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Osho's Laughing Rainbow over Lyme
by Chetna

Our sannyas community is in Lyme Regis, known as the Pearl of Dorset. The coast has recently been designated a World Heritage Site. It is famous for Jurassic fossils and its magnificent cliffs, which crumble into the sea in frequent landslides. Nothing here is secure! Lyme Regis itself is a quaint, historical town, whose most famous landmark is the Cobb - a stone harbor from the 1300s, which curves snake-like into the sea.

Both the Cobb and the town are renowned for their special energy, which numerous honeymooners sense, and which attracted us back in 1987 when many of us from London, Tokyo and the USA relocated here to form the Lyme Mystery School.

The focus of the community has been twofold: self-development and planetary healing. In the early days, we asked Osho if we should become an "official" centre, but He said no, that we should continue calling ourselves The Lyme Mystery School but to add "Spiritually affiliated with the Rajneesh International School of Mysticism." So we did that! Now we are known as the Laughing Rainbow Mystery School.

We are the longest-running, active community of sannyasins in the UK. At this time there are 25 of us here in Lyme. We all live in private homes, but we are always getting together for projects, celebrations, and sometimes just a cup of tea! Every Tuesday at 1:45 pm BST we have a Rainbow Circle meditation. This is a global link-up, where Mystery School members all over the world tune in for a meditation with the Colour Rays, often sending energy to trouble spots around the planet.

As well as us Lymies meeting at Kavido's place, we have Vasu in Moscow (from where I have just returned), Anudeva in New Mexico, Vimal and Nirava in Japan, Kalpita and Grahi in Athens, and Samarpan in New Zealand, all tuning in at this time.

For many years we have worked as a community, going deeply into ourselves with core processes - the Lyme Game and the Colour Rays. When invited, we have shared our work, doing groups in Japan and Greece and at the Pune commune.

The Lyme Game has been the foundation of the Mystery School work since its beginning in 1987. This channeled dice game helps bring us into a closer harmony with Existence. It is a mirror, showing us our moment-to-moment life "Stations," and inviting us to go beyond our self-imposed limitations and deeper into the mystery!

Perhaps what I enjoy most is that our community operates like a clan, looking out for each other, sharing a spiritual vision and love for a most beloved Master! At times, members of our tribe travel and explore abroad, bringing the Colours with them and participating in whatever the other centres have to offer. This has kept everything fresh and exciting.

We are having a lot of fun together. We had a beautiful Osho birthday celebration which was planned by Sammoda, who recently moved here from Bristol. Christo organized the music and played the keyboards, Sudhi was on violin, and Arun on guitar. Shantam, Sureshvari, and Masta provided vocals, and then the rest of us joined in without prompting, of course. Sammoda had invited other sannyasins in the Southwest, and we had the pleasure of seeing Moumina (just back from Italy), Shanti Jane, Rahaman, Aleya, and Manohar, who runs White Robe meditations with Sarasi in Exmoor. We all enjoyed the discourse and afterward shared a potluck meal. It was a beautiful, blissful gathering, and so juicy to reunite with beloveds from all around the southwest of the UK.

If any of you are passing through the Southwest, stop in, and - although we do not have a center - we will arrange a gathering, for people to meet. That British pastime of afternoon tea comes in quite handy when we have visitors or celebrate birthdays! If you can't physically get to Lyme you can always visit our website. www.laughingrainbow.org. Lots of love from this transplanted New Yorker.