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VATAYANA LETTER (Inner Circle, Pune)

to Bhakta, Osho Centre, Yekaterinberg, Russia

(We produce this letter at present without comment from Sannyasnews)

Dear Bhakta,

Since I have sent you a previous letter we haven't heard back from you. I am now back in the Meditation Resort, Pune and again I heard that in your OSHO Centre you will accommodate events run by the person Rajneesh in the next weeks..

I want to be very open and let you know that people have sent us a list of places where this person who calls himself "Rajneesh" is travelling too. One of the places is Yekaterinburg.

Please understand that these kind of events are not part of the understanding how Osho wanted his centres to operate.

He says " ...a centre should be a taste of this place ( Meditation Resort ,Pune )" and this person (Rajneesh) is at this point not welcome in the OSHO International Meditation Resort and has not and will not be invited to facilitate events or meditations in the Meditation Resort.

As explained in the centre training, that as an individual one may feel different, but as an OSHO centre representative there is a need to understand what you have signed in the Letter of Understanding that ... Osho speaks for himself, with no intermediary. He says: "I have no successor".

That's why an OSHO centre is just providing the space for the OSHO Meditations and / or some workshops with some therapist who also works in the OSHO Multiversity Pune as they have a good understanding how Osho wanted his therapies presented.

I also heard, that you Bhakta have recently been in the Pune. It's really a pity that you didn't come to our office to talk about these things and to take part in the centre training as this could have given you a wider view and understanding why such events aren't part of the guidelines for OSHO centres.

Just in short – whenever we offer such events where someone creates a certain kind of energy – this may be liked by many people as it's maybe more easy for people to "let someone else" tell them what to do, or "giving" you energy, but long-term, eventually the experience, (and this is also what we hear from other places),
it misleads and confuses people - as the idea starts happening that one can have this kind of energy only in the presence of such a person, and this may create a dependency.

OSHO centres should offer the meditations, therapies, meditative therapies, as Osho has given, and encourage people that they can make it for themselves

Because, as I heard Osho say something like... that if someone can give it to you, they can also can take it away from you.

It would be really great to hear from you as soon as possible.

OSHO Global Connections