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Swami Arun to run Meditation Camp in UK

So, there was a Russian, an Indian and a German, who invited a Nepali to the UK… This could be the start of a joke, and maybe it will turn out that way, but we reckon it will be the start of an adventure in meditation!

You could say, it all started with Sannyasnews: a while ago. I read Dharmens's interview  with Swami Anand Arun from Osho Tapoban in Kathmandu, Nepal and I did like what Arun had to say. And so, just under two years ago, I decided to fly out there and take part in a seven day meditation camp. That turned out to be a most inspiring and centering experience for me. So when on one of our meditation events I met a friend from India and Chetna from Russia, who had also been to meditation camps with Arun and who were equally impressed, we talked about staging a camp here in London. And now it will happen!
We have rented a function room in Epping Forrest, a nearby youth hostel and a motel a mile away for the Easter weekend and we have invited Swami Anand Arun to conduct a four day camp of OSHO meditations and discourses.
Initially we were hoping to attract about 25 to 30 people, but currently have over 60 bookings! There are people flying in from as far as Australia and Ukraine
This promises to be quite an event!

Scenes from a Meditation Camp in Osho Tapoban

And for those who are curious, but hesitant, there will be a small meeting in North London on the 12th and in Central London on the 14th and 15th of April.

A lot of my old friends seem to regard Sannyas as something in their past, but if you are looking for something alive and celebratory - this is it!

Swami Nityananda

For more details contact Nityananda on 020 8361 4288
or email: dhgnordhausen@onetel.com