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Sannyas - Left and Right
Osho had, and arguably still has, a very wide appeal. Through sannyas, in its heyday, the very rich certainly met the very poor, those who formerly trod the portals of political power danced with those just up from months, or even years on the hippie beaches of Goa. Those with heroin in their veins embraced those still stiff with the burdens of conventional life. Even more importantly those overcome with devotion mixed freely with rebels of all types and backgrounds. In that melting pot, a human alchemy was created that transcended all these differences, and it was through the contact with Osho, however conceived.

This was Osho’s inspiration, that from his solitary zen room the whole world would be reached and would be disturbed — and from that magic mix of Tao, Sufism and Zen, the ten thousand dancing Buddhas would come. And not only that, energetically the message from him to a genuine seeker was always non-judgmental, come, or come back, whatsoever you were or are.

This connection to Osho was surely and is the common bond of inspiration. Osho was clear in his commitment to his sannyasins even after his death. He said “those who have loved me, those who have received my love, I am committed to them. I will do everything to remain in the body, and I will do everything, even if I have to leave the body — to be continuously around you.”

In the wake of current divisions, such as those that feature on our “Community” noticeboard, between those favouring a more Indian style of sannyas, or those favouring the present Inner Circle, or those who simply cant be bothered, maybe it really is time to consciously give all this up. This is so, particularly of the humourless acrimony that goes alongside some of it. Time too for people from all sides to renew their primary contact with Osho. It is only within this tolerant alchemy that much can happen: the real enemies are always at the gate.

Premal and Miten to do Neeraj Benefit Gig in North London
For those who dont know (Irish) Neeraj suffered a very serious accident whilst visiting Sandarshi, some two years ago, which means he is is paralysed from the neck down. Neeraj is a well known sannyasin who was a commune member in Medina and other places, and regularly visited the commune in Pune. He now lives in North London. Premal and Miten visit north London on July 26th for a benefit concert for Neeraj. The venue is at the Union Chapel, Compton Avenue, N1. (near Islington Highbury Tube). from 7.30pm. See sannyasnews.com listings for full details. Please come and support the gig as any money accruing will go towards helping Neeraj to do what he wants to do. Neeraj is able to respond to emails and enjoys doing so. His email is neeraj85@hotmail.com

Dynamic Meditation Research Project
Maneesha (email maneesha@osho.net) is starting a research programme into Dynamic Meditation, midst trying to take Osho’s most creative meditation into Yoga institutes, etc. She takes as her inspiration Osho’s insight into Yoga “Yoga is the supreme science... but a great and intense catharsis is needed”, before it is of any use. Yoga is now so widely accepted in the west, in a way it was not when Osho introduced Dynamic, that the possible population catchement area for dynamic through Yoga classes is very large, if approached in the right way.
Maneesha’s research is being collected on the website: meditationresearch.com. It will be also be an archive of material on dynamic, including existing articles, theses on any aspects of dynamic, and reviews of situations where dynamic has been introduced, for example in prisons, drug rehabilitation programmes, banks, etc.
More significantly perhaps is the plan for controlled studies of participants, including kirlian photos before and after dynamic, and brain graph representations.
Maneesha is encouraging people with ideas, and/or material that might relate to this project to connect through her email address above

Emotional Hostage
Ian Wolstenholme formerly Nutan, and formerly Barry Long’s personal Secretary has been giving satsang in North London for 18 months. He’s just brought out a book called “Emotional Hostage” available through his web-site at www.realised.org. (with details of his satsangs also). Quite a number of people who go to his satsangs are sannyasins or ex-sannyasins. Nutan has a reassuring presence, and is able to counsel people in both an excellently objective and compassionate way. The feeling from his book is that he either does not want to go further than that, or considers metaphysics, advaitan or otherwise, just psycho-babble and best avoided. His insights into relationships are sound, but one wonders whether he has really examined mystical ones. Particularly ones like that God is only attracted to those who reach some kind of aloneness.

Kuchwada, central India, the hamlet where Osho was born and partly brought up. Some two years ago an Indian sannyasin called Satyateerth bought the house where Osho was born. It seemed he connected with the Japanese Tokyo centre (called Osho Satskin - email osho@sakshin.com) and together they have repaired the house and begun construction of a nearly commune called Osho Teerth which is progressing — a dormitory, two guest houses and a kitchen and dining area having been completed. Maybe not everybody’s gig, holy places, pilgrimages to places of birth, so on and so forth, but then again, maybe not so much harm for those into it. I am sure Osho Satskin will give you details.

Love, Parmartha