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The London Bomb Blasts

Commentary by Spiritual Teacher Dave Oshana

The London bomb attacks hit close to my old home, and I know some whose day was affected by the attacks. A relative, who had been assigned work near one "sudden kill-zone" was fortunately un-assigned just one hour before the carnage erupted.

No nation is immune from the complex laws of historical cause-and-effect - its karmic legacy. Whilst fickle humans easily forget the sins of previous generations, the Universe never forgets. Everything is on record - somewhere

How complex is the karmic web of darkness installed in an ancient city such as London, capital of the former British Empire? What hidden energies preside over its various neighbourhoods where terrible things strangely recur with frightening regularity? In what spirit were London's many power-broking buildings crafted, such as, the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Place, the London Stock Exchange, Lambeth Palace and so on? Real London is a hidden city, whose secret history cannot be discovered by ordinary investigative methods.

There is no desire here to blame or point the finger. All human beings suffer from murderous activities, even the perpetrators, who are generally controlled by invisible forces. A victim does not necessarily deserve what happens to him. There are innocent casualties in war, and our Earth is a spiritual battlefield. These complex matters, cannot be understood through glib, simplistic metaphysical phrases, no matter how well-intentioned.

Full understanding comes slowly. The Universe is not in a hurry to give up all her "open secrets" but they are there for the taking - if you find the appropriate keys. As spiritual workers, understanding is not our primary goal. We all have enough information to live and work with. Understanding comes naturally when we are engaged in the process of saving souls. The Universe freely gives such vital information to her helpers.

For conditioned souls trapped inside the endless cycle of reincarnation - death comes, often tragically and frighteningly. An individual who realises the immortality of the soul experiences freedom from the fear of eternal annihilation. This is the real spiritual work that must be done.

It was obvious to me, when I was a Central London resident, that London was "marked for death". Of course, no one really wants to hear this. For many years, I advised my students to "get out of London" and "avoid the Underground".

The consciousness of London has been steadily degenerating for many years. The streets are polluted, noisy and crime-infested. Ignorant individuals, possibly drunk or stoned, acted-out on camera behind sober news-readers as emergency workers sought for victim's bodies at what was once my local London Underground Tube station.

Unnecessary death and destruction are a daily, unreported, reality in London, whose over-stretched welfare and emergency services cannot adequately care for her denizens, especially in times of great need such as these.

The London bomb blasts achieved non-stop international media coverage not only because of their magnitude but also their political significance. The underground explosions on packed rush hour trains were calculated to cause maximum damage, terror and paralysis.

Unfortunately, this recent atrocity is only one in a series of destructive waves which come crashing onto British shores. A violent crescendo is coming which will rock the UK, and the rest of the world, long into the future. Unfortunately, there is nothing that ordinary individuals can do. Some will die, and some will live on.

However, with each terrorist shockwave, the listening individual can hear the "still, small voice of Grace", whose soothing tones, lead the spiritual seeker to enquire within, to drop the illusion of the body, and to discover the security and sure peace found in experiencing the ancient truth that "the soul is eternal" and our true home.

I will continue to regularly fly to London, from my peaceful pine-forested ocean abode in Finland, to awaken spiritual seekers to their true birth-right. Please do the same in your own way, wherever you find yourself in this life.

(This text above is abridged from a longer article that appears on Dave Oshana's website as below.)

© Dave Oshana www.enlightenment-now.com