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Two weeks of silence in Nepal

It is weird to be back -- the trip to Nepal was just speechless! I left the Tapoban ashram only twice. My inner journey was pulling me more than tourism. I felt a little unlucky that I came to Osho after he left his physical body but after staying in Tapoban I know that I haven’t missed anything! He is 100% with us! I trust my feeling fully, I feel him inside me. He is Existence itself!

Osho Tapoban is built in the Nagarjun Hills where a Buddhist seeker, Nagarjun, achieved his enlightenment. The energy of the Himalayas surrounds the ashram. It is so beautiful there! So peaceful! I think that I have never experienced such peace in my life! Amazing!

Everything outside just became meaningless...

And of course, the presence of Swami Anand Arun makes you feel so close to the Beloved Master. I have so much gratitude to him! I can’t even express in words what I felt -- and am still feeling.

The Silence of the Osho Samadhi at Tapoban spoke a divine language. I spent many hours in there...mostly on my own. So beautiful!

I was participating in a ‘Seven Days of Silence’ camp which was lead by Swami Arun. It was a very crowded camp because there were 120 people, eight of them westerners. The camp was conducted in Nepalese with just a few phrases in English. But it didn’t make any difference to me. The language of meditation is silence. The camp reminded me of Poona One. I wasn’t there but I had a feeling that it was like that. Only Indian or Nepalese people with foreigners just starting to come. And the way the camp was run -- it was like from the book ' The Path of the Meditation': a silent retreat with six meditations a day.

It was a very strong camp, very deep. With each day the energy rose higher and higher. I felt so clearly that something had changed in me -- and it had changed for ever! I'm so thankful to the Master for these glimpses of meditation!

Before leaving Tapoban I stayed another week in silence. It was like a Vipassana retreat. So basically I was in silence for two weeks. It was an amazing experience!

I didn’t want to come out of silence and I didn’t want to come back home. But what to do! I still have the last year to finish in my art college. But I’ll be back there for sure!

Ma Supriya