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Letter from Glastonbury

Sannyas in Glastonbury We’re the GLASTONBURY LOT. We’re fucked up/enlightened, awake/asleep. Into using whatever happens as a means of looking at ourselves. (As long as it doesn’t hurt or wake us up!)(Am I speaking for myself here?)

I’m only going to tell you about seven of us because I don’t have permission from the others and some I don’t even know!

SWAMI DHYAN SIMANT(Simant Bostock)Runs a business called “Spirit of the Ancestors” which sells the sculptures that he makes of Buddha-children, Goddesses,fairies, erotic-aliens and prehistoric stuff that has inspired him for many years since leaving his job as an art therapist in various psychiatric instutions.(A job which he seems to carry with him wherever he goes!) He also owns and runs a photographic library of Prehistoric sites of the British Isles and relys on these two businesses for all his money! Saying that…..after a recent divorce settlement he would like to place an ad. in your publication!….

LODGER REQUIRED IN ARTISTS HOUSE Room to let in central Glastonbury. Would suit quiet burnt-out hippy. Must be working(or have money) and preferably be of the species “Dementia Artisticus.” No smoking or drinking (except ceremonially) and no prolonged hugging (except ditto) and preferably no friends! (dream on!) A unique opportunity to live in an open air lunatic asylum. (Glastonbury) £55.00 a week all in. Phone Simant on:01458 833267 or email:simantbostock@hotmail.com

If any of you out there are interested in Simant’s catalogue £1.50 will secure you a copy.Plus,all money donations to starving artists greatly received! Simant is at the above numbers or can be contacted at 24 Northload St. GLASTONBURY Somerset BA6 9JJ

Next up is: MA SAMAPATTI ANAND NEERAJ (me) who changed her name from Ma Anand Samapatti after Neeraj,her lover,died a few years ago. Samapatti is ex-Medina (design studio).She owns her own house in the middle of Glastonbury and runs it like a studio,having three rooms dedicated to artwork (Dream on Samapatti!).She paints,sculpts,helps Simant with his business(has a page in his catalogue),is in the middle of a postal Psychosynthesis course(in which she has raked through the entire contents of her subconcious and made little figures of all the subpersonalities she has found there!)and then,to top it all she gets up at 5am every morning,puts on a uniform and delivers letters for Royal Mail!(It must be the commune training!)The best bit though(to her mind)is that when she gets in from her delivery,she then does a shortened dynamic meditation every day.”It keeps me sane” she says.(Friends disagree!) Incidentally,Samapatti has a spare room that she says sannyasins are welcome to stay in if they want to check out Glastonbury’s reputation as being,as one Sufi Master puts it:”The new Religious centre of the world.” or as most of the residents would put it(No kidding!See Simant’s ad.) An open air lunatic asylum!

Samapatti’s email address is: samapatti@hotmail.com

SWAMI PREM VANDANO (aka.Lloyd Drew) Ex-Medina resident (Photographer and technician in the design studio)Vandano has further protected himself by now being a 2nd Dan in Akido!(Scary!) He earns his living by making sculptures of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and designs a local esoteric magazine called “Avalon” on computer. He lives with and prints the cards of: MA PREM NUTANA (Nutana Parr) an aristocratic long blond haired goddess who in the last few years has begun making money selling her lovely cards of trees and Goddesses that Vandano has put out on the internet on:

www.sanctumarts.com (their email address is on their website)

They live just outside Glastonbury with,four little dogs,in a village where everybody seems to want to mow their lawn as soon as you go out in the garden (they say.) They would like to stress that they are not into art for therapeutic reasons,(as Simant and Samapatti are.)Vandano is into it for exploring ideas and Nutana is into it to convey her love of the Spirit of trees and the landscape.(In other words,they’re not as terminally fucked up as the other two!)

SAMVIDA (ex-Medina kid and Samapatti’s daughter)lives here with her boyfriend and works as the Company Secretary and Office Manager at an International Employment Agency here in Glastonbury.She uses Samapatti’s email address.

MANO(ex-Medina) lives here(on Samapatti’s postal delivery round) and does massage, primal and past life stuff etc. at one of the many Healing Centres here.(We need them!)She says she loves Osho but does not want anything to do with an “organised” thing.

There are also numerous closet sannyasins and ex-sannyasins here,but it’s difficult to tell who is who without the sannyasin uniform!

So,there you have it.A totally sanitised version of who lives here and what goes on…We’ll leave all the rest up to you to fill in with your fetid sannyasin imaginations!

I(Samapatti)still have Osho pictures all over my house,and probably always will.And I still call Osho “Bhagwan” and I don’t really give a toss what happens in Poona as I am just into Him and the gratefulness I feel for what he has done for me. So,now I have to print this out and phone up everybody to see if what I have said about them is O.K…..

Lots and lots of love to everybody, Samapatti xxxx

P.S.A newly ex-sannyasin called Chandira who is now with Da Free John (Adi Da Samraj is his latest name) says most respectfully,that live Gurus kick more arse than dead ones!(She still loves Osho to bits too!)