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Osho’s First Rolls Royce

In December 1979, for the first time, a Rolls Royce brought Osho to Buddha Hall for discourse. Given recent fresh discussion about what Osho was doing with the Rolls Royce story we give his humourous answer about this below.

Osho is asked: 'What is so funny about you driving to discourse in a Rolls Royce?'

He replies:

"There is a long story behind it! (PreviousIy when) I was driving…I was coming in an Impala, and people like you started writing letters to me saying, "This is a plumber's car!"

I told Laxmi (Osho's Secretary at the time), "Change it!" So she bought a Buick—and people again started writing to me, "This is a pimp's car!"

So I told Laxmi, "Change it!" So she was bargaining for a Lincoln Continental. And people wrote to me, "This is good—this is a President's car!"

But I said, "That is worse—worse than being driven in a plumber's or a pimp's car!" So I told Laxmi, "Now, for a poor man like me, only a Rolls Royce will do!"

Now, please don't make any objection to it…because coming from Lao Tzu to Buddha Hall, a helicopter won't do. Don't create troubles for me! 

I have been suffering (recently) because my sickness is not something that I can say I am cured of. It is an allergy, so it can erupt any moment…. Dust can create it, perfume—most dangerous. And there are a few things which I should not eat—any things which have acids. So if I just avoid them…. And in the commune everybody is aware of my trouble, so nobody will use perfume, nobody will come close to me if he has been smoking. Nobody will come to me if he has been perspiring, because any smell is enough to provoke it. And what it does is it starts breathing trouble; my breathing becomes abnormal, difficult.

And then coughing starts. Then the coughing will continue at least for two hours to six hours. It is a problem in the night; then I cannot sleep. So this disease is such that I can never say I am cured. And I can never say that I am sick; only once in a while when something happens I am sick for a few hours. Otherwise I am perfectly okay.

The second problem I had (with my health) was my back.....

I cannot sit on (an ordinairy) chair. It may be comfortable, but my back will not fit with it. Simularly I can use only one car. I have used all cars, and the best in the world; but the seat of just one car, one of the models of Rolls Royce, the Silver Spur, fits with me perfectly. It is not their costliest car; their costliest is the Corniche, then the Carmargue. The third is the Silver Spur. So I tried a Corniche—it didn't work, my back trouble started. But with the Silver Spur it has settled completely."