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Reiki as Down-to-Earth Everyday Magic
Puja reflects on a simple method of healing and personal growth

Reiki is a very simple, ancient method of healing . Its origins can be traced to the Sanskrit teachings of Buddha, which were re-discovered by a japanese seeker, Dr. Mikao Usui, at the end of the nineteenth century. It is an oral tradition with the teachings being passed on verbally from person to person.

Reiki is the simplest & easiest healing method of all the many I have learnt. Anyone can learn it over 2 days & it is for anyone who is interested in accelerating their personal path, not only those who want to heal. Its power like anything becomes stronger the more you use it.

As a Reiki Master I spend a lot of time trying to explain what Reiki is to potential students. The more words I use & the more I try to explain it, the further I get in conveying its essence. So I have resorted to comparing it to God-like experiences we have all had at some point in our lives - those times where we feel One, connected to everything, supported by existence & at total peace (man!) All very New Age but there it is.

Or a more mundane explanation is lit’s like being plugged into an electrical circuit of energy that is bigger than just our own body electricity. This ‘universal life energy’ which is the standard translation of ‘reiki’ is an infinite power supply we can all tap into anytime. The ‘attunements’ you receive during Reiki Training open up your body to be able to receive this never-ending life-force. A bit like having your radio antennae tuned to the right frequency. More down-to-earth than channelling divine cosmic energy. To put it simply, giving & receiving Reiki gets you high.

My own experience with Reiki is it is the single ‘technique’ or ‘tool’ that has survived & I have continuously come back to out of the many I have used over the years. And it is the simplest. I have used it often to heal my own physical symptoms - headaches, stomach aches, period pain, blisters, burns, etc.

It speeds up healing like magic - last year I sprouted a boil (lovely!) at the top of my thigh & could hardly walk. And this 10 days before I was due to start A 7-day dance training with 7 hours plus dancing a day. I looked it up on the internet & read with horror that the little bastards were difficult to get rid of, with them mostly growing & growing til they became so big over a month that they have to be lanced. Yuck! and I only had 10 days. So as it kept me awake throbbing I Reikied it - & miracle of miracles it had shrunk to half the size overnight & disappeared completely within 3 days

I use Reiki a lot with clients who are having difficulty emotionally - and it is very successful. The peace & relaxation that comes from receiving Reiki helps them get some distance from their turmoil. Many clients are so impressed they learn Reiki to use on themselves & friends & family.

It’s amazing to watch Students who are not sure if they can heal slowly become more confident as they practise & eventually develop talents they did not know they had. Because as you practise your hidden talents not only in healing but also in every-day life start to manifest.

And this is the beauty of Reiki - it is a spiritual path, it is not only or even mainly about healing - that is just the means to a greater end- It speeds up yor personal growth.

My favourite use for Reiki is using it to heal events from my past, attitudes & blocks in the present & to manifest desires in the future. In Reiki 2nd Degree you learn the 3 sacred symbols that allow you to heal over distance & time, on a physical, emotional & mental level. All very witchy but possible. It igives you the ability to let go of junk & bring in the good stuff - poison out, medicine in. Which is what any sane human being is naturally constantlly doing.

So if you have a spare couple of days to invest in your own happiness, go & learn Reiki .

(My next Reiki 1st Degree Corse is Saturday & Sunday 4th - 5th November in Muswell Hill, London N10. Next Reiki 2nd Degree Course is Friday & Saturday December 1st - 2nd December.Or if you want to know more call or email Puja Louise Brown on 020 8374 3126 / pujalouisebrown@gmail.com)