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Anando’s letter of reply to Neelam about Osho’s Ashes


I have read a recent email from Sadhana from the Osho International Meditation Resort Management Team and also Neelam’s email that seems to be circulating about the space where Osho's ashes are.

Like Neelam, I am also no longer involved in the operations of the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune.

However I have tremendous respect, and gratitude, for those who have chosen to take care of this unique place, and am always thrilled to visit each year and discover the ongoing improvements.

I know how difficult it is to maintain such a huge property in India, and I can only say, thank you for keeping it available.

I am also reminded that Osho did not want a religion, or any trappings of a religion, to be associated with him. He himself never used the word 'samadhi' in connection with the place where his ashes lie, and I think he would be quite perplexed, and maybe also a bit amused, to see the fuss that is being made by some people about it.

His only interest is our transformation through meditation, and Chuang Tzu is, and has always been, a beautiful place to meditate. I would suggest to anyone who wants to get involved in this soap opera, to first go and sit there and feel for yourself.

As to the 'cathartic groups' happening there, they are meditative therapies created by Osho, and he himself suggested they happen there.

He used to eat his lunch in the room next door when they were happening, and always chuckled during the gibberish stage of No Mind.

Regarding the latest story of what Osho is supposed to have said about his ashes to Neelam and myself – this simply never happened. Osho had stopped meeting with Neelam long before, and this has been confirmed more than once by all the people who were taking care of Osho at that time.

And can you imagine Osho, who designed in great detail the whole new look of the Meditation Resort, and who spoke so poetically and eloquently on every topic, asking for a suggestion from someone's unenlightened mind about where to place his ashes and what to write about them?

He did dictate to me the inscription to go with his ashes, but that is all. He never selected a piece of marble for it. For a start, he was confined to his bed the whole day at the time the meeting is claimed to have taken place, only coming out for half an hour in the evening to join us in the Evening Meeting meditation. And I certainly didn't lug a huge piece of marble into his bedroom for him to select!

I trust that anyone who has any respect for, and understanding of, Osho's vast vision will not get caught up into these petty things that distract from his incredible contribution and the enormous expansion of his work.

With love, and gratitude,