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Thoughts on the Samadhi/Chuang Tzu Question

Ma Prem Veena

(This article is published with permission, and also appears with photos of the new samadhi on the website: www.omweb.com/osho) 

Osho liked the Shakespearian quote: ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’! In fact the title of one of his books: ‘A Rose is a Rose is a Rose’ comes directly from that quote. With all the rumours, newspaper reports and debates about the Samadhi in the Resort in Poona it seems to me it is all rather a lot of hype about not very much.

Personally I feel the term ‘Samadhi’ seems to be a much more appropriate name for the place where Osho’s ashes are interned as it evokes the beautiful unfathomable mystery of enlightenment more than the term ‘Chuang Tzu’, which is the name of a Zen Master and in comparison seems rather down to earth and clunky. But nobody can force anyone to use the latter name and if, in your heart, it is a samadhi, then that is by far the most important thing. Furthermore, thinking over things, the word ‘samadhi’ is not actually a place – it is a concept, a tribute – and to my way of thinking it is easy to say that Osho’s Samadhi is in Chuang Tzu in Lao Tzu House. It is an insensitive decision to go against the feelings of so many sannyasins but hey, we can rise above it!

I looked at a photo of the samadhi with the new inscription and I think it looks rather beautiful. I am not so sure about the sculpture of Osho’s head but there are statues of Buddhas all around the Resort (I definitely have a hard time with that name!) so why not one of Osho? When I was running Creative Arts in 1989 that sculpture was shown to me by the Chilean sculptor. I was quite impressed and suggested that Osho see it because he really loved art by his sannyasins. He did see it and he liked it very much so I don’t have a problem with it being there.

I was pleased to read in a letter from Anando that it was Osho who said designated groups should be held in the Samadhi. Actually, I do remember something about that and, if Osho said they should be held there, then nothing more need be said.

And the cleaning of the place by Indian workers? I remember Osho joking about Christians who were so affronted by us sannyasins and saw us as a threat to their religion. Osho said that if a few orange-clad people could be a threat to a worldwide, 2000 year old religion then it couldn’t be very strong or worthwhile! So, if a few Indian workers could disrupt the energy of the Samadhi then it is not saying much for the strength of the energy there. Predictably, from all reports, the energy was so strong it affected the workers and they did the cleaning in as meditative a way as any sannyasin. This is the way it should be.

In the end, it is what is in one’s heart that matters and is the real deal, nothing else. For sure a rose by any other name will smell as sweet. Even if a name or anything else changes, Osho’s energy remains beautifully, mysteriously, deeply the same.