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The Choice for Sannyas?

Global Commune, or the old East/ West divide

Sannyasnews feel the two letters below between Devakrishna and Keerti deserve attention because they bring into the foreground many of the issues that seem to have divided sannyas, even from the beginning. Unspoken issues such as what appeared to be the bad treatment of some Indian sannyasins by the ashram bureauracy, even in Poona one, and a sort of dislike of India and ordinairy Indians which was not shared by most sannyasins from the west, but seemed to emanate sometimes from within the Ashram leadership. In fact many western sannyasins were in love with India before they met Osho, and this continued. Many who had worked lovingly for Osho, for example during the Ranch period, when only the Hollywood gang escaped the joys of Gurdjieffian manual labour!, have always felt alarmed by the way cheap Indian labour was used both in Poona one, two and three.

And yet, the commune as Osho conceived it, was always a place in which growth must be the pre-eminent business, and even speeded up. Something resembling the shrine of an Indian master cannot do that (which sometimes seems to be the preoccuaption of Indian sannyasins). Whatever the 'Resort' is now, or is to become, needs to reflect the former, and some say, in some alchemical way, it still does, in spite of, not because of, those who deign to run the place.

Parmartha (Ed. Sannyasnews)

Open Letter to Neelam the devotional, Thatagat the thief , Keerti the journalist and the rest of the involved Indian Sannyas scene, from Devakrishna

Just heard that you managed to make flee from the Osho Puna Resort Jayesh, Kuteer, Amrito, Shunyo, Anando and the rest. Well congratulations!!. You succeeded! Just to think that you used all the status-quo parapernelia like newspapers, the government machine, immigration, police etc, which Osho was so against about, to achieve your aims makes me sick. I don't know the real reason why Neelam got banned from the Resort. Did some research on your websites ( oshoworld, meditate-celebrate) and found the repeated quote FROM Neelam that she was not banned but advised just to take a break, and vague reasons here and there but mainly who got the handle on the Osho's books copyrights .... and THAT all from newspapers and media tools which Osho really despised. I am suspecting that behind the deep wish to get the Resort & Osho's copyright work back from the West, where I personally feel is the best place to be just because is more efficient, fast and practical for the spread of his work than in India, or to turn the place more devotional (anybody can be what they want in there, devotional, meditational, studental etc.) is nothing but pure petty emotionality, anger & revenge. I suggest you guys to see behind your middle aged pot belly and see the real reason for your actions. Maybe , as I said, behind your fervent devotion towards Osho is nothing but revenge, anger, and probably some long old inferiority complex towards the Western. If I am right it simply means that If you acted out of emotionality, which I am 100% sure, it is unconscious & will be bound to screw up the situation more. How sad to see all this happening! How sad to see the centuries old mind in full action. How sad to hear from many people how the Ashram is fucked up, how the Inner circle is political etc. How sad to see everybody bad-mouthing the place while these people since years get up every morning 6 am to run the place. So difficult to surrender to the Inner Circle! Jayesh was a Millionaire before he was a Sannyas and gave it all up for his Master. The best person to get the money situation going to support the place with out the money-grabbing-syndrome most Indians have is him, and that's why he got chosen. Idon't think the upgrade in price of the resort entry is helping financing all that is going on there, so it most come from his gift in knowing how to do business. I remember when Osho came back in Puna after the USA saga the first thing he did was to get rid of the Indian team running the place which turned the same place so sloppy and dirty. I don't think that to put some Osho Pictures down will prevent devotion to the devotionally inclined types. I don't think to have the Mystic Rose Meditation happening in the Samadhi would minimally affect Osho's presence in the place. Idon't think calling the Ashram a Meditation Resort would change minimally whatis going on in there, it's just a name changed! ( I remember somebody telling Osho in Puna One that he was feeling His work was becoming like Coca-Cola, and Osho answer was: YES! I want my work to reach everybody no matter with what means). So who cares where the copyrights of his books are, if in Switzerland, New York, Mumbai, or Timbuktu. Who cares if is Jayesh or Bob, or Banananad who keeps the ownership!! As long the books get printed and spread!!

My God, just to think Neelam running the place with Her boyfriend Thatagat, who got busted stealing expensive jewelry from Sannyas lockers, and forgiven after he apologized, and pot bellied Keerty the journalist, who is totally livid with all that happened and uses the status-quo of society to achieve what he wants, (instead to release his articles to the news papers he should release his emotions first with a good Dynamic Meditation, calm down and only then act), gives me some doubts about what will be the outcome of the place!
And me how naive & foolish I was to think that maybe separation, is an other weird way how Osho spreads himself. Tough separation, like many times .... somebody get's kicked out and an other beautiful place get's created, like the place you just opened in North India where I heard is beautiful and going good. My 2 ¢ent feedback to what's happening .....


