddle, Osho and an Irish story (Feb, 2013)

Osho and his Bathroom (Feb, 2013)

Vartan explores a Theme (Feb, 2013)

Pune Terrorist Sentenced in US (January,2013)

The Meaning of Osho's Guidelines? (January, 2013)

Osho's Waterworld (January, 2013)

Agreeing or disagreeing with a Master? (January, 2013)

The Horror of Rape: An Osho view (January, 2013)

Pune Resort/Ashram Land: Court Makes Ruling (January,2013)

Dont Kill Him: Sheela's memoir about Osho (January, 2013)

It Began at the Gateless Gate (January 2013)

Osho and Sexual Behaviour (December, 2012)

Lokesh reaches the Ashram (December, 2012)

A Prevalent Indian Virus The view from Shantem (December, 2012)

Poona Fictions - the importance of Myth: (December, 2012)

Work and the Spiritual Path: A view from Osho (December, 2012)

On the Way to the Burning Ghat from Paritosh's Life Of Osho (December, 2012)

The Limitations of Wisdom; Frank explores (December, 2012)

Pune Resort/Ashram 2012 (November, 2012)

New Film on Rajneeshpuram, anything 'new" ? (November,2012)

Being a Buddha, they will want to kill you (November, 2012)

The place of Journalism in Sannyas? (November,2012)

Close to the Fire: Osho's physical presence. Possible dilemnas (November, 2012)

The Dangers of Positive Philosophy: Parmartha explores (October, 2012)

Official Party reply to Osho Samadhi letter (October, 2012)

Enlightenment, Meditation and Alzheimers.frank explores (October, 2012)

Superpower Intervention with Assange and Osho (October, 2012)

Osho and Self Enquiry (September,2012)

Divisions may be part of the Master's work (September, 2012)

The Value of a limited acquaitance with Tyranny ? (Septrmber, 2012)

Sarlo reflects on "Me versus the Mob" (September, 2012)

Resistance and the Disciple: Osho as a case in point (September, 2012)

Osho and the Indian Consciousness (September, 2012)

Osho's Brother - the Oshodhara thing (August,2012)

A Witness Statment from Jayesh (August,2012)

Initiation in Sannyas, early and late: Arun takes a view (August, 2012)

Osho, three Individuals and present time (August, 2012)

Journalism and the Truth: Parmartha explores a test case with the example of the "Oregonian". (July, 2012)

The Twenty One/who were they? (July, 2012)

More legal conundrums from Pune (July, 2012)

Some years after I took sannyas (July, 2012)

Maitreya dies in New Zealand (July, 2012)

Pune - the End? (July, 2012)

Osho and the Organising Women (July, 2012)

A request to Kill: The Story of Jayananda (June, 2012)

Osho and the Art of Lying (June, 2012)

Name change of a nobody: Part Two: from Bhagwan to Buddha (June,2012)

Name change of a Nobody: Part One: from Bhagwan to Osho (June, 2012)

Osho Sannyasins and the Indian Political Elite (June,2012)

Osho and Dynamic Meditation (June, 2012)

Osho and the Beedi Baba (May, 2012)

Osho's Most Famous Saying given the once over by Lokesh (May,2012)

Sannyasnews and the Ten of Pentacles (May, 2012)

Share a Home Scheme on the Ranch (May,2012)

Osho and Surrender and Inquiry (May, 2012)

Koan for a Sannyasin: Shantam explores (May,2012)

Ranch Paradoxes/ Closure? (April, 2012)

The Possibility of an Enlightened Society (April, 2012)

How not to be Osho's Secretary: Dharm Joyti shows the way (April,2012)

Osho and the Paradoxes of Health (April, 2012)

Subhuti into Second Edition within a year (April, 2012)

Osho and the Unbearable Lightness of Being (March,2012)

Osho the One? (March, 2012)

Osho is One (March,2012)

Osho the Guest of Rajneeshpuram? (March, 2012)

Resort Strategies for Survival? (February, 2012)

Osho and Vegetarianism: Prem Martyn explores (February, 2012)

Re-editing "The Grass Grows by Itself" : Crazy Job Creation (February, 2012)

Personal Musings on the Nature of Ego from Arpana (February, 2012)

An Open Letter to God: Swami Shantam. (February, 2012)

An Adventure Across Borders - Pari recalls (January, 2012)

Twenty two years ago today - Rajni remembers Osho's death. (January, 2012)

Creating a New Osho Tradition - Candidates dismissed (January, 2012)

How an old Osho Sannyasin transcended Hitler's "Final Solution" (January, 2012)

The Crisis before Enlightenment :Osho's story (January, 2012)

A Zen story from the workers in Osho's early Ashram (December, 2011)

Karuno, Irish Sannyasin, well known to SannyasNews dies (December, 2011)

Dimensions of Rebellion: Havel and the Sannyas Legacy Prem Martyn Explores (December, 2011)

Osho - the Measure of Stillness (December, 2011)

Birthday Blues: Osho at 80 Shantam opines. (December, 2011)

Osho and the Black Hat (December, 2011)

Beyond Cult, Sect and Religion. Osho's place. (November,2011)

The Big Sleep: Parmartha reflects (November,2011)

So Many Names: thoughts on the the instruction for sannyasins to choose their own names. (November,2011)

Second thoughts from Osho International? (November, 2011)

Violence in the UK: Osho's view. (November,2011)

What's in a Name' Lokesh explores Osho's practice of changing a disciple's name ( November,2011)

Osho's Paths to the Young Gaga in Delhi (October,2011)

The Mala and Red Clothes: Arpana reflects (October, 2011)

Summer in Orange: reviewed by Lokesh (October,2011)

