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First Sannyas Commune in China

Moving to the Mountain

Before we moved to the mountain from Beijung, where our commune now is, I was a little worried about how it could pay for itself, because we did not have much money left.
And I was at a loss what we would do on the mountain because we had only four people! Also we did not know farming, and building at all, and we had little else.
So at first I thought it better that we earned money first, then moved to the mountain. But Sandesh (who acts as our mentor) and echoing Osho, responded that there was nothing to worry about, just ‘go to the mountain’ and then you will know what to do.
So then we moved to the mountain and certainly we knew what to do, I suddenly understood why Sandesh had not advised us not to earn money because earning money can only solve the problem of no money! However it cannot solve the problem of being fearful! What we had to face is not the lack of money, but “I am fearful”!
We started only with a sort of dwelling made from earth clinging to the mountainside, so everything else had to be done by ourselves. We made drainage pipes for water, built a toilet and bathroom, ploughed the land... and now we have ended up with electricity, computer, and even the internet! So this is how I joyously send you this letter.

We do the Dynamic and the Kundalini on a daily basis, the rest of the time we do a lot of work, treating it as a meditation. The most important thing I have found from the work is that to face a problem - is to solve it.
Words are too pale to express our experience, so I send you some pictures so that you can also experience it directly,
Lots of love,