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DESPATCH of the Indian Express,
and a Reply from Chaitanya Keerti

Sannyasnews is happy to reprint this Despatch from the Indian Express from the first week in May, and Keerti's response. The despatch is cynical and the spirit of it is best ignored but it contains important information. Keerti's reply spells out fully the well known Indian sannyasins banned from the Pune ashram and their grievances.

Despatch From the Indian Express

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR SERENITY, chances are you won’t find it at the Osho Commune in Pune’s Koregaon Park right now. Six foreign members of the Inner Circle - a group of 21 Oshoites who were appointed by Bhagwan Rajneesh aka Osho before his death in 1990 to manage his empire--- are under scrutiny by the Home Ministry which has issued notices they be deported as soon as they enter India. Says Sanjeev Verma, DSP,Pune Special Branch, " We have orders to deport certain foreigners and ban their entry into the country."

But Swami Prem Jayesh, alias Canadian Michael O'Byrne, chairman of Osho Inc. is apparently above such worldly restrictions. He has lobbied to have the Home Ministry order against him cancelled and has succeeded. This has flummoxed the Pune Special Branch which has asked Intelligence Bureau Delhi what to do about the remaining five notices. The other five members are currently abroad. Most of them were deported in 1985 just before Ministry of External Affairs Ministry imposed a blanket ban on the entry of Osho's foreign followers into India. But that does not seem to have stopped them --- many allegedly hold several passports in different names and have been living in India for several years. Police suspect a link with a Pune- based gang that runs fake passport racket. Also under the microscope will be the accounts of over 22 trusts that manage the affairs of the Commune.

The enquiry will bolster up the case of the Indian members of the commune who are battling the Jayesh- led group for control of $ 100 million often with help of friends of their own

Indian Express correspondent: Sheela Raval

Keerti’s Letter of Response

Dear Sir
This is in reference to the recent 'Despatch' news item by Sheela Raval- (India Today, May 8, 2002). I disagree with her comment: "If you are looking for serenity, chances are you won't find it at the Osho commune in Pune's Koregaon Park right now." This is absolutely wrong. You will find serenity, peace and bliss in the energy-field of our beloved commune where thousands and thousands of seekers meditated for years in the presence of a living Buddha. The only condition is that you should be open and receptive, and you should be really seeking it. Anybody can experience this for himself or herself.

This apart, there are certain issues that are bothering Osho sannyasins around the world. The first among these is the shifting of commune's publication-headquarters to Zurich, which is being operated from New York. Legal notices and threats are being sent to Osho sannyasin publishers from here.

Second issue is that of the trademarks of Osho meditations in USA. To quote from a publication from Pune-The Osho Experience that says, "Osho, Osho Active Meditations, Osho Nadabrahma Meditation, Osho Nataraj Meditation, Osho Dynamic Meditation, Spiritually Incorrect, Osho Mystic Rose, Osho Times, Osho Zen Tarot, Osho Transformation Tarot, Osho Meditation Resort, Osho Multiversity, and No Thought for the Day are registered trademarks or trademarks owned by Osho International Foundation."

The Osho International Foundation has been declaring its five members:

Michael O' Byrne - (Swami Prem Jayesh, Canadian)John Andrew - (Swami Prem Amrito, British) Klause Steeg - (Swami Pramod, German) Peter Kreutzfeld - (Swami Sahajanand, Germany) Mukesh Sarda - (Swami Mukesh Bharti, Indian)

The third issue and the most criminal is the act of removing about 900 signature paintings of Osho from his books kept at LaoTsu Library in Pune. Only a few paintings have come back since 1997-98. The last issue is that the group of sannyasins who raised these issues in the media, was banned from entering the commune's premises two years ago. While it is not clear whether any member of OIF Zurich-New York has been banned from entering India, six Indian commune members continue to be banned from entering the commune in Pune. The names of these banned sannyasins from India are:

Ma Yoga Neelam (Osho's Secretary for India) Swami Anand Tathagat (Former Commune-in -charge) Swami Chaitanya Keerti, Commune's spokesperson and former editor of Osho Times International, Swami Vedant Bharti, landscaper of famous Osho Teerth, Nalla Park, Swami Vairagya Amrit, former trustee, Ma Deva Priya (Ma Neelam's daughter), And there are perhaps two more friends of this group: Ma Dhyan Shakti, Ma Archana

Osho World Foundation based in New Delhi has challenged the trademarks of Osho Meditations in USA. Osho Friends International formed by sannyasins around the world is actively engaged in legally opposing the trademark regime. I remember Osho saying this on the issue of trademarks: Meditation is a Gift from Buddhas to the whole world. It cannot be trademarked.In fact the master has a very good suggestion for them: Get a trademark of your stupidity so that you can own it and it does not spread around the world.

Finally, there is no such thing as battle for 'control of $100 million Osho empire. It is basically an endeavour to restore the commune spirit of freedom, love and meditation for all Osho lovers who wish to share the master's 'Buddhafield' without any discriminations.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti

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