"Ashram", the movie discussed (October, 2011)

Osho Meditation Resort in Pune reply to rumours (October, 2011)

Pune Resort/Ashram Latest Rumour (October, 2011)

Osho and the Rolls Royces Parmartha explroes the issue (September,2011)

Astral Projections : An account of an early out of the body meeting with Osho (September,2011)

The Sammasati Project - An update from Yatro on the project formerly known as The Last Resort (September, 2011)

The Greatest Gift - An article from Maneesha (September, 2011)

Osho and Marx - A Contradiction from Lokesh (September, 2011)

Growth Groups in the Sannyas Movement: Parmartha contours a few issues (September,2011)

The Second Gauchhami - the meaning of the Sannyas Sangha explored by Nirman (September, 2011)

Keerti reflects eleven years after being banned from the Pune Resort/ashram. As he says "Celebrate and Rejoice" (August,2011)

Osho Copyright Capers: This is what you get if you offend the New York Boys (August,2011)

An Early Osho Experiment : Kailash (August, 2011)

The Meaning or otherwise of "Taking Sannyas" (July, 2011)

The Three Dangerous Magi, Osho, Gurdjieff, Crowley. The new book by P.T. Mistlberger reviewed. (July,11)

Sannyasnews remembers Madukar Thompson with a few of his cartoons (June, 11)

Osho camp in New Forest, UK info suppled by Nityananda (June- 11)

Osho's Cup of Tea, Letter 54 (May,2011)

The Last Resort: A Meditative Hospice The first-ever meeting regarding the proposal for a meditative hospice was held in the UK on April 9th, 2011. (May, 2011)

Light and Rebellion: A Review of Vasant Joshi's recent Osho biography (April,11)

Sannyas and Advaita? (April,11)

Osho's Lost Lecture from 1984 (April,11)

Osho's encounters with Poison (April,11)

Osho, a Name to Trade (April,11)

Changes at Sannyasnews (March, 11)

A Life Worth Living: Rupesh (Feb,11)

Osho, February 14th, 1973 (Feb,11)

Ends and Beginnings: Shantam explores (Feb,11)

Tyohar's Commune - Osho's Work (January,11)

At the time of remembering Osho's death: An important reflection (January,11)

The Inner Circle and Osho's Work (January,11)

Maneesha discusses her idea for a Sannyas Hospice (January,11)

Editorial re Hacking of Sannyas News (January,11)

Why are Osho Jokes unpopular with the "Authorities of the movement" (January,11)

Retiring Oregon Judge regards Rajneesh period as the most interesting of his career (January,2011)

The Paradox of the Commune Sannyasin Parmartha Explores (Dec,10)

Osho Upaban in Pokhara - The Commune in the Paradise City - One of four new Osho Communes in Nepal (October.10)

Acid in the 21st Century: Paritosh goes mainstream (October,10)

Global Connections in fresh spat (October,10)

Bodhi reports on being in Berlin with Mahadevi (October,10)

Osho's name: How to handle? Shantam offers a view (September,10)

Nothing to Lose (September,10)

Deva Pramada, founding member of the Electric Light Ochestra, dies in freak accident. (September, 10)

Open Letter to the Inner Circle from Ramateetha (September, 10)

Phoenix creates an African Resort (September,10)

Lokesh - Osho and Poonjaji (August,10)

Why hide the basis of Osho's work - the Master-disciple relationship. Shantam explores (August,10)

Osho International to use suspect distributor (August,10)

Osho Discourses are beyond price Shantam reflects (August,10)

BBC up to old tricks Alok John opines (July,10)

An Early Darshan with Osho Krishnaprem reflects (July,10)

Only the Singing Was Left from Rashid (July,10)

The End of Gurupurnima day explored (July,10)

Arun In USA (July,10)

The Corruption of Satsang by the West (June,10)

UK Positive TV take up theme of relating with Krishna Prem (June,10)

Can there be a war between good and evil, between materialism and spirituality? Osho's view discussed by Alok John (June,10)

Friendship Is Always the Goal A look at Osho Leela from Tarisha (May, 10)

Ramses Shaffy’s Humaniversity Experience: Here is a letter, translated into English, that Ramses wrote about one of his Humaniversity experiences which Sannyasnews saw as revealing as well as insightful.(May, 10)

Freedom to Love in a Dangerous Indian Society (May,10)

Nick Clegg and Transcendental Meditation (May,10)

Latest Swiss movie featuring Sheela and Shiva reviewed (May,10

Copyright Confusions over Osho's works still prevalent (April,10)

Refutation of the 'God is not Great' book (March,10)

'I am That' Vigyano reflects (March,10)

Open Letter about Terrorism in Pune (March,10)

Osho's Vegetable Gardener Reflects (March,10)

Rebirth of German Bakery (March,10)

On the road in Southern China (February,10)

Pune Resort Update after Terrorist Act (February, 10)

Indian Group likely Originators of Pune Blast (February,10)

Casualty List in Pune Bomb Blast (February, 10)

German Bakery near Osho Resort suffers Terrorist Outrage (February,10)

48 Hours in the Resort (February,10)

Facebook Founder shows interest in Osho (February,10)

Remembering the last day A short account from an outsider (January,10)

The Final Call, Mahadevi, author of "From Fear to Enlightenment" addresses the present crisis in sannyas - origins and solutions. (January,10)

Thank You Osho: 20 Years On (January,10}

Osho Commune in Pune suffers outbreak of Thievery (January,10)

A Temporal Issue for the Ashram/Resort (January,10)

Unanswered Questions about the dissolution of the Inner Circle: Shantam leads the discussion. (January,10)

Networking Osho: The Rebel's Call (January,10)


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