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Sannyas in the thick of Delhi Life

Osho’s motto was “Don’t renounce, celebrate life.”. And he said “My sannyasins celebrate everything. Celebration is the foundation of my sannyas, not renunciation, but rejoicing; rejoicing in all the beauties, all the joys, all that life offers, because this whole life is a gift of god.”

To follow his message, hundreds of disciples of Osho in and around Delhi took or re-took sannyas on September 26, a day which echoed the day that Osho started a new affirmative lifestyle of sannyas in Manali, India 32 years back. On that day in 1970 the first 16 sannyasins of Osho were initiated into “Neo-sannyas”.

Swami Vairagya Amrit, a long-time Osho disciple, will conduct meditations and sannyas initiation which will be followed by a three-day meditation camp at Oshodham to be conducted by Swami Chaitanya Keerti.
The meditation camps will take place simultaneously around India to spread Osho’s message of “neo-sannyas.”.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti of Osho World says: “Traditionally, sannyas is seen in a very negative sense, in the sense of giving up, or renouncing. But Osho saw sanyas as something positive and to be achieved. Osho said, “To me, sannyas does not mean renunciation, it means a journey to joy. To me, sannyas is not any kind of negation, but a positive attainment. A sannyas that withdraws from life becomes bondage, and a sannyas that negates freedom is really not sannyas. Freedom is the very soul of sannyas. For me, sannyas has no limitations, no inhibitions, no rules and regulations. It does not accept any imposition, any regimentation, any discipline. I call him a sannyasin who has the courage to live in freedom and who accepts no bondage, no organisation, no discipline whatsoever. Therefore, in order to tell people what real sannyas is, we are investing it with a new meaning, a new concept. Sannyas has to live, it is the most profound, the most precious treasure that mankind has. But how to save it, preserve it, is the question,”

Swami Keerti added. Osho had said “I want to unite the sannyasin with the world. I want sannyasins who work on farms and in factories, in offices and shops right in the marketplace. I donít want sannyasins who escape from the world; I don’t want them to be renegades from life. I want them to live as sanyasins in the very thick of the world, to live with the crowd amid its din and bustle. Sannyas will have verve and vitality if the sannyasin remains a sannyasin in the very thick of the world. I want to take sannyas to every hamlet and every home. Only then can sannyas survive. We need millions of sanyasins; just a handful won’t do. And millions can take sannyas only if sannyas is positive and life affirmative”