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Virtual Global Healing Hour for Neeraj

Site readers and visitors may know that (Irish) Neeraj, who has been a sannyasin for many years and who is well known in London and Poona was gravely injured when visiting Samdarshi's ashram in the Kulu valley, India a few months ago. He fell from or through a floor he was dancing on and at present is paralysed except for being able to make some slight movements with his hand.

Sannyasnews is organising with Ofer Acoo his friend, a global one hour healing meditation at 11.00am GMT on Sunday August 27th. in which anyone who knows him is encouraged to join. As well as those contacted through cyberspace, those meeting for the Osho Leela Music Festival in Dorset will also be invited to join as well as the Croydon Hall Osho commune in North Devon.

Ofer suggests these words to begin the one hour silent sitting, but obviously make up your own or use whatever you want.

"The body of humanity to which we belong is an indivisible collective, and it is important to view it as such. For our own sake and self-preservation, we must render up to our friends with an enthusiasm born of this spiritual understanding. It is our task here to INTEND healing to take place, in this way healing love and light will find their realization and find their way to Neeraj."


Neeraj is in hospital at present at the Royal London Hospital, Mary Ward. (near Whitechapel tube). Visiting hours 2-8pm. The telephone number is 0207 737 7700 ext 7085

His email which gets read to him is neeraj85@hotmail.com


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