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Letter to Commune Trustees from Keerti, and their Extensive Reply.

(The first item is an open letter to the Commune Trustees from Ma Neelam and Sw. Keerti.)
The Trustees
Osho Commune International
17 Koregaon Park,
Pune 411001

Subject: Restoration of Zen-style Pagoda on the Podium in Gautama the Buddha Auditorium of Osho Commune International, Pune

Beloved Friends,

We, the members of Osho Friends International, are representing Osho Sannyasins, disciples, friends and lovers around the world. We are extremely shocked and hurt to know that you have demolished the beautiful Japanese style Zen Pagoda temple structure situated in the Gautama The Buddha Auditorium in the first week of this month, November 2002. This place was created at the wish and direction of our Beloved master Osho in 1987 by his own disciples out of love and reverence. It was graced by the continuous physical presence of our master from 1987 to January 1990. Osho gave darshan and discourses here, led thousands of his disciples into meditation. This place vibrated with sannyas initiation celebrations of thousands of people who went into their mystical spiritual journey. Even after Osho left his body in 1990, such meditations and celebrations continued till the last day of October 2002. For all of us this particular place has been very valuable and incomparable and no other place on earth can be compared with it. It became a place of global heritage. Any damage to this place is totally disgraceful and disrespectful to the feelings of millions of Osho lovers around the world.

But now since you have already pulled down the marble walls which were charged with mystical and spiritual energy of our master's presence and of thousands of seekers meditating around this place, we request you to start the restoration process of construction of this place as it was originally built there, and do it with the same marble. No piece of marble of the Zen pagoda walls should be sold off or thrown away. Please take the permission for building this from Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC ) immediately. If you need any help for this process, thousands of Osho lovers are ready to support you in every possible way. On behalf of Osho Friends International we extend you all cooperation for this constructive work.

We suggest that all the formalities of permission from PMC must be done before December 11, Osho's birthday so that sannyasins could start the construction work on the same day, and it must complete before 19 January the day of Osho Punyatithi, when Sannyasins from all around the world will come for annual Osho Mahotsav. All of us will participate in this major celebration, and your crime of insensitive destruction of this temple will be forgiven by Osho lovers. The silent meditations such as Nadbrahma, Vipassana, Zazen, Moonlight could start again to keep this place vibrating and alive with meditative energy as before, and no other club activities in which people come with their shoes on, should take place in this open auditorium.

And if you are unwilling and unable to do this, please quit gracefully as soon as possible and let others do this job. You have no right to continue as the trustees of this global heritage if you cannot maintain it in its originality.

His Blessings

Yours in Osho

Ma Yoga Neelam
Osho's Secretary for India

Swami Chaitanya Keerti
Spokesperson Osho Friends International

Commune Spokesperson Replies
Osho Commune International
Management Team

Beloved friends,
A couple of days ago I sent you a letter sharing our joy and celebration of the opening of the new Osho Auditorium, kitchen and eating area.

I am now writing to inform you about, and to throw light on, the mischief being attempted by a very few people formerly involved in Osho's work. It is unfortunate that at this time of great celebration in Osho's work we are compelled to send this letter to you - and it is a choiceless decision.

They use the press saying that they represent thousands of sannyasins. They say this without a smile. Clearly, with Osho's insights shared with all of us, this is an insult and a further reflection of their politics: No Osho sannyasin needs a new political party to represent them - even one that borrows Osho's name for its mischief. Osho's people understand that his message is against any collective mind and above all supports the individual and his or her responsibility.

In Pune they called a special meeting to try and sell their story as this city has so many sannyasins because of the commune. No one came. They announced a huge demonstration in Delhi. A few turned up and most were unknown, and surely not informed.

They went to the Pune press without any local sannyasins' support and gave a truly embarrassing story - theirs and not Osho's. Keerti writes as if he, rather than the management team and trustees, had received Osho's guidance for the management of the practicalities of his work.

Jayantibhai and Ishwarbhai, long time secretaries and former trustees, who have been with Osho since the 1960's, ridicule the nonsense of this small group. They both made comments for the press release issued yesterday by the commune to bring a clarity and understanding to this mischief in the press.

It is interesting to see that sannyasins from throughout India have made a special trip to the commune in Pune to see and experience the latest project completed on Osho's list for his Pune campus, and were ecstatic about it. Particularly the sannyasins who knew that the meditation hall was first proposed by Osho in 1968 and again in 1970. Osho revisited this proposal with more specific details while making his Pune commune list before leaving the body in late 1989.

Osho had stopped seeing Neelam nine months before his leaving the body. The reason he gave at that time was that she thought that she knew better than he did. Neelam finds this reality very painful to her ego as 13 years have passed and she can't admit this fact to anyone. Perhaps she has never forgiven Osho for his decision.
It might be useful to be reminded that six major projects on Osho's list have been completed in the 12 years since he left his body, with his people's celebration, totality, and creativity. All of the projects mysteriously happened without the involvement of any of those who are now publicly attacking the people who did that work.

Osho was clear and specific that, when completed, all of the Buddha Hall activities were to be moved to the new Osho Auditorium - his chosen name for the new hall - and that the old hall was fine for its temporary use but was not what he envisioned for his work. So, since November 1st all those activities are offered in the new hall, a wonderful new Osho inspiration for all of us to use and for future generations coming to Osho's proposal: The New Man.

The project has been completed as per his very specific pyramid design, from the bridge over the water to the air-conditioning, soundproofing, and hi-tech light and sound systems. The Buddha Hall floor and podium remain as they were and will be used as Osho intended, for the activities of his work. Preparations are happening with sannyasins cleaning and polishing the marble ready for use.

This same trio who use the press to try and further their politics, and add a politician for good measure, have yet to comment on the completion of Osho Auditorium. Perhaps because it is Osho's list and not theirs. Perhaps they still know better than him.

Their agenda includes trying to preserve the old Buddha Hall as a heritage temple.
Anyone who has ever understood, as Osho shared his vision, recoil at the thought of the heritage temple. No man ever spoke so much against such rubbish for his work. He was clear that temples were for religions and not for his proposal. And that the greatest risk to his work was our unconscious minds trying to turn it into a religion for their own purposes.

By contrast, the large number of sannyasins who were present at the commune on October 31st celebrated the end of this building's gifts - as it was, with gratitude and memory - with a wonderful celebration and party.

The next morning there was a line up starting at 5.30 a.m. of meditators wanting to experience the new Osho proposal available for his people's use. Dynamic was packed. On November 1st the new Auditorium was celebrated with greater energy as we all new that this was the continuation of his proposal and his list - new and ever expanding.

All of us as individuals, as sannyasins, lovers, and friends have the responsibility to ensure that this absurd, "Osho religion" idea, never damages and contaminates Osho's vision.

The last time Osho spoke of his understanding of sannyas, two days before leaving the body, he was heard to say: "My understanding is that sannyas is the courage to walk alone, and the courage to say yes to existence."

For your information we enclose a copy of the commune press release issued yesterday evening. We trust that each individual who reads this information will take the time to look inside themselves - always the place to begin.

With love

Amrit Sadhana
For The Management Team

Osho Commune International, 17 Koregaon Park, Pune 411 001, MS India. Tel: 20 4019999, Fax : 20 401 9990