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The Final Summary Maitreya Ishwara latest text offers the clearest picture yet of his advaita vedanta teaching. (July 2002 )

OSHANA declares himself not in Western Advaita Tradition. His differences with western teachers explored, amongst other things in this new article. (July 2002)

The Failure of Western Enlightenment Teachers Dave Oshana gives his provocative views about some current teachings around enlightenment. (March '02 )

Staying Enlightened Some short extracts, published with permission, from Dave Oshana's article "Staying Enlightened" . We also recommend the full article as it appears at http://www.oshana.org (December 2001)

'Monistic Multiplicity'  Maitreya presents an extract from the second, expanded edition of his 'Biography of a Buddha' along with an offer of a free PDF ebook version of the whole text. (December 2001)

Maitreya – Transformation, the Commune and Work.  In this considered answer to a seeker Maitreya comments on the world of work outside communes, for spiritual seekers, and offers the radical alternative of combining commune and work life in an environment of care and sensitivity. (July '01)

Tyohar's Commune Tyohar is an Israeli sannyasin who claims to have woken up, and is the inspiration for the commune called Pacha Mama in Costa Rica. At first he gave satsang in Poona, but appears to have been "moved on". He then became a nomad, going round the world giving satsang until the beginning of 2000. At that time he formed an ecologically (as well as, a spiritually) inspired commune, in pioneer conditions in a relatively remote part of Costa Rica. He lives there some of the year, at other times he is on the road giving satsang. His web-site to which we link has the details. (June, 2001)

Your Eventual Enlightenment. Article from Dave Oshana. A good introduction to him, his work, and his own process of waking up. (June, 2001)

Dave Oshana is a new boy on the block, giving satsang in the past six months across the South of England, and to whom a lot of sannyasins seem attracted. Sannyas News Editor, Parmartha, went along to take a look..

A Problem for Advaita? A contribution from Maitreya on the important subject of Discipline and Advaita. How many times do the proponents of advaita mistakenly encourage an indifference to therapy or formal meditation in those who still obviously need it to mature and ripen into "non-doing".

A Sannyas Lineage of Enlightenment ? "…Osho made the right decision to ban enlightened sannyasins from teaching in his Buddhafield."– Maitreya Responds

Sannyas Lineage? Recently a list of some thirty-one 'awakened' sannyasins was circulating in India. Should there really be that many enlightened sannyasins, then what are the implications…? By Sam.

Tyohar's Commune A friend of SannyasNews writes from the new Tyohar commune in Costa Rica. Tyohar is a teacher in the sannyas lineage who takes a personal interest in those who first visit his commune. He also teaches at various venues around the world, iuncluding some in Europe, details of which appear on his web-site.

Letter from Mikaire to Sam "I have a feeling today it is about how can the so-called enlightened realizers come together... to work together... The Master's work was about also an enlightened planetary civilsiation."

   Kiran  “Slowly, slowly, I began to awake. The first thing I ‘did’ was to drop all my doings and practises for reaching somewhere and for achieving the goal of enlightenment. I just became an ordinary man.” An interview with one of Osho’s oldest Indian sannyasins and, so far as we know, the first sannyasin to become self-realised. Interview by Madhukar Thompson.

   Dolano… I call it satsang, Ja? Satsang because satsang is really when you come to the edge of the cliff, and you’re ready to jump, ja? No more postpone, no more escape, no more overlooking. This is satsang, only speaking the truth…” Excerpts from a taped talk with one of the new wave enlightened sannyasins. Transcribed and edited by Sam.

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