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We received this message from Keerti, we don't neccessarily agree with it all, but we feel it deserves exposure, and we would welcome letters, etc around this topic.

Message to all Sannyasins
Osho Belongs To One And All


Osho is an enlightened mystic, a super scientist of spirituality. His

message is universal. Like Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Guru Nanak, Laotsu

and Kabir, Osho devoted his whole life to the uplift of the whole

humanity. He invited everybody to join his neo-sannyas movement. He

shared his Being and wisdom to raise the consciousness of everybody

on the path. He did not ask anything in return, because his sharing

was simply a gift. He was singing his song of the divine. He did not

claim any ownership of his song because he ceased to exist as a

person or ego and became oceanic and one with existence. Now the same

song, the glorious gift of godliness of this benevolent Buddha is

being grabbed by some greedy people for the trade purposes. These

traders at New York, USA have applied for trademarks, patents and

copyrights of Osho's meditations. A spiritual gift of unconditional

love is being reduced into a commodity for commercial gains.


My request to Osho's true disciples is that they should not let this

happen to their master. It's their historical responsibility to make

the message of their master freely available to one and all, without

the controls of copyrights and trademarks. Every individual sannyasin

in any part of the world can raise his voice of protest because every

sannyasin is Osho's successor. Jayesh claims Osho's dream that Osho

said to him: 'I leave you my dream.' But what he left for each of us

is his vision.


Says Osho in From Death to Deathlessness: "Nobody is going to be my

successor. Each sannyasin is my representative. When I am dead, you

all - individually - will have to represent me to the world. There is

not going to be any pope. There is not going to be any

shankaracharya. Each sannyasin, in his own capacity, has to represent

me. This has never happened - but it is going to happen! You are all

my successors. When I am dead, that simply means I have left this

body and entered all the bodies of my people. I will be within you. I

will be part of you."

Swami Chaitanya Keerti


Another Quote:

"The very idea of succession is political. Only one person can be a

successor, so there is bound to be competition, ambition. There is

bound to be a subtle struggle to be closer to the master, to force

others away. It may not be on the surface but, underneath, the

problem will remain in the disciples: "Who is going to be the

successor?" I destroy the whole conception. Every disciple who has

loved has become one with the master. There is no need of any

competition, nor one successor. It is for everybody who has offered

himself in deep gratitude, who has become one in a certain sense with

the master's presence. There is no need of any competition. Thousands

can have the same experience, millions can have the same experience.

To avoid politics in religion, I have said that I will not have

successors. I want religion to be absolutely devoid of ambition,

competition, being higher than another, putting everybody lower than

oneself. With me you are all equal. And I trust and love you, that

you will prove this equality. In equals there is no competition;

there is a combined effort. You will all carry my message, but nobody

will be higher or lower, nobody will be a successor. All will be my

lovers and they will carry me.


Nansen: The Point of Departure # 2