Response from Keerti to Devakrishna's letter

Beloved Devakrishna
What an emotional outburst is your letter! I respect it and feel like responding to it. First of all, I don't think that Jayesh and other five IC members have left or fled India. Jayesh was seen in the commune last weekend being welcomed by Garimo--somebody informed me from Pune. And he is the main person. If he is OK to be in India, the forced departure of the other five is just a goosip and rumour being spread by the IC people themselves.
Perhaps it is just like they were spreading a strong rumour during Guru Purnima, about 18 months ago, that we were going to kidnap Amrito in the middle of night. So there was 24 hours vigil and a big batallion of police for the protection from the "dreaded terrorists" like me, who finds it difficult even to utter some commonly used four letter words against anybody, leave aside fighting. I have learnt some different kind of response from Osho.

But this kind of allegation against people like me is borne out of some fear psychosis, paranoia, or their own guilt. I don't take credit for any expulsion if indeed such a thing did happen. I am sure it did not happen at all. But I am surprised that people like you have been affected. I guess, this might be the best way for such IC people to get some sympathy and support. I did nothing during Guru Purnima and have done nothing now, but that time they got a court injunction so that I could not enter within hundred meters of the commune premises.
What punishment do you think I will get now - you guess and tell me.
They may think the best way of defence is to attack - and this is certainly a strange kind of attack on me. They proved it already by releasing full page advertisement against Neelam in major national dailies and spent about a million rupees, and then dragged me to the courts about dotcom and other cases.
Attack is the best defence - that was their policy.
I am very much amused because Osho taught us that people who are afraid, tend to attack because of their own fear. It is all paranoia, projection and propanganda. Paranoid people could kill others under the impact of their own papranoia. You please don't fall prey to it and don't become emotional to this extent. Believe me I am not that powerful or monstrous as I am being projected.

And don't get into this Indian-Western thing, that when Osho came back to Pune, Ashram had become so dirty etc. It was so because most of the Indians who had lived with Osho had also gone to Oregon.
I had also gone and I had managed to reach there on my own - other Indian who were left were mostly new or those who could not make it to Oregon. Osho wanted all those Indians who had been living with him in Poona One days to come to Oregon, because then that place was the main commune, which needed some Indians and money from India also. The Indian people who could not send money were sending their jewellery to contribute whatever way they could. I will not condemn them because they could not contribute so much as the Western people did financially then - Osho did not condemn them either.
And money is not the only criteria or contribution.
In this regard, once I wrote a question for discourse and Osho replied in the same way, which I am telling you now.
Osho did not treat me as a second class citizen, just because I had not brought big money for him - his love was always showering.

Your suggestion of Dynamic Meditation for dealing with my anger and revenge is very valid - because it is my Master's medicine for all the sickness, and it is good for pot-belly also, it is equally good for journalists' mind - it is a panacea! Thank you for the reminder!
I am not sure about your allegation against Tathagat, whether he picked up anything or found it somewhere--it has never been alleged in clear words by Jayesh or others. One thing I know that he did meditation intensively for 6 months after the episode. And once that period was over he was invited to shoulder the bigger responsibility of book-distribution and exhibitions, and did marvellously - so much so that some people did feel very jealous and tried their best to clip his wings. again the same paranoia, that with this work, he may become very powerful again. The paranoia about him has been so much that some people feel the tremors of earthquake, when he simply sneezes . He is blamed for all the troubles that come to knock at the gateless gate. He is not living in Delhi. I see him may be once in six months or more, he is mostly in Himachal Pradesh or sometimes Pune. Neelam is also in Dharmshala, sometimes in Pune, and other times travelling around the country to conduct camps. I am most of the time in Delhi editing the Hindi monthly or travelling wherever I get invited for the promotion of camps, bookshops and exhibions. We are always in different places all the time. But some people who are obsessed with us always club us together in one place, plotting against 'them'.

More than fifty percent of my daily time I spend in front of the computer answering such mails - one reason is that I type every thing myself and I am slow and sluggish typist. Another Indian quality! And you see my reponses everywhere, and the press releases on almost a daily basis, and articles about Osho in Hindi and in English, in major national dailies and weekly, monthly magazines - I never did this much before while I was in Pune, the demand has increased multifold. And you think I have time and power to get these people expelled from India! You are certainly over-estimating my power and position - something that I don't know! May be you are also a victim of certain unhealthy imagination as some other fellow-travelers are! Please look at it and drop it.

Greetings and Good wishes to you!

Swami Chaitanya Keerti

PS: We celebrated Mulla Nasrudin Day yesterday and we are devoting a full week to the jokes and laughter!