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Poem... 1984... Rajneeshpuram

So much confusion for me here, belief and reason in tatters.
Perceptions hammering this sleeper who wants to know.

Good and evil like egg shells repeating within each other.
People and feelings, dust and sunlight, words and wanting.
A world within a world, significance and enigma, here.

Asava says I still think a lot …
and I was clumsy with words with her.
Bhagwan, through Sheela, now says he will remain in the body
if we maintain unity, 100% positivism and
abstain from internal conflicts.

But neither Asava nor her friend from England
can say what they think
of the three new committees of 36, 21, and 112
nor of the 21 enlightened,
save that Bhagwan may be playing with us a bit
about enlightenment.
Esoteric subtlety or mindless simplicity and acceptance?

How are we to know if we’ve reached our limit
to open to the truth,
or if we are beginning to perceive it better?
I can learn much of wordlessness from these people.
Of strength and of opening … of dreams and magic.

But I cannot still my spirit’s questing through submission
any more than I could still my breath thru holding it.

There ARE patterns running here, I’ll not ride them mindlessly
nor try to consume them whole - to fathom their deepest forms -
but I will move through them and let them mark me
as weather wears the wooden post and feelings, the heart.

Bhagwan’s vision’s ARE alive at the edge of man’s evolution
with passion and beauty.
His strokes are drawn light against dark.

Denis Gallagher


in Aotearoa/New Zealand