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3 letters from Maitreya on his new commune in New Zealand.

Beloved Friends October 8
Momentum is building fast and we fly to NZ on 17 October. We are buying the Pinedale Motor Camp, with cabins for 30 people and a three bedroom house, on 14 acres of beautiful land with a crystal clear river and private beach.
The next property with a huge 4 bedroom house and 15 acres will be bought soon after and developed as Homeopathic healing centre with more cottages and a big meditation space.
Initially, we will function as a meditation resort and offer guests organic vegan wholefood, zenned-out ambience, satsang twice a day, plus group/energy work and other meditations.
Everyone interested in truth, celebration and meditation is welcome as a paying guest or a supported worker. Everyone is free to participate as much or as little as they wish in organised events and meals. Those inclined towards silence and retreat will be taken care of. Dancers can dance, lovers can love, and everyone can let go a little more into their inner mystery. In one of the most beautiful, soft and magical parts of our planet.
Now its time to start bringing heaven to Earth.
See you soon.

Beloved Friends October 22
We have bought the first two parts of the commune, a big beautiful house and 15 acres of paradise in Wakamarina Valley NZ.
Plus the next property which has a ready-made meditation hall, reception and office and sleeps 12 people in three buildings. It will take time to get permission to develop a resort/commune on our land. In the meantime we are staying focussed on the inner journey.
The neighbouring campground can accommodate friends in shared cabins, or in your own caravan or tent. And we still have a few spaces available near the meditation hall. We will cook a delicious vegan wholefood lunch every day for everyone and provide tasty, nutritious organic vegan food for your other meals.
These arrangements simplify the practicalities for us and allow everyone more freedom to be total in meditation and growth. We move into both properties on or before 30 October and are ready to receive guests from 1 November. Essentially, these arrangements will not make that much difference to most guests. You can spend all of the day on our land participating in celebration, meditation, sharing with friends and enjoying nature and the beautiful sparkling river. But it does mean there will only be a few people working in exchange for free food and accommodation. Everyone else will have to cover their own expenses. Which will be about US$20 a day including all food, accommodation, and a full daily program of satsangs, group/energy work and Osho meditations.
We are also buying two more adjoining sections of land to build more houses and facilities. The main urgency now is the inner work. And the ready-made meditation hall allows that to start right away. And very soon a real commune will take root and flower.
See you soon in paradise.

Beloved Friends October 23
The Wakamarina Valley is perfect for our living Buddhafield. It is secluded, with magnificent scenary and has high, light energy. And there are about 290 sunny days every year, with a fresh, temperate climate that is comfortable all year round.
It is also perhaps the safest place on Earth, far from the madness of the Middle East and the high density (and vulnerable to terrorism) populations of Europe and America.
And unlike Australia, there are no poisonous snakes or other dangerous creatures in New Zealand.
The two properties we have bought, and the two vacant sections we will buy soon, are bordered by four other properties. One is the campground with a 3 bedroom house,13 acres of magical land, 7 cabins that sleep 30, and caravan and camping sites. The other properties each have a three bedroom house and a few acres of land.
The next step is for any interested friend, who shares our vision for heaven on Earth, to buy one or more of these properties. This will give us a huge, private area of land to develop the Buddhafield.
Everyone retains legal individual ownership of their property, with the agreement that it is energetically and spiritually a part of the Buddhafield.
As soon as we own enough property in the area, we can easily get council permission for development of accommodation and other facilities to attract more paying guests for a ‘total regeneration retreat’, which will give the Buddhafield a solid financial base. And dramatically increase the value of the land. Plus we will be able to sell ‘shares’ for friends to build their own dreamhouse on 1/4 acre sections.
The valley is about 12 kilometres long, and were we are, 7 km up from the entrance, is just a kilometre or so wide. This allows us to create an energetically private Buddhafield, just by owning several adjacent properties.
New Zealand real estate values are a fraction of Europe and America. Our big, beautiful 4 bedroom, hardwood house with 15 acres of paradise cost only US$100,000. The same place in Mill Valley, California would be more than a million dollars.
Eventually, we will buy up most of the valley and create a wonderful playground of conscious, loving friends. All sharing in the experiment of creating heaven on Earth in a living Buddhafield.
See you soon.

The address of the commune is: Maitreya Meditation Centre
760 Wakamarina Road
RD1 Havelock
Marlborough NZ
Tel + 64 3 574 1234 or 574 1071
Fax +64 3 574 1072
Email: maitreyacentre@xtra.co.nz

Wakamarina Valley is between Blenheim and Nelson. The closest airport is Blenheim, about a 30 minutes drive away. Wellington is a 25 minute flight from Blenheim or Nelson.

Website: www.ishwara.com
Email: maitreya@ishwara.com