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The Path of the Ostrich does not lead to Liberation

(In publishing part of this article the SannyasNews Editors wish to emphasise that they do not share many of the views stated here but believe they deserve discussion. One small section which was deemed libellous has not been published.)

Too many of us believe that slavery is something of the past, that it has happened in historical times. But the reality is, that a small elite around the American family Rockefeller is working since 30 years on their new world order and the purpose of this new world order is to enslave the whole of humanity. During the seventies Henry Kissinger, a protégé of the Rockefeller family, said: "Control the oil and you can control entire continents. Control food and you control people. Control money and you control the world.".

This is happening right now. Current prizes for oil are not only sweeping enormous amounts of money into the pockets of the oil industry, but also the dependency on energy is used to control nations. For example the fall of the Soviet Union was preceded by a phase of cheap oil, which meant fewer dollars for the Soviet Union. The control of food adds a new dimension to power politics. When the US entered Iraq, one of the first things they did was to create an agro-business based on terminator seeds. These are seeds, that can't be used the next year. The plan is that a few companies have a world-monopoly on seeds and this creates a dependency with Orwellian dimensions. Total control means you want no opponent left. The means for this is nuclear war. The current US-strategy is called 'full spectrum dominance' : By refining their technology and by placing their anti-missile systems into Eastern Europe they want to be able to make a nuclear strike against Russia without Russia being able to strike back. This is the end of the 'balance of terror' : full spectrum dominance.

In 1986 Osho said: "But the press is either in the hands of the church or in the hands of a political party, or in the hands of the government, or in the hands of rich people. The man who came first into the conflict (with us at the Ranch) was the ex-vice-president Rockefeller -- because he was planning that the whole of Oregon should become a federal state. The federal government owns half of the land of Oregon, and their desire was to have all of the land in Oregon to create shelters in case of a nuclear war. And Oregon is perfectly the right place -- not very populated, could easily be converted into a vast shelter in case of nuclear war. When we entered the state, the first person who became annoyed was Rockefeller -- because now that one hundred and twenty-six square miles could in no way become federal land. It was he who said in a press conference that, "This commune is an independent country within a country, and this cannot be tolerated.'"

Here originated the plan to destroy the commune and to kill Osho. In his book "A passage to America" Max Brecher shows that this was planned and ordered at the very top of America. Osho sent Sheela into a stand-off against the American Christian fundamentalists. This was to show the real face of the American elite. When Osho saw, that the American fundamentalists were ready to perform a massacre on the ranch, he left the Ranch and was illegally arrested in North Carolina.

After his arrest Osho was poisoned and treated with radioactivity in the Oklahoma jail. During the remaining years of his life he kept on pointing at the American Christian fundamentalists. He wanted us to keep on confronting them. Osho began his last discourse with the announcement of the start of a new series called "The awakening of the Buddha" (this announcement can be found only on the original tape and not in the book) and he closed with the words: "The last word of Buddha was, sammasati. Remember that you are a buddha -- sammasati."

As has been shown in the recent open letter to the Indian Sannyasins (http://www.sannyasnews.com/Articles/Samadhi3.html), today in Pune Amrito pretends to be the spiritual leader and Jayesh owns the material base for the work of Osho. (It can be argued) that these two in their work go directly against Osho. Not only have they removed all information about the responsibility of the American Christian fundamentalists for Osho's death, but they have been deleting all references to the master himself. Osho now is vaguely referred to as an "Indian mystic" or just serves as a trademark for Osho International. The mantra of the new religion in Pune is "I am enough unto myself and I have forgotten Osho". Most Osho sannyasins, whether they like Amrito's and Jayesh's Resort or not, now live according to this mantra. It is the mantra of satsangs and self-styled enlightenment.

Sannyasins today live according to an ostrich logic. They put their heads into the sand and don't want to see the reality of what happened. Nothing counts, except satsangs and enlightenment, and they are annoyed at anyone, who goes against this forgetting, and they believe, that through their satsangs they can even save the world from destruction. The tragedy or the joke is, that living according to the ostrich logic leads you nowhere, and certainly not to liberation. Why this is so is not very complicated to understand. All throughout his life, Osho has pointed at the truth, that religions in support of the status-quo can never give you true liberation. And all past and contemporary religious organizations and cults are in support of the status-quo. For example one of the teachings of Shree Balaji Tambe, to whom many ex-sannyasins went as disciples, is to always support the authorities. He does not even openly criticize Indian authorities for their selling-out of traditional ayuvedic medicines. And also Mahadevi, who was enlightened in Osho's Samadhi, tells to her disciples in the interview published on Sannyas news to support the Pune authorities. On the other hand are the Islamic fundamentalists, who are the only ones who oppose the Rockefeller new world order, but as they are driven by the same religious fundamentalism as their opponents, they stay within this old framework. True liberation needs a live lived according to a rebellious spirit. To understand this, just immerse yourself into what Osho says. This is his life teaching and the essence of his life.

There is every possibility that not only Osho's poisoning and radiation in the Oklahoma jail, but also the subsequent de-facto destruction of his movement has been planned and accomplished by the Rockefellers and their CIA-connections. William Engdahl shows in his recent book 'Apocalypse Now' that Christian fundamentalist cults have been systematically planted in North and South America by the Rockefellers and the CIA (Nelson Rockefeller used to by responsible for the CIA in South America). The aim was to transform the American people into a people ready for fascism and to steal the resources of the whole planet. So, when Osho, who says, that God is not only dead, but has never existed and whose life work was to free man of religious and spiritual slavery, came to America these plans were being threatened.

The Rockefeller new world order is in fact, as far as consciousness is concerned, in opposition to the world order of the new man, Osho`s vision of the awakened 10 000 Buddhas here on earth. Those elite members, who are ruling America and through the military power of America the whole world, are spiritually retarded. If the 10 000 Buddhas are the most incredible humans on earth, those elite members are the most sick ones. If the 10 000 Buddhas are lifting the consciousness on earth into a paradise, this American elite, who has all the economical power in hand, regardless whether republicans or democrats are in political power, are dragging the world into a nuclear winter, or deeper and deeper into an ecological disaster. The answer to this problem is to awaken. If you are one of the 10 000. So, if you have nothing else important to do this year, go for it.

Love Ma Anand Anupamo