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Mikaire's Letter to Sam 

Dear Sam

Kia Ora and greetings

Folk in Deutschland made me aware of your site ‘Sannyasnews.’ I for one as I’m sure it is for many, sincerely enjoy what you provide news, articles, gossip etc. Thank you. May it go on for ever..and ever..

I see the unfolding dance of sannyas or the Master work rather like the qualities of the Chameleon, same beast, different colours appearing, always qualifying change still… the long tonge of the Chameleon always reaches its desired goal.. always.. If you feel to check out Connection magazine from Deutschland and go into the Connection mag on the left hand corner, then into Satsang Kalander, 95% of the people offering satsang in Germany are from the Masters work. You know it about the message.. not the messenger. Where the finger points to.. ra.. ra.. ra..

The people who come to the work that I offer in Germany, 99% are from the Master work. I’ve had to live with bad mouth gossip of people… ‘that of stealing people away from the Masters work’.. Sanyassin’s are people first… what follows is.. then each and every individual’s responsiveness to how they are with this life.

I belief Sam at death of the body.. the last thought..or thoughts..if identified with.. recreates the next womb.. any thought.. and it doesn’t matter how spiritual the thought is….. Identify… pay the price…

The way I see it is, the Masters work is unfolding in a unique fashion, not perhaps expected according to our old rigid belief systems. No/yes Shree Sam.. the roots are deep and strong.. or strong and deep.. depending on your view point.. not always possibly seen in a light that is expected… but then what a way to go…. I belief Shri Sam.. that sooner than later… it becomes unthinkable as the awakened Self.. in such a state of wholeness.. and as such wholeness.. that nothing is in preference to anything else….. it becomes everyone and everything to the degree that dishonesty and denial of responsibility is unthinkable… I trust you are still with me. Maybe you have already gone to Pune..

I personally do not belief any one living teacher today has all the answers of how it is. I see the beauty of what is being presented today, with the huge variety of people offering their personal understanding of enlightenment in accordance with what each individual believes. As you see.. Awakening does not erase the personal beliefs of an individual….. That I belief… if there is the intelligence after awakening… then it is Realized it is only the beginning of the journey. It is the work after awakening 1 to 4th stages of maturity that now begins for the intelligent few.

I have a feeling today it is about how can the so called enlightened realizers come together.. to work together.. The Masters work was about also an enlightened planetry civilization. well the state we are in at present time run out.. I myself am working with this idea in Germany in coming together with those intelligent enough to see and realize the point of finishing all separation..

I belief the Mature Advaita Vedanta teaching… is only really understood after a very sincere approach to the individual’s work in Consciousness after many years of awakening…. To justify… the principals of Advaita after the first initial awakening of 1 to 20 years is… I belief sheer avoidance and complete unwillingness to enter into the compassion of the work. To bring the shame and the guilt buried deep in the psyche of the awakening individual… is I consider postoperatively insane by tendentiously holding Advaita teachings to soon… after awakening… I feel it may need at less 1 20 of work after awakening before fully embracing Advaita.., Shri Papaji himself states so.. Shri Ramana also speaks about developing maturity after awakening… I’m personally very dubious about claims from living realizers today that there enlightenment is more advanced than others. I do not see degrees of awakening. To be awake is to be awake.

Where I do see the development of maturity is in the psyche of the individuals understanding to the awakening. This point is made extremely clearly in the Master’s book ‘In search of the Miraculous” as with other schools of thought Zen etc….

Hey London groover.. Continue the good work and have a wonderful time in Pune.. for God sake just don’t tell anyone on the gateless gate your are awake…



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