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Bhagwan 1975

Another Review of the video by Swami Prem Arpana

Its 11.00 pm. The DVD finished about an hour ago. I feel as though I've been to Darshan. I'm utterly blown away. I was at the ashram in the 70s and watching this film was like watching a Video Diary I'd made myself.. It was as if the author saw everything though my eyes`, saw what I saw as I saw it. Thank you.

As I watched my imagination filled with images, images of my time at the ashram; the pictures augmenting the images in front of me. Images of my time there; but also images as if it was a new here and now experience. The opening sequence moved me deeply. Along with the visuals and the sounds came the smells of India. The slightly faded colours of the film added to the effect, to the mystique.

I laughed myself silly during the shouting and screaming part of dynamic. Do we really look like that? Its so funny; and felt deeply moved during the celebration part, relived dancing to that music at the end of dynamic in Buddha hall at about seven am, (dynamic started at six am). and then walking through the stillness of the tranquil empty ashram for a coffee at Vrindavan.

To this day I love to be in places that are usually very busy early in the morning, before business begins. The atmosphere always takes me back to the feeling of the ashram. When Osho started to speak I relived the flavour of how it was when I first met him. I so love the sound of his voice, the hand gestures, the facial expressions.

His presence in this film is even more vital than in DVDs that I've seen of discourses from Pune 2. Wonderful to watch him moving with such vigour, speaking with vigour. Wonderful to see him so alive and vital and enjoying speaking, sharing, communicating.

It gives contrast to sannyas as it is here in the world so if you weren't there watch and be there, and if you were, watch. If you haven't visited the ashram buy it and have a taste of being there; a taste of the being in the moment experience.

It helped me understand how much I'd let go of, how much had changed in me since those days. How I'm so much more able to get on with life as it is because of this extraordinary human being and, of course my own willingness to throw myself into his sannyas and give it my all.

Such a joy to see so many recognizable faces; people I haven't seen for such a long time, many I didn't know, who were familiar strangers.

Put on you're white robe, switch on the DVD; be still, be there NOW, not then, NOW. Be at Darshan with Osho here. NOW