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The Banning of Dhanyam: Veetman of the Institute of Living and Dying Responds to Giten's Campaign

(Explanatory note from Editor: recently Dhanyam the respected Editor of Viha Connection [a Californian sannyas magazine that goes back 20 years] has been banned from the Pune Ashram. Giten, a Swedish therapist and sannyasin has started a campaign to object to this and encouraged people to write to the Pune authorities to protest. This is Veetman's thought provoking reply to the campaign)

Hi Giten,

I fully support Dhanyam and the energy around him, we are in personal contact since many years.

But I wonder, if you are still living in the past and expecting other unconscious people to apologize for something that has happened so many years ago. There are always at least two unconscious people involved in these stories. Playing the victim and blaming others after so many years  is the expression of an unconscious person.

Forgiveness arises when you let go of the ego-hurt and see then as unconscious people who did things out of their pain and fear, just as you for sure did many things to others and have not asked for forgiveness.

I know my own tendency of creating uproars and protesting against apparant "injustice"- which I did often and still do sometimes, when I do not wait long enough until more clarity comes in, but this is just again the ego trying to control the whole.

Osho never played the victim or went into action to protest against something. He simply exposed the unconsciousness and remained aware that he is not dependent on people or organisations. This whole thing is just another  step in making it clear that we are not dependent on,  or part of, any organisation.  

If we speak the truth, which is still our small view of the truth, as we do not see the complete truth,  we risk being banned or opposed. This is the price we have to be ready to  pay. Who cares if the commune in Pune bans anybody? You are alone with Osho in this journey? He is not there in Pune  anymore, so why should anyone need to go there if he has Osho in his consciousness and heart. I have been at places where Osho and his vision  is more present than in Pune.

If we are authentically awakened,  we see all this as childish games or power plays between childish people. Of course it can be fun creating some waves to stir up the commune, but why should anybody protect someone else who is fully grown up and can take care  of himself?.

Maybe this could help Dhanyam  to wake up and realize that he is free already, and no place in space or time will bring him closer to Osho than he already is? He is not dependent for his survival on the Pune  ashram.  If Osho is in his heart, that is more than enough,  and it is again Osho/ the whole  pushing him into awareness.

But people  like to play  power games against "injustice"  because they still feel powerless and separate and are in fear, and therefore have the need to control inessential things. Nobody is being harmed here, so what is the point? being banned is a liberation from old patterns of dependency and clinging to the inessential surface.

Living with the awareness that we are not in control takes courage and awareness of our real being, and actually it is an clear indication if we are mature or not.

To make it clear: I have not gone to Pune since 9 years, I have officially expressed my attitude  about the management of the commune,  I hardly work in Osho centers anymore, because of their old rules and regulations and  most people I know  running a center as a paid job are mainly interested in power and security and other superficial sannyas values, not in waking up.

But Osho  for me is the vastness of the universe , my master and guidance and inspiration  and also the freedom to be myself.

So who cares about being banned? Let those people play their games, they will have to live and die with it.

If you have any response, I will be happy to hear from you.

With Love for  truth

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