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For and Against Swami Rajneesh

 Introduction There is a Indian teacher who also gives satsang and leads groups in Russia who was/is a disciple of Osho's, and calls himself confusingly Swami Rajneesh ( no relative of Osho). Recently he published a book in India called "Tears of the Mystic Rose" which allegedly makes challenging reading. Sannyasnews hope to review when a copy becomes available in the West. The book seems to have upset the "Inner Circle" the people who run Osho's temporal affairs in Pune and elsewhere. They published the following letter about the book. Swami Rajneesh's reply is also included below.


Pune, sent on January 15, 2008

Beloved Friends of the OSHO Centers and "Places to meditate", Some of you have reported that they got some promotional literature about  " TEARS OF THE MYSTIC ROSE " from someone who calls himself " Swami Rajneesh " Just so you know this is just a local guruji play here in India. As Oshos says " In India there is one on every corner.... " This person is not granted entrance to the OSHO International Meditation Resort

 Love, Vatayana. OSHO Global Connections

Swami Rajneesh replies to the Circular. 21 January 2008

To all my most beloved friends and fellow travellers as 19 January was my Beloved Master Osho's Mahaparinirvan day I choose to remain silent. : The inner circle message was sent on 15 January.

 My book which is a mysterious love story between a master and a disciple was released on 19 January. This circle of dictators have not even read a single word of my book, Tears of the Mystic Rose. I challenge them to read it first and then send out an informed and intelligent message about me and the contents of the book

I have been a devotee and disciple of Osho for 26 years since 1981. After Osho left his body I remained silent and alone living in the Himalayas in Manali for 17 years without speaking or teaching or becoming a therapist or running any centre - simply alone and moving on my inner path silently.   I have come back to Poona after 17 years existence and my love for Osho has made me come out into the world.

The Inner Circle letter: regarding : from someone who calls himself " Swami Rajneesh ". It who was Osho himself who changed my name from Swami Rajnish to Swami Rajneesh, just a few days before leaving his body Osho mysteriously pointed me out in the Buddha Hall in front of 5000 sannyasins, a secret and mystery which I have finally decided to reveal to the whole world. My story of love reveals all the mysteries I have mentioned in my website below. Read and challenge me, I am now available to all. Just so you know this is just a local guruji play here in India, As Osho says " In India there is one on every corner.... that I am playing guruji…even if I were to wrongly accept this label….ok !! Osho also says beware of dictators like Sheela and Hitlers and fascism.

What role is the inner circle playing ?? dictators ?? or facists ?? Osho dreamt of each and every street dancing with his sannyasins singing songs of love for their beloved master. Each of us are his dream and I am honored to dance on every street corner of India if I had to sing his song of love

That swami Rajneesh is banned from the ‘ resort ‘: ….great news… am I banned for one month or six months or 2 years or 10 years or 25 years or forever or one lifetime or the next two rebirths. Anyway I live with the best company of rebels - the outer circle of the banned misfits.

Remembrances of 19 January when Osho died is banned from the resort. Celebration of Osho birthday is banned from the resort. Celebration of Osho enlightment day is banned from the resort. Celebration of masters days is banned from the resort. Thousands of loving disciples are banned from the resort. 15 of the original of the inner circle themselves are banned from the resort. If they are the infallible popes of our enforcement resort then why are they all divided the original 21 are now 6.

Osho mala is banned from the resort. Osho pictures are banned from the resort. Osho songs of love are banned from the resort. The display of reverence and gratitude for our beloved master is banned from the resort bowing to the sacred Buddha hall is banned from the resort. The term samadhi is banned from the resort. The term ashram is banned from the resort. The term swami is banned from the resort. Namaste is banned from the resort. The buddha hall podium where our beloved master was brought for the last time for his last rites has been brutally destroyed and smashed where people today walk on this sacred holy podium with shoes and boots. The Samadhi marble memorial has been removed, his memorial photo loved all over the world has been replaced with a bronze head. Alcohol is flowing freely in the multiplaza where one pays thousands of dollars in therapies to grow towards consciousness, drunken sannyasins fall on the floor at Saturday nights plaza parties

Alcohol stinks 50 meters from the sacred Samadhi, 25 meters from Buddha hall, foul cigarette smell floats hundreds of meters around. This is the dream of our great master Osho being taken care of by the inner circle. They should be personally standing at the gate receiving each and every loving seeker of truth with a welcome and a song receiving each and every sannyasin with warmth and compassion. The higher the person in authority the greater is his responsibility to be conscious of his actions. The inner circle has been given the mandate to take care of mundane matters only. They do not possess even an iota of power to interfere into spiritual considerations
The barbaric destruction of the Buddha hall is not a mundane matter. The removal of the marble memorial is not a mundane matter.The aggressive snatching and banning of wearing of the mala is not a mundane matter. Removing his photos is not a mundane matter. Barring expressions of gratitude is not a mundane matter. Not allowing his song to be sung is not a mundane matter

A member of the inner circle Yogendra ( Darcey O' Brien ) dared to state in the New York Times: “someone comes in and there are, like, 1,000 pictures of this dead guy and they're like - Whoa, get me out of here “ Osho is that dead guy - enough of this bullshit

Now who are these 21 retarded monkeys. We are millions of sannyasins silent to the misuse of power and domination by the retarded.  The food voucher states “just a meeting place for friends “ - is this a barrista coffee shop. This is a sacred space….not a place but a temple for fellow travelers seeking the truth. All rebels in our sannyasin world should ban the term resort. Osho only said make the ashram with resort like facilities. It is not an ashram, it is not a commune, it is not a resort, it is a Temple. Oshos Temple of Love. Each and every sannyasin has the right to protect and to question spiritual considerations. A huge fire and rebellious debate is needed to determine the actual powers vested in these retarded, ungrateful and loveless inner circle. They have the power to ban. They should learn real power - the power to love.

Yes, we Indians are stupid devotional types and gratefully remember and dedicate our lives to his flame of love: we are free to express our religiousness
our gratitude in any way we wish, we will protect our freedom of expression of religiousness.

Sannyasins are not sheep, that you create the fear of banning, this is the lowest form of blackmail. Osho says do not make a religion out of me where did he say expression of religiousness was barred.

So wake up, you have been given time with compassion.  The inner circle beware of your actions grow up and act consciously, behave humanly, you are  merely caretakers of mundane matters, not masters.

 Swami Rajneesh