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Tyohar and Pacha Mama

The phrase Pacha Mama comes from the Incan language Quechua. It means Mother Earth. The commune that Tyohar has inspired is called that. It is said to be a community inspired by meditaion, music, dance, and the creation of an ecologically sustainable existance with mother earth. Alongside this It hopes to support activities which explore the heights of consciousness through diet -raw food, cleansing and fasting, silent retreats, therapy groups, body work, gardening, dance and muscial festivals. There is claimed to be no specific doctrine, philosophy, dogma or belief system practiced in PachaMama, merely the gathering of individuals from different parts of the world inspired by conscious alternatives to living.

Tyohar gives satsang daily.   This is said to be the peak of the spiritual work that takes place in the commune. (The word 'Satsang' in the Sanskrit language means 'Meeting with Truth') .

Tyohar observes that "Satsang is pointing at the core of reality, the very centre of it; who you are beyond the body, beyond the mind. It is trying to make you utterly silent. And in that silence you see the mystery, the invisible side of reality, the depth of reality; what cannot be seen, what cannot be recognized when we are blinded by our mind, our thoughts"

There are two daily Satsangs, as well as a variety of meditations, designed to support the participants in their journey from the world of words and said to be an invitation to be totally present in the here and now.

The commune has a Silent Sitting every evening. Tyohar comments: "From seven o’clock in the evening until eight o’clock in the evening, Pacha Mama is in utter silence. It is a time for everyone to go in. If we hold that silent space, that is the foundation of a harmonious life here in Pacha Mama. If we neglect it, mind will become a dominant force. Every evening at 7 o’clock we take a shower, an inner shower."

PachaMama's new website: http://www.pachamama.com