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An Open Letter To All Osho Lovers from Neelam

Beloved Friends,

I remember it was the last week Of Nov 89. Me and Anando went to see Osho for work. Osho asked us " When I leave my body what we should write on my Samadhi" ? I was shocked to hear this and tears rolled down my cheeks. Looking at me Osho said, " I am not leaving it now. I am just talking about it". Anando suggested a couple of sayings. I suggested a Kabir"s saying in Hindi to which Osho replied, "It should be original and in English". Then he asked, " Which bedroom will be better for Samadhi, this one or Chuang Tzu ?'. Anando said, "Chuang Tzu. Nirvano has always felt that you are not making your bedroom but your Samadhi in Chuang Tzu". His next question was, "Do we have extra marble from Chuang Tzu floor?"."Yes, we have was our answer". After that we started talking about other subjects.

The next morning I came to know from Anando that Osho has already selected the marble piece, dictated the wording to be inscribed on it in gold letters. After few weeks, on Jan 19, 1990 Osho left his body.

Amrito, his personal physician announced in Buddha Hall that when asked Osho what we should do to his Samadhi?, Osho replied , " Just put my ashes in ChuangTzu under the bed. People can come and meditate there".

Respecting his wish the selected piece was inscribed and His Flowers ( bones & ashes) were put under the bed. A beautiful Samadhi is made for a beautiful master Osho, the Beloved one. It became the heart and soul of His commune. An energy field which has attracted seekers like a magnet. For all these years, people have been coming there to meditate. The place is so much charged with his energy that just to sit there in silence is in it self a meditation..

Osho has talked many a times about energy field  In the book Beyond Psychology, He says
"Slowly, slowly in all the countries where spirituality has flowered, people became aware that something happens... So people have preserved things that were used by these people, or just have made memorials of their bodies. In India bodies are burned, but you will be surprised to know that the remains left after burning a body are called "flowers". Ordinary people's ashes are thrown into holy rivers, but enlightened people's "flowers" are preserved in samadhis -- in beautiful marble memorials. Just to go and sit there is in itself a meditation. But the trouble is that the world is ruled by those who know nothing of this."

It is painful to see how Osho Energyfield, His Samadhi is being destroyed, a step by step, systematically by Jayesh & Amrito. In year 99 they decided to have cathartic group therapies in the serene atmosphere of Samadhi. Many protested but they did not listen to. For the last so many years Osho sannyasins have been cleaning the Samadhi with love and care. This year they decided to have hired labourers to clean it. Again the protest was not listened to. They removed the marble plaque with golden inscription on it. His photo is removed & now they decided not to call it Samadhi any more. Again the worldwide protests are not listened to. Osholovers worldwide are hurt. They are angry. They are in pain. They want His Samadhi to be preserved with love and reverence, His residence where he has lived for many years. For them it is his Samadhi.

They know (Jayesh and Amrito) if it is no more called Samadhi, then LaoTzu house, his residence, where Samadhi is, becomes merely a building. It can be sold or purchased. It can be demolished to erect a new building. We will not let this happen. Osho's Samadhi does not belong to anybody, it's not anybody's private property-- it belongs to all the seekers in the world. Osho lovers are protesting about the following points:

(1) In a huge resort of 16 acres Osho Samadhi is chosen for cathartic group therapies, Why ?

(2) The hired labours are preferred to clean Osho Samadhi than his sannyasins Why ?

(3) The marble with golden inscription on it which Osho himself chose is removed, Why ?

(4) His photo in Samadhi which was helping seekers to go deeper within is removed, Why ?

(5) His flowers ( bones & ashes ) are still in ChuangTzu  & it is his Samadhi. Now not to call it a Samadhi, ? Why

Osho is world renowned enlightend mystic of this century. His Samadhi is the most sacred energy field for his disciples and lovers. It is to be preserved with love and reverence. It is Osho Samadhi and should be and must be called Osho Samadhi. A Samadhi is a Samadhi is a Samadhi.