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Sannyasnews: Short Announcement re Chatboard

Readers will have noticed that we have suspended the Sannyasnews chatboard. After five years of running an unmoderated board we no longer think a free board works. Over the last months some content had become abusive to the extent of violent and homicidal threats. The Chat Board has attracted those who have been excluded from other moderated boards. It also attracts those who seem to live in private worlds where their posts are only meaningful to themselves, and maybe a few others.

While we would not stifle debate, we will not willingly accommodate abusive or deliberately disruptive posts. We are now considering introducing a moderated discussion board. We will keep users posted on this.

Sannyasnews endeavours to serve the interests of the sannyas sangha. Our aim is to reflect the broadest spectrum of sannyasin views and interests.