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A letter from Devapriya about her impressions of the last night in Buddha Hall

Hello Friends,
Just came from the final Buddha hall farewell celebration. (Nov 8th) Very very touching! The evening meeting was FULL - many people came to say goodbye. And they even showed Osho namasting going out!!
There has been no live music since Sunday because of the move, but they put on this russian gypsy violin music that we used to danced to with Osho, at the end of the video. This was the first time I didn`t see anybody leave Buddha Hall as soon as the discourse was over. People danced, cried, sat still, went closer to the podium - sort of like when Osho left the body. I had a similar feeling too - was crying, then laughing, then crying, then both together, then celebrating? you get the picture. I had to cross in Zorba straight after so couldn't stay much longer (unfortunately) but I knew I was coming back for the farewell dance celebration, so was also kind of okay. Still difficult to understand that this is the last time I would see Buddha hall full of people in white robes!

After crossing -went straight back to Buddha Hall - no eating or dilly dallying. Someone had left a seat close to the podium (since we are not to use the old chairs in the new auditorium, I guess this person just left his chair here (there are newly designed chairs (like in the West) that are to be used now so that they don`t scratch the marble))so I sat on it. Funnily enough the sound system didn't work - there were 5 people running around trying to get it to work. So I had the pleasure of sitting quietly longer in B hall in the semi-dark. At some point the music worked - meanwhile the buddha hall caretaker had put many candles in front of the podium and we danced! Buddha hall was full of dancing, jumping, racing, delighting buddhas. Very nice. Miten, they played two of your songs as the finale! First "dance of life" to slowly cool down the very wild energy in stages, and then White cloud, white swan. The final words in Buddha hall were you singing"?from beyond the beyond the beyond?" Everyone was very still and in. And when the music faded out, people gathered around the podium where one candle was burning. More crying, bowing, meditating?
I danced for ALL of you. I took my little soft toy cub with me and he represented all the people who couldn`t be here tonight and we both danced for you guys. (the cub rested a lot in between) Funnily enough it feels like it felt when Osho left the body. Not wanting to let him go and at the same time feeling an inner expansion and vastness because of (being forced to)dropping an attachment. Whatever.

My heart feels so overwhelmed and delicate. Tears come to my eyes and also a gladness. Miten`s song has the line
"How do you thank the ocean,
How do you thank the wind,
How do I thank you, Osho."

Something like that is happening right now. I led a dance meditation in Buddha hall last night and had my own private farewell as well (the music was slow, so less people came and I had the lights very very low - so it wasn't a party atmosphere, more getting lost in your dance type of thing) and I feel very grateful that I could do that. And am very happy that I made the effort to come and be here to say goodbye. It wasn't real for me that soon there will be no Buddha hall - today was the first time I realised what that means. And still it hasn't hit me really. Anyway, we are also looking forward to the new place and curious to see what happens. Tomorrow there is a party there (outside) after the evening meeting. And you are not going to believe this - There will be lots of FREE food for everyone! By the way, I was wrong about the prices not going up. They did. Lots. Starting tomorrow. 250 rs for the whities, and 80 for the Indians.