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Australian Prem Abhay takes up some hot topics about the Pune Resort (Sannyasnews do not agree with many of Prem Abhay's views but they deserve to get a hearing)

There are rumours that the Osho International Meditation Resort is up for sale. The view that the Resort is running at a financial loss has been around for a number of years, and is still current. The rumour has it that the Resort is becoming more and more a burden on the financial resources of the Foundation, and hence is up for sale.

For a number of years the Osho International Foundation (and the Resort) has been, putting it bluntly, at war with a large number of Osho sannyasins (and groups of sannyasins). The United States copyright lawsuit against “oshoworld.com” is a case in point. The list of banned and disaffected sannyasins is large and growing.

The long-term viability of the Osho International Foundation, and hence the governing body looking after Osho’s assets and his vision, rests on the collective of Osho sannyasins, and there is no following without followers. Admittedly new followers come and old followers go. An example of this is the current and highly effective marketing campaign drawing new customers to the resort in Pune. However these first-time customers come and go, and will ‘switch brands’ for many reasons. For example, a Mumbai business professional will for any number of reasons choose to go to some other ‘resort’ in Goa for the weekend.

The fact is that the loyal base of Osho sannyasins is divergent and deeply split. Also, the resort in Pune is not simply a resort. It is the Master’s home. Osho’s ashes lie under his bed, in his bedroom, in his place, in Pune. If the Foundation set up to look after Osho and his vision has to sell the very heartland, and if the reason for this is most essentially because the Foundation cannot unify the following of Osho sannyasins, then this Foundation has failed in its most essential duty.

The long-term financial viability of the Osho’s foundation and vision rests with Osho sannyasins: it is their loyalty that will keep it safe through the trials of political, financial, and environmental instability. The fractures to this group of loyal Osho sannyasins that exist around the world, and the animosity to resort management in Pune, and to the Osho International Foundation, means that the board of Trustees (the inner-circle) is failing. If the financial viability of the Resort in Pune, and the Foundation itself, is called into question, then the board of Trustees has failed. The board of Trustees, in this case, would have failed in its most basic duty.

In recent times a high level of financial investment, a rise in situational operating costs (such as food, land rates, and basic services like power), coupled with a huge rise in running costs based on management strategy (a large air-conditioned auditorium and a veritable army of hired labour for example), has no doubt put a financial strain on the Resort. Adding to this the political turmoil that exists within the Osho sannyasin community, then there is a distinct possibility that the financial rumours are true.

Some of the financial strain is, as mentioned, inadvertent or circumstancial. However other reasons for negative patterns of financial inflow and outflow are entirely the responsibility of management and trustees. Therefore, if there is any credence to the financial rumours, then the senior management of the resort and the board of trustees of the Osho International Foundation should be required to show cause why they should not be removed. However I would put it in reverse and say that they should be removed, and show cause why they should stay in a position of responsibility.

Simply put, if you have to sell Osho’s heartland, (or even if there is concern that this might have to happen), then you should sell the ‘trusted’ management, not Osho!

For further information about the culture of unconscionable conduct towards Osho sannyasins (and people in general) that has contributed to the fractious divide within the Osho sannyasin community, please visit my site