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Satsang in the UK – specifically
with Mikaire

Following on from letters about working with Mikaire, I would like to add some thoughts about the whole issue of Satsang in England, specifically in relation to Satsang with Mikaire.

I gather that rumours have gone around the 'spiritual network' in England about Mikaire not wanting Sannyasins to come to Satsang, and some who have been touched by Mikaire still have this issue of Mikaire 'not wanting anyone with a Sannyasin name.' However it must be known in that same network, that a large proportion of those around Mikaire have at one time been Sannyasins, so therefore something else is meant here, more along the lines that anyone in a strong Sannyasin IDENTITY is being asked to look at all their attachments to this identity. In other words, if I believe that 'I am a sannyasin', then I am not available to anything outside this belief

Before the last London public Satsangs with Mikaire, Sam said that people who had at some time been to Satsang with Mikaire had been asking if they could return, and the message from Mikaire was clearly, 'Yes if they want to give it a go.' However, not one of those people came. So I wonder why people asked if they could come, and then didn't act on the positive response to their request. What is going on and what does this reflect?

On this Sannyasnews website, the listings described Mikaire's Satsangs as 'the most fiery in London' and I would really like to hear from people out there, why is it that in England people have not been drawn more than they have to participate in these 'gatherings'. I remember public Satsangs with Mikaire in London and Glastonbury where the room was packed and absolutely alive with people really engaged and participating, and people who have been with Mikaire still say they miss his presence. One person I know says Mikaire is the one who will 'take him through'.

So what is it about the psyche of the English that says it is so affected by Mikaire and then doesn't follow this connection through? Is it postponement or avoidance? What beliefs and concepts are running here? Is there an aspect in the collective English psyche that just wants to go and be inspired vicariously every now and again so it can believe it is on some sort of spiritual path? Does it want to sit and chat from some safe place that doesn't require them to reveal themselves and be provoked in the way that Mikaire provokes?

Because I am English and share certain collective aspects of the English psyche, and also because I have a real interest in working in consciousness in the most effective and ecstatic way possible, I feel I can comment on this.

Firstly, what is required in Satsang with Mikaire is real, active participation and a high degree of honesty – or at least the intention to be honest – revealing what is going on in my individual psyche and uncovering secrets. I have been to two other Satsangs/meetings in England last year where it was very beautiful and people who were there say things like 'My heart is touched', but for me it is very easy in that kind of space to sit there in silence behind some kind of spiritual identity, which is then what is in the way of experiencing who I truly am, this simple being here and now.

To sit in any identity isn't so easy with Mikaire – it will always be pointed out. And to me this is what creates the fieriness, aliveness and makes it real – it is not possible for the ego to hide around Mikaire in spiritual clothes, and yes, this can be very difficult and painful, but if what is pointed out is seen, then it is absolutely liberating.

I also think that there is an aspect in the English psyche that is extremely arrogant. If anyone insults, ridicules or tells me how to be, points to a weak spot that hasn't been seen and felt – there is this tendency to be really angry about it and subtly leave the situation – and then justify the leaving for all sorts of reasons – which are all projections, to prove that, 'I am right'. And beneath all of the anger, explanation and justification is shame. When our shame gets touched, that is when it is hard to keep going deeper and keep coming back to the process. If I can take responsibility for what I am feeling and have the understanding that, 'This too – this anger, this shame – is me, my creation', and this is not who I (truly) am – that is all that is required. The door is never closed on access to truth to those that really want it – how could it ever be?

So yes, I have been puzzled as to why the English have not stayed – and what this means is that what Mikaire… represents, holds, brings through… is all going towards Germany – that energy is going to go where it is drawn. Mikaire doesn't need to give Satsang in England but I believe England could do with Mikaire giving Satsang.

One other thing which continually amazes me about how I experience Mikaire is the absolute commitment he brings to what is manifesting around him. Anyone who is prepared to stay the course and do the work is just given and given and given….

I would appreciate responses to this letter from anyone who feels to respond!

Sheila Lister