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An Open Letter in Response to the 'Sheela Saga' Letters

from Cyrus (formerly Swami Tapesh)

Dear Sannyasnews,

After reading the letters of Maitreya, Bodhidharma and Parmatha on the topic of Osho, Sheela, Rajneeshpuram, the communes and the sannyas movement, I would like to share another viewpoint that may be interesting or stimulating, with the intention to contribute to the understanding of where we find ourselves in relation to the above topic.

Rajneeshpuram is still the most controversial part of Osho's work, both for sannyasins and the general public, and this needs time to be understood and integrated.

Everything which happened in Rajneeshpuram took place in the energy field of an enlightened master, Bhagwan, Osho. These were collective teachings for individuals who were ready to move beyond their separate individual egos.

That this topic is resurfacing is another opportunity for each person involved to look how they create separation, and through the awareness of this come into deeper integrity, not to blame Osho or Sheela, or on the other hand rationalise or advaita away what happened, but to come down to earth and see what we did individually and together, and to learn the lesson.

Only through taking ownership of our beliefs and actions which contributed to these situations will attention be freed up for a response now. This ability to respond and stop re-acting was one of the main themes in Osho's work.

So these meetings Sheela is offering are a possibility to let go of any fixed beliefs and viewpoints that perpetuate the separation, and become aware.

Love Cyrus

Cyrus visits London for the first time to give satsang in November. Satsang times and dates are: Friday 12th Nov. 8pm-10pm £ 10. Saturday 13th Nov. 2pm- 5pm £ 15 at Mysteries Book Shop 3rd Floor 9-11 Monmouth St.Covent Garden London WC2 H9DA
For Brighton events call Vanessa 01273 - 685 602.