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Extracts from Dave Oshana's
Article 'Staying Enlightened'

It is because you have been given a taster, a tempter, a nibble - and like all snacks they are temporary. They have nothing to do with real enlightenment (liberation or self-realisation), because that would still be with you. Ramesh Balsekar calls them divine 'calling cards'. HWL Poonja (Papaji) called them 'lollipops' and he declared that he had dished out ice cream van loads of them.

So when you got 'it' from Amma, was that 'IT', and when the guru gave you 'one' did you contact the 'One'? No, you just experienced the energy of bliss.

Pretty bold statement, huh? But what is it going to take to get you going for the Big E?

What must be done to have a permanent awakening?
The awareness must be taken far away from the mind, not just into the No-Mind Zone, because this area is still within Creation. All created forms pull the Awareness into themselves.

Awakening is not Enlightenment
Enlightenment is a full, permanent recognition of what one truly is, free of all false positions, speculations and other mental encumbrances. At the end of a hard day trading, it is enlightenment that is the only thing worth taking home from the spiritual marketplace.

Enlightenment is 'IT' par excellence - not Coca Cola or Pepsi. Accept no imitations or inferior products. Enlightenment is the true living waters, the fountain of eternal life.

Awakenings are novel, but they are not good enough. Jaded spiritual travellers have that far-away look in their eyes. They have not seen heaven but had a million experiences and can wearily say that they have 'seen that miracle, done that mantra, read the latest life-changing book, been around the planet a few thousand times' and are still wondering 'now what is going to make the final difference?'

No Form
Many modern satsang teachers do not clearly explain the difference between awakening and enlightenment, and possibly do not know the difference. A Master would hammer away at these concepts like a sculptor carving into a rock to reveal the ultimate form, No-Form. It is from within No-Form that all form is created and held. However, words are not the most important thing that a teacher has; 'transmission', which brings enlightenment, is his real gift.

Enlightenment happens by transmission. Books are bondage. It is time to stop reading, and start receiving. Transmission is a mysterious thing that may never be explained. My research in this area continues, and at some point may be documented, but for now the only useful work is that of creating enlightenment, rather than writing about it.

The Perpetually Empty Tea Cup
Be wary of words: the true master does not ask you to empty your Zen tea-cup in order to refill it with his own brew, but simply to encourage you to remain empty.