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Arun causes June stir in Russia

In an interesting phenomenon Sw Arun, the leader of Nepalese sannyas is now again in Russia to conduct meditation camps and satsang in the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosobirsk.

Since his split with Osho International some years ago, when they asked him to stop initiating people into sannyas, Arun has listened to the sound of his own voice, and carried on, but without any support or advertising form the "central authorities" of sannyas in Pune and New York.

Nonetheless the "energy" that passes through him must have something authentic and charismatic. Otherwise how come so many young Russian people are jumping into sannyas?

More than a hundred people have already been initiated on this tour.

Events are continuing for the whole month of June.

There are good pics of Arun's current Russian work at the following links:

1. http://tapoban.awardspace.com/moscow_6june2006/

2. http://tapoban.awardspace.com/petersburg_embassy_10june2006/

Tapoban's website (the commune in which Arun lives in Nepal) is at