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The Destruction of Osho
by a concerned Osho Lover

I was at the Osho Commune on January 19, 1990, when Osho left His body, and I remember Amrito’s “I Leave You My Dream” talk in Buddha Hall. In his talk Amrito spoke about Osho’s message on how well His work was going and that He had predicted the expansion of His work and all the new people who would be coming.

So I was quite shocked to read Amrito’s articles in the January 2007 Osho Times, under the header “Osho Inside.” It seems to me that Amrito uses carefully selected Osho quotes to justify the dismantling of Osho in the Resort. On page 23 he quotes Osho as saying “always wanted not to be a master to anybody. But people wanted a master, they want to be disciples, hence I played the role. It is time that I should say to you that many of you are ready to accept me as the friend.” And in the next paragraph of the article Amrito quotes Osho’s words, “I would simply like to be forgiven and forgotten. There is no need to remember me.”

I suggest you read the entire series of articles to fully understand Amrito’s Osho message.

As we all know, the people in charge of the Resort have step by step dismantled Osho and are destroying Him. Now they are selectively using His words to tell us to forget Osho. It is obvious to me that all this nonsense is directed at the new people who might believe Amrito’s interpretation of Osho.

How long will we stand by and watch the Resort dismantle and destroy Osho?

A concerned Osho Lover