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Ramana's Garden Update 2007

Several of the children at Ramana’s Garden are learning traditional Indian dance. Every Saturday about 20 of them go up to a very fancy hotel which is in an old rajah's palace on top of a mountain an hour or so away. The hotel is beautiful and very expensive - there is a spa there which is meant to be the best in the whole of Asia - and they also have an open air amphitheatre where the kids perform. I went to see them twice and was absolutely blown away by how good they were. An English couple were staying there a few months ago and were so touched that they gave £30,000 pounds to Ramana's, and are now setting up a foundation which will make it easier for people in England to donate money. Dwabha/Prabhavati will be in London for an evening event on May 13th, details on the notice board, then she’ll be in Edinburgh for a few days before the rest of her world tour to raise money.
Ramana's Garden from Sannyas News May 05